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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Today's presentations

Post potential question below for  each:

1. Robby Harris
2.  Shaun Hail


  1. 1. According to Hank Donovan from, should everyone blog? Why or why not?
    – No. If you do not enjoy it, don’t blog!

    2. At what age did David Turnbull, author of start his first website?
    – 12 years old

  2. 1. Why he wants to start writing blog at the first place?
    2. What is his weakness thing?

  3. 1. When the blogger use his blog as a community?
    2. What’s your favorite part to read?

  4. 1. What was the original focus of this blog?
    2. How old was David Turnbull when he first started blogging?

  5. 1. Where does Hank Donovan blog from? (Missoula, MN)
    2. When did David Turnbull start his first website? (Age 12)

  6. 1.What is the name of the web development business he runs?
    2. Why does he only choose to cover the 3DS?

  7. Robby: How did Hank start out
    Shaun: What has David gained from blogging?

  8. 1. What is the biggest strength and most important aspect of EffectsBay?
    2.When did David of Nintendo3DS start his first website?

  9. 1. When did EffectsBay really gain momentum?
    2. What has he accomplished through his YouTube channel?

  10. 1. Where is Hank Donovan from?
    2. How old was Davis Turnbull when he first started his first website?

  11. 1. Should everyone blog?

    2. What age did David make his first website?