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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Today's presentations

One suggested test question posted below:
1. Sarah Neese;
2. Chase Terry;
3. Meagan Thomas


  1. 1. According to Sarah Neese, what was one of TheLostOgle's weaknesses?
    A: Long Posts
    2. According to Chase Terry, what site does blogger Chris Sims also contribute to?
    3. According to Meagan Thomas, what is the main focus of 'Under the Oklahoma Sky'?
    A: Photography

  2. 1. WHen did the blog begin?
    2. How can he fix his archive?
    3. Does she get paid for the blog?

  3. 2. What is the main focus of the blog? (comic books)
    3. Where does the blogger live? (Cushing, Okla.)

  4. 1. What type of ads on his blog?
    2. How often dose he post on his blog?
    3. What contents inspire you?

  5. 1. Is The Lost Ogle blog from the Ogle family?
    2. How long has Chris Sims been blogging?
    3. How many followers does Under the Oklahoma Sky have on her blog?

  6. 1. What’s his passion to start writing blogs?
    2. How long does he post for per week?
    3. What’s her advice to start writing blogs?

  7. 1: when did the blog start?
    2: what are the weaknesses?
    3:What is the purpose?

  8. Sarah: Which city was featured on "Your town sucks?"

    Chase: What was the weakness of the blog?

    Meagan: Why does she blog?

  9. Who were the founders of The Lost Ogle?
    What does Chris's Invincible Super-Blog focus on?
    What is the true purpose of Amber Kanady's blog?

  10. 1. Who is editor-in-chief of this blog?
    3. What is the true purpose of this blog?

  11. Sarah: How are ads used in the Lost Ogle?
    Chase: What is the major weakness of the "about" page on Chris's Invincible Super-Blog?
    Meagan: What are the strengths and weaknesses of Under the Oklahoma Sky?

  12. 1. Is "The Lost Ogle" an Ogle?
    2. Is "Chris' Invincible Super-Blog" truly invincible?
    3. What is the 'true purpose' of "Under the Oklahoma Sky" blog?

  13. 1. How offensive is too offensive?
    2. How can blogging sculpt your sense of humor?
    3. How can you make your works (photography, films, etc.) stand out?

  14. 1. What are some weaknesses of this blog?
    2. Who started the blog?
    3. What is the focus of the blog?

  15. 1. What is Patric employed as?
    Editor in chief as
    2.Reason for starting the Invincible blog?
    For fun.
    3. What is Amber Kanady employed as?

  16. 1. What is one bit of advice the Lost Ogle gives?
    2. Where did the blogger for Chris's Invincible Super-Blog work before the blog?
    3. What the purpose for Under the Oklahoma Sky?