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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Today's presentations

Assignment: Post one potential test question on today's presentations, below:

  1. Kyle Renfrow
  2. Aaron Santelmann
  3. Austin Litterell


  1. What is the advice that all the bloggers gave to us?
    Find a niche.

  2. 1. What is the name of the app he created?
    2. What is the name of his book?
    3. Was this blog about recaps or columns?

  3. Kyle: What is Tuttle's success completion percentage?
    Austin: How much do the column writers get paid?

  4. 1. How many like did he gain during the Moore Tornado?

    2.How many countries does he have Followers in?

  5. 1 what is the nam elf the weather app he created?
    2. What is the nam elf the blog?
    3.what makes the blog profitable?

  6. Kyle: What are the weaknesses of Tuttle's Weaher Blog?
    Aaron: Where did the author of Craking Health Costs retire from?
    Austin: Why did Eddie Maisonet create The Sports Fan Journal?

  7. 1. How many views did Aaron Tuttle's FB page get the day of the Moore Tornado, May 20, 2013?

    2. What is the name of the book by Tom Emerick?

    3. How long has Eddie Maisonet, author of thesportsfanjournal, blogged?

  8. 1. What is Aaron Tuttle's advice to the class?
    2. How many inventions is Tom Emerick working on?
    3. What is the weakness for The Sports Fan Journal blog?

  9. 1. What do all multimedia journalists need to have?
    2. Why do we need blogs like "Cracking Health Costs"?
    3. Should all content be in correlation with one another? Should you add another topic/column?

  10. 1. What happened to Aaron Tuttle's Facebook page during the Moore, Tornado?
    2. What did he mention about healthcare?
    3. What did he say people do more on twitter?

  11. Kyle Renfrow- How many likes did Aaron Tuttle get during the May 20th tornado?
    Aaron Santelmann- How many years has he been blogging for?
    Austin Litterell- What are the main sports he blogs about ?

  12. 1. What is the anchors name?
    2. What topic did Aaron talk about?
    3. What was the main advice Eddie gave Austin?

  13. Kyle: What are the strengths of sharing posts?
    Aaron:Where did the author retire from?
    Austin:Where is he from in Oklahoma?

  14. Test Questions:

    1. How many new likes did Aaron Tuttle's page get on May 20, 2013? (7,000 likes)
    2. Where does the author of the blog write his blog posts? (his office)
    3. Where is the author of The SportsFan Journal originally from? (Lawton)

  15. How often does Aaron Tuttle post on his Facebook page?
    How many countries view Cracking Health Costs?
    How many combined followers does Eddie Maisonet have.

  16. 1.Does Mr. Tuttle get more fans when he use the APP?
    2. What he talk about his book with his fans on the blog?
    3. What is the popular columns on his blog?

  17. 1. what is his passion to start writing blogs?
    2. how many times does he post a blog per week? did he makes people follow his blog?

  18. 1. How many page views did the Moore tornado inspire?
    2. Did the book inspire the blog or vice versa?
    3. What makes the style unique?

  19. 1. How many views day of Moore tornado?

    2. What is the name of his blog?

    3. Why would those columns be popular?