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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Today's presentations

One thing you learned and one potential test question
1. Kyle


  1. Kyle Schwab
    No matter what you do if your passionate about something some else is too. he writes about movies that are unpopular there ate people who are interested in that.
    1. What movies does he blog about?

  2. Kyle Schwab- The blog has about 40 contributing writers!
    Why is the blog titled Not Coming To a Theatre Near You? Because it is more about movies you will not see, the unknown, less popular films!

  3. I learned the blog gets around 10,000 visits per day. What was Rumsey Taylor's advice?

  4. Kyle: While you want to blog about something that interests you, you don't want to alienate some of your readers (once you get them) by writing about things that are too specific.

    Where did this blog get started? In a newspaper column.

  5. 1) Kyle Schwab - Not Coming to a Theater Near You
    - This is one of the oldest blogs we've seen. After so much growth, additional writers, and success, they see it as a website now, instead of a blog.
    - Are the movies reviewed on Not Coming to a Theater Near You are normally upcoming and popular movies, or older and unknown movies? Older and unknown.

  6. Kyle Schwab- I learned that it's important to write about something you are passionate about, and you don't always have to blog for money

    When did Rumsey Taylor begin blogging?

  7. Purpose of the blog is to bring exposure and review films that are sometimes considered unpopular or unknown. Test question: How many twitter followers? (1000 followers)

  8. Kyle Schwab
    1. It is good to have some inspiration for your writing so that you have something to go off of and receive guidance from.
    2. Who was one of Taylor's major influences on his writing?

  9. 1. What I have learned from this blog is that you need to write often to get views.

    2. Potential test question - How many writers contribute to the site?

  10. Kyle Schwab:

    I learned from this presentation that any blog idea can take off. It takes all kinds of different niches to make up the blogosphere.

    What did Rumsey Taylor's website start as?

  11. 1. Kyle Schwab
    This blog is unique because it focuses on a strict bias towards older and unknown films. This can be considered a weakness because it limits the site's variability to more casual readers.
    What was the original outlet for Rumsey Taylor's movie reviews?

  12. Kyle Schwab-I learned that sometimes it is okay to have a bias towards a certain subject.
    Is it a positive to have so many writers and would it be hard to manage a website with so many writers?

  13. Kyle - I like that he's writing about the things that aren't really that popular. He's giving some showtime to unknown films.
    Questions: Does having a bunch of different writers change whether it's a blog or a website?

  14. Kyle Schwab: I learned that even the minuscule and obscure can be useful in a blog.
    Question: What type of movies is this blog directed to?

  15. Kyle Schwab
    What I gain from this presentation notcoming blog founded by Rumsey Taylor he started out writing for a college newspaper column in 1988 then in 2001 started a website writing and he is still writing in 2013.

    A good test question would be from the handout what makes notcoming blog unique?

  16. Kyle: I like how he spends time giving older movies/unpopular movies second chances as far as like the research and reviews go.

    Test question: Does he view the website as a blog?

    Why/why not?

  17. Kyle Schwab
    A. Blogging can be a great outlet for a new perspective on older material
    B. Why is it important to blog on a regular basis?

  18. Kyle Schwab- Rumsey Taylor's blog notcomming is an independent film blog, he has a passion for writing and is evident in his blog. He has a great balance of information and graphics.
    Test question: does it make money?