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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The blog you're following

Remember--you are to be following a favorite blog.
List links for two you are following. With one sentence on why.

You will adopt a blog for the second half of  the semester, for a final presentation.

Items to consider and report on:
Blog adoption guidelines for second half of semester:

“We want a sense of what makes this blog effective, and to learn from the blogger’s experience.”

You must show the blog.

1-page outline handed to the class while discussing it
1.     History of the blog—
a.     How long blogging?
b.     Who is the blogger?
c.      Purpose?
d.     Geographic location?
e.     Number of followers
f.      Does it make money
2.     What makes this blog unique?
3.     What are its strengths?
4.     What are its weaknesses?
5.     What is the advice of the blogger?
6.     What do you like and dislike?
7.     What did you gain that influences you and your blog?


  1. I follow The Busy Budgeting Mama because I like her ideas for running a household.

    I follow Hostess with the Mostess because I run a small party planning business and she has great ideas.

  2. I follow Lauren Conrad's blog because I like her style and her blog is interesting. I follow the Southwest Airlines blog because I'm interested in the company and I like the different perspectives that the blog offers.

  3. I follow Hypebeast because I enjoy reading about new style and art.

    I follow Pairadime Music because it introduces new local music to the public and it updates on the current music scene.

  4. I follow a blog titled Miss Malini, She's a self-proclaimed "Perez Hilton of India" and dishes on India (particularly Mumbai) city life, Bollywood Gossip and fashion. All these things play into my interest greatly and her writing style is wonderful.

    Another blog I'm an ardent fan of is This blog touches on all aspects of Thunder, but the best part is the objective view which is hard to find in a diehard Oklahoma.

  5. I follow Berry Tramel's blog on newsok ( because he is a genius when it comes to sports, specifically in Oklahoma. My blog, OklaSports, centers around more local product than national. If I knew half of what Tramel does, then wow.

    I also follow the Hangtime blog, It offers a lot of insight into the NBA. What I like most about it is the information in one simple blog is quite vast.

  6. I am following Drinking Diaries From Celebration to Revelation. This blog allows women to share their drinking stories without judgment.

    I am also following the Cocktail Chronicles. They have a sidebar of stories in alphabetical order of the alcohol it's about.

  7. I follow Noe Villagonzola's blog ColorismyWeapon
    I follow this blog because she is a make-up guru that helps people with make-up tricks. Also, she is kind and humble even though she is beautiful.


    I also follow JlovesMac1. She is also a make-up guru with an amazing personality. Both girls not only talk about make-up, but they also teach girls about self-esteem that can only come from within.


  8. I have been following a blog entitled "The Working Closet" since this past summer. I love anything that has to do with fashion, organization, and Running, Susan Wagner does it best in her blog. One of her favorite topics that she frequently blogs about is "editing your closet". Susan helps fellow blogger figure out what they should be kept, what things need to be donated, and what things need to be restyled or repaired in your closet. Susan also gives helpful tips about running, and bargain shopping around the city.

    I also follow I like her blog because it give me an outsider's perspective on American fashion while living in another country. I like see how she relates American fashion and how she ties it into to the Spanish culture she is immersed in.

  9. Most of the blogs I follow on a daily basis are SEO based and for work (how lame is that?) I actually had to sit and search my interests to find a few personal blogs to follow. is a crafting/food/multiple interest blog I found that I actually like since it covers so many different subjects. is a NY based blog that's all about fashion, celebs, and makeup: three of my favorite things.

  10. I follow 1 voice 4 peace ( because i like the ideas that she put in her blog. Mostly, the posts are about her viewpoints about the current events and how she mange to overcome some obstacles of life.

    I also follow moments with mother culture by Karen Andreola ( I like the way she orgnized her blog and its really full of good ideas about traditional ways that mothers usually consider as their recreational activities.

  11. I follow Pat's Opinions. Being an only child gives me limited insight into how other people my age think, especially boys, and this blog is a slight and humorous way into a guys mind.

    I also follow IHeart Organizing. I am an avid organizer and this blog provides even more ideas for organizing everything!

  12. Today's Letters;
    Found this blog posted on pinterest, it gives great insight and fun facts about life.

    The Sits Girls:
    I like this blog because it's always featuring "blogger" of the month and the blog is about blogging tips and how to grow your blog into a business.

  13. A Cup Of Jo
    I love this blog because this woman is very relatable. She is very transparent with her readers, but instead of just sharing her life she also shares ideas and things that interest her. Opinionator
    This is a compilation of different bloggers on the New York Times. I really like this, not only because it is good writing, but also because I can pick certain authors that I like and follow their specific posts.

  14. Blogs I tend to follow usually take a humorous point of view of news.

    Deadspin, a sports blog most recently known for breaking the Manti Teo fake girlfriend story, often discusses faults of ESPN and other sports journalsim organizations with a comic twist.

    The Lost Ogle, and OKC based social commentary blog, analyzes local media and government in a similar way.

  15. These links may change before deadline, but I found them interesting in the ideas of building a start up businesses.

  16. These are the two blogs I follow on a regular basis.
    I get a lot from the many topics the Huffington Post covers. There is never a dull moment on the site.
    This is a great blog about philosophical ways to view the world. It really puts things in perspective and makes you look at the world in a different way.