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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blog essay guidelines, deadlines

See the syllabus for specifics on assignment, and submission guidelines

You are to write a 500-word essay about some aspect and/or question of blogging in today's world, which could be anything, including an area in your major professional field. See syllabus.

Here are the deadlines:
  1. Two proposed topics, for in-class discussion, Tuesday, Feb, 12.
  2. List of at least four web sources, Tuesday, Feb. 19
  3. Introductory paragraph, Tuesday Feb. 26.
  4. Paper due, March 5.

  • Intro, thesis statement
  • What your views are, citing weblinks.
  • Conclusion

To be typed in 12 point, Times New Roman font. double-spaced. One side of the paper.

This essay is worth 100 points.
  • Warning--A misspelled word costs you 50 points. If I find one, I quit grading, give you a 50 and an F.
  • Grammar, punctuation, other errors cost five points each.
  • No fancy covers. First page, your name, Title of paper, and start writing. Staple pages together. List links and other sources separately at end of essay.
  • You will also submit the paper as an attachment to, so that I can submit it to for plagiarism check, if I think necessary.


  1. I'd like to further investigate the topic of cyber-bullying in the blogosphere, and I'm also interested in researching blogging as a profession.

  2. I want to research Vlogging or reasons why people enjoy blogging.

  3. I want to research on how blogging as impact the urban culture, and I'm also interested on the how blogging has given exposure to musicians.

  4. I'd like to discuss the way blogging has developed for my generation (through the various platforms over time) and how it will impact us as professionals. Another topic would be how companies can utilize blogging as a tool and whether or not it is ethical.

  5. I was considering writing about internet "trolls" and the mindset behind that. Another aspect I thought about was "brand blogging" (ompanies trying to promote products incorporate a blog into their ad campaign) and whether it's effective.

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