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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Today's presentations

Post potential test questions below:
1. Miao Leng
2. Yujiao Tan
3. Andrew Baker


  1. 1. What is her blog about?
    2. Who is the blogger?
    3. Where does he write besides The Daily thunder?

  2. 1. What languages does YUKIFOOD know?
    2. Where is this blog located?
    3. Where did Royce Young graduate from?

  3. Miao: What kind of food is shown the most on Yukifood?
    Yujiao: What is the weakness of Summer's Blog?
    Andrew: What is unique about The Daily Thunder?

  4. 1. Miao Leng
    – When was the Yukifood blog started? (A: 2010)
    2. Yujiao Tan
    – Who is Xia Shu's biggest fan? (A: His daughter)
    3. Andrew Baker
    – What is the name of Royce Young's OKC Thunder blog?

  5. 1. Why she start writing blog?
    2. Is his blog make money or not?

  6. 1. What is unique about this blog?
    2. How does this blogger treat his blog?
    3. What is the main lesson oft this blog?

  7. 2. What is his favorite city or country?
    3. What is his first reason to write this blog?

  8. 1. What year did she start blogging?
    2. How long has he been blogging?
    3. What does this blog cover?

  9. 1. What is her favorite kind of food to showcase?
    2. What does he want to share through his photos?
    3. How does he view blogging? The purpose?

  10. 1.When was the blog started?
    2.How old is Xia Shu?
    3. How does he make money?

  11. 1. When was the blogger born? (1980s)
    2. How old is Xia Shu? (45)
    3. How many followers does he have on Twitter? (39,000)

  12. What niche is Yukifood in?
    How long has Xia Shu been blogging for?
    How many views does The Daily Thunder get per month?

  13. 1.What is the main purpose of the blog?
    2. What country is the man from?

  14. 1. When did Yuki start her blog? 2010

    2. What is Xia's main strength to his blog? Photos

    3. When in where did Royce graduate from? OU in 2008

  15. 1. When was Yukifood started?
    2. What is the main focus Xia Shu's blog?
    3. How does the Daily thunder differentiate itself from other Thunder blogs?