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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Today's Presentations

1. Cha' Sepulveda
2.  Natalie Cartwright
3. Ryan Elliot

Comment below, 1 potential final test quesiton per presentation


  1. 1. Who said that you need to be a jack-of-all-trades?
    2. Which blog is to show healthy alternatives to foods?
    3. Who is Johnny Cupcakes?

  2. What did Matthew from The Expert Vagabond say influenced him to do blogging?
    How long has Karen been blogging?
    What is Johnny Cupcakes?

  3. 1. How many years has he been blogging?
    2. How many hits a day does she get?
    3. Who runs the clothing line of Johnny Cupcakes?

  4. 1. Where is he living currently?

    2.When did she start blogging?

    3. Does he make money off his blog?

  5. 1. Which country is Matthew currently blogging from? (Spain)
    2. Where does Karen Kitto live? (Australia)
    3. What is Johnny Cupcakes real name? (Johnny Earle)

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  7. 1. What is the most fantastic experience you've found in his blog?
    2. What you learned from her blog?
    3. Which part attract you in his blog?

  8. 1. Cha' Sepulveda
    – How much of The Expert's Vagabond income is made from his blog, both directly and indirectly?

    2. Natalie Cartwritght
    – When was started?

    3. Alex Hudsonpillar
    – Where did Johnny Cupcakes store and sell his first tee shirts?

  9. 1. Does Karsten make money from his blog?
    2. What makes Kitto's blog unique?
    3. What is a weakness of this blog?

  10. 1. The Expert Vagabond: Q: What two countries had he been to before the leap of faith to Guatemala? Answer: Canada and Mexio.
    3. How did this clothing line begin? Out of the trunk of his car while touring with a band. What teen cartoon has he collaborated with? TMNT!
    4. Why weren't you here?

  11. Cha- How old is the blogger?

    Natalie- Why is the blog so marketable?

    Ryan Elliot- Where did Johnny Cupcakes begin?

  12. 1. To make a blog, what else can you rely on as alternative content?
    2. What makes a blog? The person or the words?
    3. Can you make a branch industry, in addition to the blog itself?

  13. 1. what is his goal to start writing blog?
    2. How often does Karen post one week?
    3. How many page views per day for Johnny's Blog?

  14. Cha: What has Matthew Karsten been featured on?
    Natalie: What is Karen Kitto's biggest challenge in blogging?
    Ryan: How did Johnny Cupcakes get his name?

  15. 1:What is the blogs purpose
    2:What is Johnny Cupcakes?
    3:What did Karenluvslife blog about?

  16. 1. How much of his income comes from his blog?

    2. What was the topic of the blog she covered?