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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Today's presentations

Post one thing you learned from each presentation, and one potential final test question, today.

  1. Kenji Gritton
  2. Sydney Monday


  1. 1) Sydney Monday - Sports Girl Kat
    - Kat gives a female perspective on the sports world, also covering some sports not covered in the mainstream. She has a voice in her writing.
    - Sports Girl Kat is a ______ writer in Boston. Sports.

  2. Sydney- I learned it took 6 years for Kat to get her first writing gig. Question- What year did Kat start her blog?

  3. 2. Sydney - I liked that she tries to focus on the college sports at the school, so that she can be relevant to the people that she's around every day.
    Question: What is VOICE in your posts?

  4. Sydney: something unique about the blog is that Kat is able to give a female perspective on sports blogging. Test question: Average hits per day? (1000)

  5. Sydney
    I learned that it's important to make sure to show to others that your a strong writer. Show that you have to do little editing.

    Why did her father tell her to talk sports?

  6. Sydney Monday-
    make sure you put the time into your blog. Your blog will only be as good as the time you put into it.
    1. What what the advice her dad gave her?

  7. 1.Kenji Gritton
    2.Sydney Monday
    A. Quality and content are important.
    B. Why is it important to be different whilst blogging?

  8. 1. Sydney Monday
    a. What I have learned from this blog is that you should have a collection of topics in case you cannot think of a topic on spot.
    b. Potential test question – How long did Kat blog before she got her first writing job?

  9. Sydney Monday--
    Show how strong of a writer you are in your blogs. You won't get a job from your blog right away, but if you are a strong writer something will come.
    *Why is it important to have strong writing skills in blogging?

  10. Monday: when you write, write professional... find your voice... unique because there are less woman posting about sports than men... what blogging site did she switch to? Tumblr...

  11. Sydney Monday-Kat Cornetta’s blog sportsgirlkat has a large variety of sports that she writes about, from a female perspective, which is pretty unique in sports blogging. I like that she takes her personal blog in a professional way.
    Test Question: What is a writing voice?

  12. Sydney: Be professional with your writing. Also, don't expect to get a job right away.

    When did Kat start her blog? 2002.

  13. Sydney: Kat gives a female voice on sports. Test Question: What can make your writing better? (Give yourself a personality behind your writing. Give yourself a voice.)

  14. Sydney Monday
    I learned to convey yourself in your writing, people should be able to identify you through your writing.
    How can you promote your blog through social media?

  15. Sydney Monday

    What I gain from this presentation don’t think your blogging is going to get you a writing career.

    A good test question would be from the handout Sports Girl Kat is did Kat start her blog after being influenced by friends and it took on a sports tone true of false.

  16. Sydney
    I learned that having a voice through your blog is an excellent idea
    Test question: Where did Kat grow up at?

  17. Sydney: I learned that the voice behind the blogging itself is very important.
    Test question: How else does she make money since her blog doesn't?

  18. Sydney- I learned it is important to keep voice throughout all your works of writing and being consistent with that voice is key.

    Test Question- What different types of sports does talk about?
    Gymnastics and hockey

  19. It's important to use your blog as a tool to showcase your writing ability.
    Kat says it's important to keep what while blogging?