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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Find 10 in 20


Take 20 minutes. Go to and to

1. Choose one of the blogs you discovered today.
Comment below to write a  paragraph evaluation of the blog, addressing the following ideas:
  1. What are its strengths?
  2. What ideas about blogging and your blog do you get from it?
  3. What are its weaknesses and how could be improved?
Be sure to include the link to the blog

2. Comment below by 5 p.m. Monday Sept. 5. If you have trouble, email to me by that time..


    Amlou's Bead Spot
    1) This blog is very well organized. There are different menus at the top where her blogs are organized by topic. Her writing is broken up in readable paragraphs, and she included pictures as well as video examples of the projects she is doing.
    2) I really like the idea of organizing blog posts by topic. Since I don't have a specific topic for my blog, this could help it feel more organized.
    3) The blog isn't very visually appealing, it is kind of plain. Also, the author does not have an "About Me" paragraph by her picture.

  2. Living Well Spending Less
    1) This blog is simply organized and easy to navigate. There are many different categories to choose from under a broad topic and a lot of information. Without the organization that this blog has it would be overwhelming but the way it is set up makes it such a good example of a user friendly blog.
    2) The background for the blog was white. All the color comes from the content, which I really like. I feel like sometimes the background hides your content and therefore makes your blog hard to read, follow, or relate to.
    3) There is A LOT of information, like I said before this is managed very well on this blog but could easily get out of control.

    Check it out - this lady and her husband both quit their jobs and all their income comes from this blog ... needless to say the blog is very successful!

    1) This blog is all about pool safety and I thought it was great that they incorporated the Olympic's pool controversy. They had A LOT of visuals which helps spice up a potentially boring topic.
    2) I think I will also try to incorporate multiple pictures throughout my posts, because without a comedic break, or a visual break, my posts can seem rant-like in nature.
    3) The name is definitely a mouthful, and the actual layout isn't very exciting; overall, it is just visually unappealing in design. I think that they could have done something awesome with the background instead of leaving it white. Boring!


    1.) The layout makes it very easy to navigate. The blogger also makes sure to use multiple pictures to break up long posts.
    2.) Our blogs are similar in nature so it was cool to see some different ideas for content.
    3.) I think the weakness I see may be a strength to others. I personally don't think you need to blog every single day. Sometimes it makes it seem as if you are forcing content that just isn't there. Makes for a boring read sometimes.


    1) The page is very clean and organized with not a lot going on which I like. Some blogs stress me out and this one did not.
    2) My blog and this blog are about Oklahoma and I like that I can get motivation from it. Even though mine is more Oklahoma City oriented it is still a good reference tool.
    3) What I like that I can see where some would not, it looks a little plain. Nothing really catches your eye immediately which I like, but I can see how that can be a weakness in viewers.


    1) I like this blog's interior and fonts that she used to this blog. It was easy to read and well organized with topics.
    2) I was wondering how can I put pictures effectively and attract visitor's attention, and this blog show me the direction what should I do.
    3) Her blog is well organized, so there is nothing to change. However, I need to work on the pictures how I can use it in the most affective way to show in my blog.


    1) The blog is clean, organized and the owner provides photos to go along with what she is working on.
    2) The blog is personable, she asks questions and humbly relates to her readers. I like how she links back to what she refers to, this seems like something I would like to do.
    3) For how simple the blog is, you don't really know too much about the owner. It's bland, and could use aesthetic that could reflect her personality in her posts. To drive followers or traffic, she can also refer or connect with others with similar hobbies.


    1)It has a good layout which makes navigation of the blog simple. The images on the posts compliment them well also.

    2)The author uses links to navigate readers to other sites about kayaking. I like this idea as I can use it to show readers where they can get a particular item that I may be using or discussing in my post

    3)One weakness I noticed immediately is that there are long gaps in between posts. I would imagine this makes it irrelevant to readers who like to keep up with posts continually.


    1. I think the strengths of this blog is the design. All of the topics are categorized simply, so that the reader can find what they want to read about, easily. I think another strength is the focus of the blog, it doesn’t stray much from what her topic is about. The bog is clearly about food and a few DIY projects included.
    2. I think I got some good ideas from the categories on the top. I could lay out what I will be talking about and the different subjects of what I want to talk about similarly so that it is easy to understand and find categories of what readers want to read.
    3. Some weaknesses of this blog are the photos. The pictures are blurry and stretched, and they all seem to be cartoon, instead of real photos. It may just be a personal preference but I don’t really like that everything is a cartoon picture. It could be improved with better pictures and a little more color, maybe. It is very plain.


    1. This blog has an interesting niche, being only about local wines and events. It was also easy to navigate.
    2. They have a great list of links and resources off to the side, something I haven't put much thought to while getting my blog started, but it's extremely helpful. They don't have a ton of images in their posts, but the ones they do have are relevant, and I will keep that in mind as I try to make my images relevant to my posts, not just throwing them in for the sake of having one.
    3. They are not super active and only post spontaneously, which will not encourage people to keep up with it if it can't be relied on. If someone was actually interested in going to or reading about wine events in Oklahoma, they would probably pass over this blog because it isn't consistent.


    Really loved how it put up to date information about the industry and pooled it into a streamline place for parents.

    Love the fact that they give parents a run down of what their kids are reading as well as putting it into understandable words for parents. That in a western society where dogma in regards to japanese culture can be explained for adults so they can better understand why one would read manga or watch anime.

    they don't have a lot of posts as well post frequently so that's probably why they dont have a huge following. But the profile looks good.


    I think some strengths of this blog are that its easy to navigate and laid out very simply.

    I really liked that she had a find me, friend me, follow me section with links to her other social medias. I have other social medias so i would like to add this to my blog.

    A major weakness in my opinion is that her blog had curse words in it and to me that is unpleasant to some audiences.

  13. 1. I found a blog about online dating and I enjoyed reading this blog because it was easy to read. The font was simple and the background was white which made the black letters stand out. I also like how organized the blog was, it had pictures to demonstrate. Each blog also had a title that told you what the blog was about.
    2. I got an idea about always titling my blogs. I also think that I should think very carefully about what color my blog should be. I also want to use black font as well and a serif type. And I want to learn how to put subjects in categories. I also want to add links and pictures in every post.
    3. One weakness I think it had was that it was boring, there was no other color on the page but black and white. I do not want people to look at my blog and think it is a newspaper. I also think that the pictures on the page could be bigger, they were almost as small as the writing. And some of the blog posts were extremely too long, way too much to read.

  14. I have selected the blog called “Fall/Winter 2016 Makeup Trends” by Jennifer Jeffrey. She posted this blog on August 30, 2016 on
    1.) The strengths of this blog is that she has some good information. She seems to be on point with the latest trends and uses pictures to describe what she is talking about in 6 of the 11 trends she is describing. Her last trend I especially like and encouraged people to be the real you, be proud of who you are!
    2.) I am for sure going to use as many pictures for examples as possible and I would like to maybe post tutotrials if I can figure out how to do it.
    3.) What I don’t like about her blog is that for 5 of the trends she did not put pictures which feels inconsistent with the flow of the blog. I want to visually see what she is talking about when talking about makeup trends. I also don’t like that the background is just white, it doesn’t really look like a creative blog to me.


    I chose a blog called Ma Nouvelle Mode.

    1.) The strengths with this blog are the images used to help explain each blog post and the personal use of talking about her family and products she personally uses.
    2.) I love how she used images to help explain her blog posts. It keeps interested in the blog. I will do my best to use imagery as a trigger to help keep my audience interested.
    3.) The only negative about this blog is that is is dull. There is no personality to the blog page.

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