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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"9 o'clock sharp"--To blog or not to blog

"I'll be there at 9 o'clock sharp," she e-mailed me yesterday.
She, a UCO student I didn't know, had asked to interview me on a news story about ten reasons to blog, for the student newspaper, The Vista.
I told her my office hours were from 9 to noon today, and that was her reply--which got my attention.
A student who wants an "early" appointment? A student who says "sharp"?
And at 8:59.30 this morning, she comes down the hall.
After shaking hands, firmly, and as she puts down her backpack and takes out a notebook, I begin my usual barrage of questions: "What's your major?" "What do you want to do for a career?" "Where are you from?" "Do you blog?" and so on. 
(She's a sophomore from Edmond, likes to write, and radio, but doesn't want to be in front of a camera, and still doesn't know exactly what she wants to do.)
Then in response to her question about ten reasons to blog, I tell her
"I've never had that question before," She smiles. 
"I don't know," I say, and the smile wavers.
"But you got me to thinking, and here is a list of reasons to blog and not to blog," and I hand her the list below.
In the next 20 minutes she keeps taking notes as we talk about my blogging class, twitter, journalism and more. Her questions are quick, specific and direct, sometimes asking me why I answered a certain way.
At the end she asks if she can contact me if she has more questions, and the answer is "Of course."
She gathers her backpack, we shake hands as she smiles, and she's on her way.
"Nine o'clock sharp," and she was.
Kateleigh Mills made my day. 
Thanks to her, here's the list of Clark's reasons to blog or not to blog:
“Content is king—technology is the servant”—Terry M. Clark

  • Six reasons to blog--

  1. You need a quality digital “footprint” to get a start on a career in the highly competitive communication field. A blog can be part of that—I have former students whose blogs helped get them jobs.
  2. You have a passion and something original you want to say that can be sustained over time.
  3. You can write grammatically correct sentences,  enjoy writing and can organize your thinking.
  4. You are willing to work at it because quality blogging takes a lot of preparation and time.
  5. You enjoy learning and change because blogging is always changing.
  6. You have an eye for effective design and readability.

  • Six reasons not to blog--

  1. You can’t write a grammatically correct sentence punctuated correctly.
  2. You only want to rant, gripe or whine about a specific subject.
  3. You have no passion or nothing to say.
  4. You are just blogging because you think you should.
  5. You’re lazy and don’t want to put in the time.
  6. You don't really want a career in communication.

Your assignment:  Add one reason to blog, or not to blog in a comment below, by 12:20 p.m. today!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Class dismissed Oct. 22

Presentations start next week

Grading your presentation

2015 Blogging/ Name__________________
Blog reviewed ______________________________________________
100 points
URL ________________________________________
5 points--1.     History of blog How long blogging? Why? Changes? Growth? 
1          2          3          4          5
15 points--2.     Facts of the blog Who is the blogger? (Age, profession, etc.)Purpose, Does it make money?   Geographic location? 
1          2          3          4          5
10 points--3.     Statistics  Followers, hits. etc.
1          2          3          4          5
10 points--4.     Unique In what ways?
1          2          3          4          5
10 points--5.     Strengths, weaknesses
1          2          3          4          5
10 points--6.      Advice of blogger (-20 percent if not contacted)
1          2          3          4          5
10 points--7.     Influence and ideas
How influence your blogging?
What ideas did you get?
5 points--8. Scroll through screen, illustrate
5 points--9. One page outline, including your name, blog name, url  to class,
15 points--10--3 page summary paper to Clark and post your paper on your blog, under, What I've learned
5 points--11. Overall presentation quality, time

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What should you gain from a university?

Read this New York Times column today, from David Brooks, The Big University.

What is your reaction? Do you get that here at UCO? Should you? Comment below today.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

End of semester calendar

No class--Oct. 8, Oct. 13, Nov. 12, Nov. 26.
Last day of class--Dec. 3
Presentations begin--Oct. 27
No class Oct. 22
Oct. 27--Taylor,
Oct. 29--Jensen, Kristen, Ryan
Nov. 3--Blaze, Breanna, Rylee
Nov. 5--Matt, Aaron
Nov. 10--Ashley, Timothy
Nov. 17--Allie, Candice
Nov.19--Blakely, Melissa
Nov. 24--Grace, Addam

Ethics paper guidelines

Here is your assignment:
Attend  the Media Ethics sessions Wednesday or Thursday next week.
What did you find that applied to you and blogging media?
Turn in a 200-250-word paper by Oct. 13--paper only , no email

  1.  Two sentence summary of subject. List session attended
  2. Is there any application of the subject to blogging media?
  3. Why or why not? Should there be? Explain and defend your position?
  4. What was the strongest part of the sessions you attended? The weakest? Why?
Guidelines: Stapled, name on top. No fancy covers.
Double spaced, use a serif font.