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Monday, September 12, 2016

How you can Improve your blog writing

Clark's Advice
       Know the reader

       Grab attention--go for the drama

       Make it interesting

       Short sentences, paragraphs

       Organize with reader in mind

       Write to express, not impress

       Tell a story

       Have fun

       If I wrote my story without notes, what would it say?

       Concise structure

       Goes for drama

       Specific details


       Paints pictures

       Varies sentence strength

       Paragraph control


       If the reader took a test, what do I want him to remember?

Every blog post should start with this sentence in your mind: "This is a blog post about_____, and it is interesting because____." If you can't write that in your head, you ar enot ready to start writing.

How does your blog writing measure up?
Read Show, Don't Tell, and comment below something you learned that will improve your writing. By 5 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 14.


  1. I definitely think that I need to add more drama in my post. I also need to add some quotes because I do not have any of those yet. I learned from "show, Don't Tell," that I need to have exciting headlines that catch my readers eye. I also need to use more power words because they make it more interesting, and I need to leave something for the readers to want to keep reading my post.

  2. I learned that I need to keep my writing simple and and to use more persuasive language. My blog posts are about informing people, but it is mainly about call to action- whether it be a physical action or a social movement. Also, I feel like I need to keep trying to come up with creative headlines, since that's what grabs the readers' attention.

  3. I need to work on making my blog posts more into actual stories rather than just commentary. I think that would help create more drama.

    Also, I didn't realize that you should write to only one person as opposed to writing for mass appeal. I'm curious how that would look exactly.

    lastly, I learned I need to give my readers a call to action.

  4. I learned I need to use more words that will spark emotion in my readers. I don't feel like my posts contain a lot of feeling to really get my story across.

    I agree with Carolyn, I was not aware of writing to just one person, but I understand that feeling special helps that person want to relate to your posts.

  5. I learned that I need to relax and just let my writing flow. I get so worried about what other people are going to think when they read it that I lose what I truly want my readers to see. Also, I need to be more creative with my writing and really try to grab the attention of my readers.