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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Are you my type? Reading, and more


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2. How does the type measure up on your blog? One good thing, one weakness? Comment below by 5 pm Jan. 23

Read  this:

Clark’s Guide to

Readable Typography for Blogs

(Or anything, for that matter)

1.         Serif—Easiest to read
2.         Sans Serif—harder to read the smaller it is or the more of it there is
3.           Most body type should be about 12 point in size

4.           Script is hard to read--invitations only

5.           Italic is hard to read


    Only Center Type
on invitations
and titles,
not on body copy


8.                  REVERSE TYPE 
should be at a
And bold
And small san serif 
is hard to read
As is colored type
on reverse  
10.             Screens can make type hard to read

Especially over sans serif

Or heavy and colored screens

11.               Weak colors disappear

12.               Colored type isn’t as effective
As black type, or dark type on a light background

13.      Don’t  Mix Lots of Type Faces

14.            Stick with a few
                  that are compatible


  1. Good thing: The type I picked is readable and stands out on the background.

    Bad thing: I need to take off the bold face on my body text, and I should probably make it a little bigger.

  2. I chose courier as a font choice for my blog. I chose it because in general, I am a very simple person. I feel as though this font does an excellent job of summing up simplicity, and matching my personality. This particular font is fairly dainty and cute. This could be a potential problem though. Perhaps I should increase the font.

  3. I have played around a lot with the type on my blog, and now I am really liking it.

    One strength: It is a classic typeface that is easy to read and I feel like it expresses my writing well.

    One weakness: The colors of my header. I feel like I need to play with those more to make it more interesting.

  4. Good thing: I used a clean and clear font that was easy to read.

    Bad thing: I only used one font so there isn't much contrast on my blog.

  5. I chose Pacifico for the name of my blog, and bigger areas of text. It is good because when I think of "Kurves" I think of cursive, so I think it fits.

    One weakness, maybe having my blog title easier to read and bolder.

  6. The title on my blog stands out and the font is contrasting with the background.

    One weakness is that I need to use a serif font for my blog posts because it is easiest to read.

  7. My Strength is that the font is good and easy to read, My weakness is that I have reverse type however with the hard contrast and large font it is still easily readable

  8. Good thing: My font is easy to read with it being white and being on a black background.

    Weakness: My font is a little small and could probably be a little bigger to be more appealing to the eye.

  9. My strength is that even with a picture background there isn't reverse type, so it's too hard to read.
    The weakness of it is that I can't seem to make the font actually black on the blog itself, so it's grey on white rather than darker lettering on white background.

  10. The font I chose is Droid Sans and it looks like the font you would see on a script.
    One good thing is that it stands out well on the back ground. Its light on a dark background but the contrasts really work.
    One thing to improve might be the front itself it seems like it may not go well with the colors I have chosen. So I'm trying to discover a new font that will go well with the colors and design of the blog.

  11. The strength of my font is that the font itself is easy to read, but the weakness is the color of my font. The color makes it somewhat difficult, but once I change that it should read well.

  12. The strength of the typography on my blog is that it is easy to read, has good contrast, and flows with the eyes. The weakness of the typography on my blog is that my headlines are in red, which makes the eye strain a bit. I wanted more contrast, so I decided to make them red instead of black like the body type. I will change it to a darker red, so it is not as hard to read.

  13. I think one good thing about the fonts that I used is that they are all easy to read.

    One thing that I could work on is using at least two different fonts, instead of the three that I have and make sure that they all look good together.

  14. My blog uses a dark serif font on a white background, which is easy to read. My headline is in a sans serif font.
    My layout is very simple, and I hope to add some interest in my typeface choices, while maintaining readability.

  15. The strength of my typography is consistency and ease to read. The weakness of my blog is there needs to be variation in the font with different headings.

  16. I don't use any colors- just black. I don't use serif font.