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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Today's agenda

1. Blog essay topics?  Need two. Deadline Wednesday Feb. 1, 5 p.m, but 15 minutes today search
2. Fill in the sentence-Deadline Wednesday Feb. 1, 5 pm
"This is an essay about (Subject) and it is interesting because ____________________. My thesis (the main point of the paper that I'm supporting with my sources) is__________________________. "

3. Sources?--possible today?
4. Feb. 2--Discussion and approval
5. How's your writing? --Blogblog comments-today
6. Power words? Blogblog comment?-today
7. Blog adoption beginning

Up for adoption:

For Thursday, Feb. 9

  • Search blogs for professional adoption.
  • List below three possible blogs and urls for adoption
Tuesday, Feb. 14 💗 Discussion; choosing blog adoptee, with backup
  • Complete comment below: "I'm choosing this blogger because _____"
By Tuesday, Feb. 21--First attempt at adoption contact. Guidelines soon.
By Tuesday, Feb. 28--If no response, to backup
By Thursday, March 2--Blog adoption confirmed, questions submitted by Thursday, March 9--Contact completed 

Essay deadlines:

Feb. 19--First paragraph, typed handed in to me
March 9--Posted on your blog, guidelines to come. 


  1. 1.) My midterm blog choices are: how other's perceive culture and how media familiarity decrease cultural competency.

    2.)This is an essay about how social media allows users to create echo chambers in which they are only exposed to content that reinforces their political, religious, social and cultural ideologies, it is interesting because most millennials receive their news from social media platforms and the type of media they consume shape their perceptions.

    3.) Blog about the facets of diversity

    Article about how Facebook exposes users to content that fits within their ideologies

    Article about how Facebook creates bubble of isolation

  2. "This is an essay about UCO Hockey Season and it is interesting because they are arguably the best sports team UCO has. My thesis is more of a story about how the team came to be so good.

  3. This in an essay about writing an interesting personal blog and it is interesting because some people want to write about themselves but are unsure if anyone would read it. My thesis is what people care about reading about other people's lives and then what to leave out to be successful.

  4. This is an essay about how tradition is an obstacle with trying to grow up without being judged or trying to disappoint family. It is interesting because in the generation we are in we aren't as traditional as our parents are and that's what can cause families to fight and have problems.


  5. This essay will be about the several different aspects of putting a movie together and it will be interesting because not everyone is aware of all the varying departments that make one film. My thesis will be three different perspectives from people involved in filmmaking such as an actor, director, and screenwriter.

  6. This is an essay about "secret" places in NYC and it is interesting because people might want different things to do in NYC besides the typical tourist attractions. My thesis is "There's more to NYC than Times Square and the Statue of Liberty; hidden throughout the city are underground bars, parties, and historical places .

    1. Sources:

  7. This is an essay about the outcomes of being involved on campus, and it is interesting because students will be able to determine whether or not this is something they want to be part of. My thesis is about how being involved can be a positive outcome and that there are many opportunities that you can be presented to.

  8. This is an essay about fitness/healthy living and it is interesting because people have different perspectives on fitness. My thesis is about different types of recipes, workouts, and lifestyle changes that these motivating women are doing to influence others in the world.

  9. This is an essay about the Women's March 2017 and it is interesting because it was a display of solidarity among women coping with the outcome of the 2016 election. My thesis is about keeping an active voice via protesting or volunteering and the key role communication plays in impacting public policy regarding minority groups such as women, the LGBTQIA community, and refugees.

    Possible sources:

  10. This is an essay about blogar(blogger+beggar) in Korea and it is interesting because it's something that's only in Korea. My thesis is how messed up blogging industry in Korea is.


  11. This is an essay about grief involving young adults and children and it is interesting because the experience of dealing with death and grief as a child can be drastically different from someone that is considered an adult. My thesis (the main point of the paper that I'm supporting with my sources) is that grief can be a cultural consequence that if not taught at a young age can really cause harm both emotionally and physically.

    Sources: Dr. Knight and Dr. Steward (UCO Professors who have taught about grief and loss), Grief books (Book of Calamities, Grief is the Thing With Feathers…) Personal interviews with people who lost their loved ones at an early age.