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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blog presentation review items

2012 Blogging/ Name__________________

Blog reviewed ______________________________________________

1.     History of blog

1          2          3          4          5
2.     Facts of the blog

1          2          3          4          5
3.     Statistics

1          2          3          4          5
4.     Unique

1          2          3          4          5
5.     Strengths

1          2          3          4          5
6.     Weaknesses

1          2          3          4          5
7.     Advice

1          2          3          4          5

Influence and ideas:



Blog terms to know

Blog terms:
  1. ·       Archive
  2. ·       Attribution
  3. ·       Blog
  4. ·       Blog host
  5. ·       Blog marketing
  6. ·       Blog post
  7. ·       Blog statistics
  8. ·       Blogger
  9. ·       Blogging software
  10. ·       Blogosphere
  11. ·       Blogroll
  12. ·       Blogspot
  13. ·       Browser
  14. ·       Comment
  15. ·       Comment moderation
  16. ·       Contextual advertising
  17. ·       Dashboard
  18. ·       Domain name
  19. ·       Footer
  20. ·       Forum
  21. ·       FTP
  22. ·       Google
  23. ·       Guest blogging
  24. ·       Header
  25. ·       Hit
  26. ·       Home page
  27. ·       HTML
  28. ·       Keyword
  29. ·       Label
  30. ·       Link
  31. ·       Niche
  32. ·       Page view
  33. ·       Plug
  34. ·       Podcast
  35. ·       Post
  36. ·       Professional blogger
  37. ·       Profile
  38. ·       RSS
  39. ·       Search engine
  40. ·       Search engine optimization
  41. ·       Sidebar
  42. ·       Spam
  43. ·       Subscribe
  44. ·       Tag
  45. ·       Technorati
  46. ·       Template
  47. ·       URL
  48. ·       Visit
  49. ·       Wordpress

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tuesday speaker

Our speaker Tuesday will be Alan Smith, of England, who is a guest at UCO  as part of the Passport to England program. 
He is a senior lecturer in creative writing at The University of Northampton and has also taught philosophy and English in a prison. He has written novels, plays and non-fiction. He has written more than 70 articles about prison for The Guardian (one of the world's best newspapers). A selection of his journalism can be viewed at the online edition of the newspaper.
Here's a link to one such article:
Your assignment--300 word report on his comments in class, posted on your blog, by 8 am Thursday Nov. 1.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

End of semester schedule

30-- Presentations start
13-15 no class International

Two blog assignments

1. From today's comments by Mr. Dave Rhea, post on your blog, by Friday, Oct. 19(100 words minimum):
  1. What is the main advice you learned about blogging?
  2. How would you improve your blog based on his comments?
  3. What was the most interesting part of the discussion?
2. No class Thursday. Attend one of the Media Ethics sessions Wednesday or Thursday. Write a 250-300 word essay. Due, in paper, not email or blog, by Tuesday, Oct. 23. Double spaced. Identify session attended at top of page. Items to consider:
  1.  Two sentence summary of subject.
  2. What was your main impression of the subject--did you agree or disagree and why?
  3. Is there any application to blogging? Why or why not, and what?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blog adoption guidelines

Blog adoption guidelines for second half of semester:

“We want a sense of what makes this blog effective, and to learn from the blogger’s experience.”

You must show the blog.

1-page outline handed to the class while discussing it
1.     History of the blog—
a.     How long blogging?
b.     Who is the blogger?
c.      Purpose?
d.     Geographic location?
e.     Number of followers
f.      Does it make money
2.     What makes this blog unique?
3.     What are its strengths?
4.     What are its weaknesses?
5.     What is the advice of the blogger?
6.     What do you like and dislike?
7.     What did you gain that influences you and your blog?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Speaker writing assignment

Covering Dr. Hochenauer:

Take notes on your computer of his comments.

Write  250 words on your blog about his advice on blogging:
1. Main points
2. Brief bio background of him
3. What you gained that can or might apply to your blog

4. Attach your raw notes, with your name, to the  comments on this blog below.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Questions for blog speakers

Questions from the blog class for Dr. Kurt Hochenauer of UCO English department, and Dave Rhea, managing editor of The Journal Record.

·      Description: xpandWhat are your favorite blogs to subscribe to and why?
What/who inspired you to do what you do today?
·      What have you hoped to accomplish through blogging, and how have you fared?
·      What are some of the challenges you've had in blogging?
·      What have been some of the breakthrough moments you've experienced during your time as a blogger?
·      Although content is the most important part of a blog, good content doesn't always translate into a growth in audience.  What advice do you have for growing an audience?
Dr. Hochenauer,
·      How important is it to format and design your blog based on your knowledge of what the viewer will like?
·      Is it important to be an individual and post material you like or should I find material my viewers will like?
Mr. Rhea,
·      How important is spelling and grammar in regards to the legitimacy of your blog?
·      Do you think it will affect your viewership if slang and improper sentence structure is used?
·      How's your life has changed since you started blogging?
Dr. Kurt Hochenauer,
·      Where do your credentials come from, why are you qualified to blog about politics?
·      What are you trying to teach people with your blog? Are you trying to inform or simply bash people?
Mr. Dave Rhea,
·      Do you see any similarities in your music and your blogging style?
·      What is the most important thing when setting up a blog? 
Questions for Dr.  Hochenauer:
·       With the blog market saturated with entertainment-based sites,
what, in your opinion, can be done to stand out?
·      What do you see as the next evolution of citizen journalism after blogs?
Questions for Dave Rhea:
·      Were you able to balance your love of music and writing simultaneously?
·      With so many social media sites joining the fracas, how many
"links, likes and follows" is too much for a blogger/journalist any
·      In your own words, what is a "positive digital identity"
·      How would you describe your own personal identity.
·      what prompted this post about hate as an emotion?
·      How do you deal with the conflicting physiological feelings, emotions, etc... (do you read or count your breaths- pray?
Dr. Kurt Hochenauer
·      Since Oklahoma is a mostly conservative state, did you receive and criticism once your blog became popular? or even before it became popular?
·      Before becoming a professor at the University what did you do?
Dave Rhea
·      Do you alone do all of the layout and design for your blog?
·      Other than being asked to be a media advisor for the Mass Communication, have you been been a media advisor for any other organizations ?
Dr. Kurt Hochenauer,
·      Do you take a great deal of criticism due to your blog being liberal in Oklahoma's conservative political landscape?
·      What are your thoughts on the New Media movement out of Tulsa (This Land Press, etc.)?
Dave Rhea:
·      Do you feel any stress concerning audience reception when writing hot topic blogs?
·      Do you prefer writing opinion or news?
How successful was your band at its prime?  Did you play with anyone famous?
·      How did you get into media and blogging from being in a band?
Kurt Hochenauer –
·      How long have you been blogging and what are the positive effects from your blog?
·      What provoked your interest in blogging?
·      Description: the blogging experience that you have as well as teaching a class on blogging what is the most important recommendation you can give to first time bloggers?
·       How big of an impact, if any, does social media have on blogging? 
·      How do you keep your subscribers interested in your longer and more specific posts?
David Rhea
·      How many people helped create this blog with you?
·      How do you advertise your blog?
·      Give us a quick overview of your career in the music business. How did your time there influence your writing career?
·      What are your top three tips for novice bloggers?
Dr. Kurt Hochenauer:
·      Do you find it hard to stay objective in your political writing, especially with the upcoming election?
·      What/who influenced you the most to start/maintain your writing career?
What do you see as the future of blogs? Why do you think blogs are so effective? How have blogs changed the future of journalism