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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Speaker assignment

Dave Rhea will be here as a speaker this thursday.

Your assignment. Take notes on what he says about blogging, and post, on your blog, your thoughts about how it applies to you, or anything else about his speech.

Two essay topics?

Post your two possible essay topics in comments to this post. Today.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Twitter and education?

Here's an interesting link to a blog, about the use of twitter in education, thanks to Dr. Ward:

Blog essay guidelines, deadlines

See the syllabus for specifics on assignment, and submission guidelines

You are to write a 500-word essay about some aspect and/or question of blogging in today's world, which could be anything, including an area in your major professional field. See syllabus.

Here are the deadlines:
  1. Two proposed topics, for in-class discussion, Tuesday, Feb, 12.
  2. List of at least four web sources, Tuesday, Feb. 19
  3. Introductory paragraph, Tuesday Feb. 26.
  4. Paper due, March 5.

  • Intro, thesis statement
  • What your views are, citing weblinks.
  • Conclusion

To be typed in 12 point, Times New Roman font. double-spaced. One side of the paper.

This essay is worth 100 points.
  • Warning--A misspelled word costs you 50 points. If I find one, I quit grading, give you a 50 and an F.
  • Grammar, punctuation, other errors cost five points each.
  • No fancy covers. First page, your name, Title of paper, and start writing. Staple pages together. List links and other sources separately at end of essay.
  • You will also submit the paper as an attachment to, so that I can submit it to for plagiarism check, if I think necessary.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The blog you're following

Remember--you are to be following a favorite blog.
List links for two you are following. With one sentence on why.

You will adopt a blog for the second half of  the semester, for a final presentation.

Items to consider and report on:
Blog adoption guidelines for second half of semester:

“We want a sense of what makes this blog effective, and to learn from the blogger’s experience.”

You must show the blog.

1-page outline handed to the class while discussing it
1.     History of the blog—
a.     How long blogging?
b.     Who is the blogger?
c.      Purpose?
d.     Geographic location?
e.     Number of followers
f.      Does it make money
2.     What makes this blog unique?
3.     What are its strengths?
4.     What are its weaknesses?
5.     What is the advice of the blogger?
6.     What do you like and dislike?
7.     What did you gain that influences you and your blog?

Speaker assignment

We will soon have a speaker on blogging. His name is Dave Rhea and he works at the Journal Record, a daily business newspaper in Oklahoma City.

Google him, and find two questions you would like to ask him about blogging. Post as comments below.

Blogging ethics?

Read these links. What three principles do you consider essential to blogging ethics? Comment below.