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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Today's presentations

It's the Tosh and Josh show. Post one thing you learned from each presentation, and one potential final test question, today.
  1. Josh
  2. Tosh


  1. Josh Ray- Purpose of blog to cover every detail of OKC Thunder franchise. Test question- about how many page views a month? (1.5 million)

    Tosh Miller- Readers vote on where he should travel next. Pretty cool Id say! Test question- how many countries has Colin visited? (30-40)

  2. Josh Ray- no matter what you blog about or what your initial motive was for starting the blog, if you keep up with and it and you are passionate about what you write, your blog can be successful.

    Who does Royce Young work for full time?

    Tosh Miller- your writing style can be unique and different and still pull readers.

    What year did Tosh Miller start his blog?

  3. 1.Tosh Miller
    A. If you offend/ abuse your audience they will leave.
    B. what are the right reasons to start blogging?
    2. Josh Ray
    A. Videos help add flavor to your blog.
    B. Is it important to post on a regular basis?

  4. Josh: DailyThunder pimps its blog using twitter. Being concerned with detail has helped set him apart. Is ESPN affiliated? yup! getting those big bucks...
    Tosh: What makes this blog unique? the fact that this is a twist on the travel blog... people choose where he goes. its crazy this guy only owns 70 items. No money directly from the blog, but he has a publishing company. The blogs look is simply but elegant.

  5. Josh- I learned Royce Young started his blog five years ago. Question- How many page views does get a month?

    Tosh- I learned Colin Wright lets his readers vote on where he should live next. Question- Does Wright make money from his blog?

  6. 1) Tosh Miller -
    - The blogger says not only to be unique, but to "be valuable." I feel like that's one of the strongest pieces of advice we've seen. If we are valuable to our viewers, there's a reason for them to read. It's not just about being different.
    - How does the writer of decide where to live next? He has the readers vote.
    2) Josh Ray -
    - It's interesting to see a blog go from a fandom based thing, to rounding out to be more of a media approach.
    - What is the Daily Thunder a blog about? The THUNDER

  7. 1. Josh Ray
    If you aren't serious about blogging, don't expect it to be successful.
    What regional radio station did Royce Young just get hired at?
    2. Tosh Miller
    If you abuse your audience, they will stop following your blog.
    What was the catalyst for Colin to start his blog?

  8. Josh Ray
    know your topic. Write what you love. start off making sure what your writing is something your passionate about. know what your getting into.
    1. How many hits does the daily thunder get around play offs?

    Tosh Miller
    you have to make sure your writing is clear and understood.
    1. what is so interesting about exile lifestyle?

  9. Tosh Miller-

    I learned that you can add a voting page on your website that allows readers to be able to vote on any poll question.

    How many countries has Collin Wright visited?

    Josh Ray-Myself

  10. 1. Josh Ray
    a. What I have learned from this blog is that you need to write about something that interest you. If it does not interest you then your writing will not be the best that you can do.
    b. Potential Test Question – How many followers does Daily Thunder have?
    2. Tosh Miller
    a. What I have learned from this blog is that you can blog for yourself. Not all blogs are meant to make money.
    b. Potential Test Question – What seven countries did Colin live in for over four months?

  11. Tosh Miller-
    1. There is a fine line between being unique and being too weird for most people to enjoy what you're writing about.
    2. What made him decide to write so verbosely and be harder to understand than most other blogs?

    Josh Ray-
    1. The amount of time that you put into your blog can determine how successful it is. Taking it like a hobby v. a career goal will affect it and the more detail you put into it will change how seriously your viewers take you.
    2. How do you set a boundary between supporting your team and being a blog that all viewers can enjoy reading?

  12. Josh Ray-
    If you are passionate about something and and put your time into it the readers will come. Understand what you are getting into, and be consistent you can be successful!
    *What was the weakness of this blog?

    Tosh Miller--
    If you are outrageous the people will come. The dude is a weirdo.
    What is the strength of this blog?

  13. Josh: I learned that Royce knows about every player’s tattoo.

    Test question: Was the orange color a weakness or strength?

    Tosh: I learned that Colin lets his viewers pick and choose where he lives.

    Test question: What countries has he spent at least four months in?

  14. Josh: This blog exemplifies the importance of using social media. Since he tweets throughout games, I think it's a major benefit to his blog. Test Question: What is a major quality you should possess in order to have a successful blog (consistency)?

    Tosh: This is a very interesting blog and probably isn't something I would ever think of doing. Test Question: What can be a big weakness for this blog? (No post schedule)

  15. Josh Ray

    What I gain from this presentation was Royce covered every detail concerning the Thunder and from looking at DailyThunder blog there is a lot of information on there.

    A good test question would be from the handout The orange coloring for the title of the post is strength true or false?

    Tosh Miller

    What I gain from this presentation was Exile Lifestyle blog is not your typical travel blog. Viewers can vote on what country he should live in next.

    A good test question would be from the handout what advice did Colin Wright give?

  16. Josh Ray- Royce Young’s blog is a very professional blog that just exploded with popularity, but started out of pure popular interest.
    Test question what is a weakness?
    Tosh Miller_ Colin Wright’s Blog is very interesting and I really took away the concept of not abusing the audience.
    Test Question- What what Colin’s advice?

  17. Josh - Learned that you can work your way into a job by being proactive in what you're doing, and focusing on something you're passionate about.
    Question: Should you consider readability on every part of your blog?

  18. Josh Ray
    Be passionate about what you write, and write your best.
    test question: when was the dailythunder started.

    Tosh Miller
    Sometimes less isn't more
    Question: Does the dailyexile make money?

  19. Josh: I follow Royce on Twitter as well and have been reading DailyThunder for the past few years. I think he has really cashed in on his good writing. Test question: What paper did Royce write for in College? The Oklahoma Daily

    Tosh: I think this was an interesting take on a travel blog. Most travel blogs use a lot of pictures, where this guy is really focused on his writing.
    Question: What can readers vote on for his blog? They can choose where he will live next.

  20. Josh Ray
    I learned that I should be serious about blogging if I ever want to be successful with it.
    Is it better to write your own opinion or be more professional and write from all sides?

    Tosh Miller
    I learned to always be yourself.
    Is it better to be completely unique and narrow down your audience, or try to write for a large audience and get more hits?

  21. Josh- I learned that even if you start off as just a fan, it may be beneficial to you to start writing more professionally about what you love, it may just turn into a success.
    Test Question- How often does post?

    Tosh- Sometimes a directed audience is bad because it does greatly narrow your traffic.
    Test Question- What is the writers weakness when it comes to a newsletter?

  22. Josh- To become successful in blogging you have to take it seriously
    When was the dailythunder started?

    Tosh- Interesting travel blog and allot of good advice. I learned that appealing on to a small group of people can have an effect on your blogs traffic.

    What is's main difference from other travel blogs?