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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Speaker assignment

Dave Rhea will be here as a speaker this thursday.

Your assignment. Take notes on what he says about blogging, and post, on your blog, your thoughts about how it applies to you, or anything else about his speech.


  1. I like when Dave Rhea said that his definition of blogging was constantly in flux. It alludes to the dynamic nature of the craft. Also, he said to be a well-rounded person as far as knowing video, audio and photo techniques in the acquisition of a solid journalism career.

  2. Dave Rhea had a lot of great insight that i found very amusing. You could tell that he has a pure love for what he does. I found his knowledge on disruptive innovation very informative. It is a topic that I really never knew a lot about. I would quote him word for word but I am sure I didn't catch all of what he said. But I did get a little bit of it. He said something about a blog is an expression point, a place where you can share your thoughts with other people the same as movies, music, or anything else. I just really like his definition of blogging. He also talked about how we've always blogged just hasn't been on the web until now. Liked his comments on digital blogging. Something that I need to work on more myself.

  3. Dave Rhea gave good advice when he said that as a blogger we should do our best to be tech savy, in every aspect of the meaning: video, design, writing, editing, photography. I think he's right because its such a booming, evolving industry and the minute you think you are up to date with the latest technology, you get behind. Like Rhea said the definition of blogging is in constant flux