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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Day 2 agenda

  • Fact sheets
  •  class requirements-syllabus
  • Names and your blogs
  •  blogblog views
  • Getting ready
  • Reading  assignments—state of the blogosphere-discussion and comment
  • My blog assignment
·     --Eventually: Step by step
·     Dashboard
·     email me your url

"Assignment: By today, Fill this in--My blog will be  about________ and it will be interesting because________ .

   Add comment below.


  1. My blog is about golf and it's interesting because it is a sport not many college students talk about.

  2. My blog will be about racing and it will be interesting because it will a young perspective from a fan of the sport.

  3. My blog is about my life and the humor I find within it. It will be interesting because I think it's funny as hell.

  4. My blog is about mental health and it will be interesting because it will be real, (hopefully) relatable and informative.

  5. My blog is about lack of diversity and representation in the media and it's interesting because representation is an important issue in today's society.