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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Blog essay time

Need--two possible topics
What about blogs in the world interests you? (This should be something in relation to your blog.)

By  Feb. 1, Wednesday at 5 pm--select two possible ideas for your midterm blog essay for discussion in class Thursday. Post in comments below.
1. After discussion, you will choose a topic  and you will  the following sentence and commented below.

This is an essay about (Subject) and it is interesting because ____________________. My thesis (the main point of the paper that I'm supporting with my sources) is__________________________. 

2. Also: list three probable links as sources and be ready to explain them in class  by 5 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 1.

Potential organization (outline) :

1. Introductory paragraph, what the subject, problem, focus is. ending with your thesis statement.
(Example: "Blogging has changed the way newspapers have covered the news.")
2. Two or three paragraphs, citing sources to back up your thesis. 
3. A short concluding paragraph
4. List of links for your sources

Note: This essay should be from 250-300 words. Instead of handing it in, you will post it on your blog, probably as a two-part series. It must include visuals, perhaps video
, plus links to sources. These will be viewed by the class. 

Due date March. 9.


  1. My ideas for discussion are travel blogs and humor blogs.

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  3. My two topics for the essay are a recap of the basketball season or an update of wrestling going into the national championship if they make it that far

  4. My ideas for the midterm blog are hair/skin care or everyday life/inspirational blogs.

  5. My two ideas for the midterm is my predictions for the rest of the upcoming baseball season or to review what happened in the off-season.

  6. My ideas for discussion are coping with post-election stress and/or a recap of the Women's March. I could use feminist and political based blogs as sources and inspiration for content.

  7. My topic ideas are an NBA playoff preview or a story about how the Thunder are going against the grain in regards to how they are building their team.

  8. My topic ideas are fitness blogs, and/or life/travel blogs.


  9. 1. Homesickness and how to deal with it
    2. Self-confidence for Asian students

  10. My two choices are:

    1) Tiger Woods can still win a major
    2) Is golf better with multiple people having a chance to win, or just one dominant player

  11. My two midterm blog ideas are time management and how joining organizations on campus can benefit you.

  12. My midterm blog choices are: how other's perceive culture and how media channels decrease upon cultural competency.

  13. Essay Topics

    1. Defining "Adulting"
    2. Answering why the Kardashians are worth talking about

    1. My two ideas for the midterm blog are learning about writing screen plays and what it's like to be an aspiring actor.

  14. Ideas:
    1. How to travel inexpensively
    2. Hidden gems or places to travel that you've never heard of

  15. Essay Topics

    1. Why are we so afraid to talk about what we want when we die
    2. Why do we use euphemisms about grief and death instead of calling them exactly what they are.

  16. My essay topics are based on Growing up in tradtion and also mixed with love and humor put together.

  17. Midterm Topics:

    1. What it's like to move back in with your parents after living alone for awhile.

    2. How to cope with life transitions.

  18. My ideas for my essay are:
    1. How to cope with depression and anxiety if you do not have the ability to seek medical attention.
    2. How to react when people do not believe you suffer from a mental illness.

    My sources would be advice from therapists, recovery, self help and healthy lifestyle resources.

  19. I would like to write about either how to keep a personal blog interesting and readable or how blogging has evolved with social media.

    My sources would be personal blogs that I find to be very interesting or blogs that have been around for a very very long time.