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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Today's presentations

Post potential test questions below
1. Michelle Nhin
2. Vincent Burr
3. Austin Ratcliff


  1. 1. Where did she recently relocate to from Oklahoma? San Francisco
    2. What gender is Style Girlfriend designed for? Men
    3. Where does Katie Marshall go to school and where is she from? UCO and Guthrie

  2. 1.--------------------
    2. What's the advice for new bloggers that want to blog for personal reasons?
    3. When did Katie Marshall started blogging?

  3. 1. What is the future of blogging?
    3. What type of blog does she have?

  4. 1. What is the purpose of Blogging4jobs?
    2. Can Style Girlfriend relate to both men and women?
    3. Why does she not take blogging seriously?

  5. 1. What is this blog's target audience?
    2. What is Megan's advice to bloggers?
    3. What is the name of this blog's weekly posts?

  6. 1. Where is Jessica originally from and where does she live now? (OKC and San Francisco)
    2. How long has Meagan been blogging? (3 years)
    3. What does Katie call the post that she does once a week? (Thursday Three)

  7. 1. Which job is more popular in the blog?
    2. What is the blogger favorite style?
    3. What is the best part in her blog?

  8. 1. what's her passion to start writing blogs?
    2. what's her goals for her Blog?
    3.what's her advice for new bloggers?

  9. Michelle: What does Jessica dislike about her own blog?
    Vincent: Why did Meagan start Style Girlfriend?
    Austin: What is unique about Style & Things?

  10. 1.whats the name of the blogger.
    2.How long have they been blogging.
    3.Where are they based?

  11. 1. What makes successful
    2. Where is based from?
    3. What is the uniqueness of Style and things?

  12. 1. Why does she blog about HR?
    2. What is Style Girlfriend?
    3. What is cool about style and things?

  13. 1) when did you start blogging?
    2) Why does she blog?
    3) When did she start?

  14. What are the goals for Blogging4jobs?
    How many visitors a month does Style Girlfriend receive?
    Does Style and Things make any money?

  15. 1. How much money does she make from blogging?
    2. How many years has she been giving fashion advice for?
    3. Where is Katie Marshall from?