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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Up for adoption: assignment, deadlines

For Tuesday, Sept. 27:
By the end of Monday, Sept. 26:
  • Search blogs for adoption. (for discussion Tuesday, Sept. 27)
List below three possible blogs and urls for adoption.
  • Blog Essay:
List below three possible online sources, and urls 

Tuesday, Oct. 4
Blog adoption chosen.
Thursday, Oct. 6
First paragraph of blog essay (including thesis statement), handed in at 12:30, typed, on paper.
Thursday, Oct. 13 
 Contact made  with blog adoption, checked in class


  1. Blog Adoption Ideas
    Pumps & Iron

    Cupcakes and Cashmere

    Living Well Spending Less

    Blog Essay Sources
    Different DIY Blogs

    DIY and Blogs - Personal style

    Trends in Blogging

  2. Blog adoption ideas
    Love From

    Allyson in

    Red Dirt

    Blog essay sources

  3. Blog Adoption Ideas:
    Beyond The Edge

    The Adventure Journal

    Classe Touriste

    Blog essay sources: How blogging has increased traveling.