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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Class evaluation

Comment below, 
1. What was strongest part of class? Be specific.
2. What was weakest part of class? Be specific?
3. How would you improve the class?
4. What is your advice to future students of the class? 


  1. 1. Being able to post in-class, and to be able to ask questions while blogging.
    2. I think that more guest speakers would have been nice.
    3. See #2.
    4. Blog early and blog often.

  2. 1. Getting to write about whatever you want
    2. Presentation.
    3. Less presentations.
    4. Pick something you know a lot about and have fun!

  3. 1. The typography topic was a very much needed lesson.
    2. Didn't get to see many blogging professionals in person.
    3. More blog professionals.
    4. Have fun!!!

  4. 1. really just learning how to blog.
    2. Test questions from the presentations
    3. More speakers
    4. Blog about what you like.

  5. 1. I think the strongest part of the class was the fact that each student had to run their own blog for a semester. This allowed students to have first-hand experience of blogging.
    2. The weakest part of the class was that we didn't spend a lot of time critiquing each others' blogs. We are college students, therefore we know what is readable and what is not, especially to an audience of our peers. This would help the bloggers to understand how to improve their blog.
    3. Like I stated above, I would increase critiques of blogs. It's a good way to help students grow.
    4. My advice to future students of the class is the advice that everyone says. Blog about something you love. It makes blogging more enjoyable and it doesn't feel like work.

  6. 1. What was strongest part of class? Be specific.
    I think having everyone write their own blog posts over something they are interested about makes the class enjoyable.
    2. What was weakest part of class? Be specific.
    Presentations could be more interesting. I think perhaps doing an international blog would be a lot more fun.
    3. How would you improve the class?
    Let the presenter have control of every screen so it would be like a little movie for each student! Computers are distracting and not a lot of students pay attention.
    4. What is your advice to future students of the class?
    Make sure you pick a topic you really enjoy discussing. If you don't, you will be bored.

  7. 1. We got a more in depth look on blogging, and what it takes to maintain a good blog.
    2. The weakest part I would say is not looking at enough professional bloggers blog. I would also have liked to have a few more guest speakers who blog to hear their insight.
    3. I would just make sure each student blogs at least one time per week.
    4. Just blog about what interest you, and keep your blogs short and concise.

  8. 1) The strongest part is the 1 on 1 help to have a great blog.
    2) Weakest part was contacting the blogger. It grew to be a challenge because some people do not want to respond/ just being picky.
    3) I would improve the class by contacting the blogger as an option only.
    4) This class can be very helpful for the future. Keep with it.

  9. 1. The strongest part of the class was learning from the blogs that we adopted.
    2. The weakest part of the class was not getting feedback on our posts.
    3. Actually have us make a post every week.
    4. You won't know if you'll like blogging unless you try it.

  10. 1. The strongest part of the class was that it exposed us to a new form of journalism, and how we should constantly keep up with the times.

    2. The weakest part of the class was that blogging on a weekly basis wasn't really reinforced, and people probably did not blog as much as they needed to.

    3. The improvements I think this class would benefit from is possibly networking with other bloggers more frequently, and even collaborate with those bloggers.

    4. My advice to future students is to really find your niche/passion, and have that passion expressed through writing; that passion can be detected in their writings.

  11. 1. I thought the strongest part was knowing all the various niches your blog can be classified under.

    2. There wasn't more professional bloggers in the class.

    3. Maybe have more guest speakers in class.

    4. The students should definitely take this class if they are just getting started as a blogger.

  12. 1. I learned how to start and maintain a blog for the duration of the class.
    2. The blogs became less important as the class progressed.
    3. Maybe change the blog essay to compare the students blog as well as the adopted blog.
    4. Pay attention to what the instructor has to say.

  13. 1. The strongest part is I learn how to set up a blog, because I have no idea about the blog before.
    2. I don't know the weakest part of this class, because I really enjoy this class.
    3. Be attention of this class and enjoy it.
    4. Just enjoy this class

  14. 1. What was strongest part of class? Be specific.
    Since the teacher actually has a blog and uses the same blogging platform as the students, it was easy to learn what to do, what not to do, and how everything works.
    2. What was weakest part of class? Be specific?
    I can't think of anything; I loved the class!
    3. How would you improve the class?
    It would be cool if the students could talk more about their blogs to the class. I had some sort of an idea of what my fellow students' blogs were about, but it would have been nice to hear more from them.
    4. What is your advice to future students of the class?
    Keep a blogging schedule so you don't forget to post, and don't miss class!

  15. 1. We can know more about different type of blog in this class. We can also learn how to set up a blog and how to make your blog more attractive by asking some famous blogger.
    2. I don’t think it has weakest in this class.
    3. Students can recommend their favorite blog.
    4. They can choose their favorite blog from different countries on their presentation.

  16. 1. The freedom of expression in an open and accepting environment.
    2. I have trouble taking online classes because they require me to kick my own self in the ass to get work done which I am not typically good at. The problem for me this semester was that I hit writer's block midway through February. It was not that I had nothing to write about but that I couldn't verbally express how I felt. The power of my emotions outweighed the strength of my words, and for a blogger that is crippling.
    3. I could have done better in this class if I felt a heavier presence and need to blog for grading reasons. But that fault is my own.
    4. Take it, try hard, and succeed. It is a lot of fun. Dr. Clark is an incredible gentleman.

  17. 1. The comfort of being yourself and expressing what is your true passion. In other words, this class is the gateway to broadening your horizons.
    2. Nothing.
    3. Not much to improve. All self-motivated, therefore, improving yourself would be the key.
    4. Be prepared for a class worth taking and one hell of an instructor as well!