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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Today's presentations

Post one thing you learned from each presentation, and one potential final test question, today.
1. Paij Beck
2. Stormi Yost


  1. Stormi- I learned Larry answers all of the emails and messages his followers send him. Question- What is the highest number of hits Larry has got in one day?

  2. Stormi- blogging since 2007 Test question- average hits a day (5000 day)
    Paij- strengths include clean layout and a link. Test question what is uploaded in the "sneak peeks" section (photos)

  3. Stormi Yost
    political posts are likely to attract the most readers because of the differences in opinions.
    1. What is the name of the book he writes?

    Paij Beck
    customer reviews can really help your credibility.
    1. does the website make money?

  4. Stormi- I learned to have fun with your blog that it can come through to the readers.
    What is Correia's record number of hit?

    Paij Beck- I learned to not over blog. He stated to keep it 75% personal and 25% business.

    Does his blog generate money?

  5. 1. Stormi Yost
    If you have fun with your blog, then it will show through to your readers.
    What is the purpose of Larry's Amazon affiliates?
    2. Paij Beck
    It's ideal to keep your blog probably 75% personal and 25% business.
    Where is Brandon Burton located?

  6. Stormi: I learned that Larry Correia is a novelist and makes money through selling books on Amazon

    Test question:How many times a week does he post?

    Paij: I liked the screenshot of the layout of his blog and how he had yellow stripes going diagonal across it.

    Test question: What else does he post besides pictures he's taken?

  7. 1. Paij Beck
    A.Direct links to your other pages can up your following.
    B.Why is consistent posting a plus?
    2. Stormi Yost
    A.Stay concise with posts and what you post on.
    B.How could using another social media outlet benefit your blog?

  8. Stormi: blogging all over the place is a weakness but posting alot is a strength... How does the blog make money? What does he use the money for?
    Paij: good idea to pimp photo website with blogging. smart website layout... Why did brandon burton start a blog? to get more traffic to his website... I thought it was smart when he said don't over blog...

  9. Stormi: I liked the way he connects with his readers. I think I could really utilize that aspect of his blog. That is, once I get readers... What is Correia's signature book series? Monster Hunters

    Paij: This blog just goes to show you that great photos will lead to more readers. I could keep this in mind going forward. What kind of advice does Brandon give? How to dress for a photo shoot.

  10. Paij

    What I gain from this presentation Brandon Burton blog was while Brandon is working he travels. He does photography away from home. Also his blog is simple and easy to read.

    A good test question would be from the handout Brandon Burton blog would be what uniqueness does this blog have?


    What I gain from this presentation was that Larry Correia is a novelist that stays in touch with his followers and unique. The blog makes money through Amazon, Barns and Noble. Have fun blogging.

    A good test question would be from the handout Monster Hunter Nation would be what are the strengths?

  11. 1) Paij Beck - Brandon Burton Photography
    - Multiple websites in addition to the blog: professional site, blog, Facebook, and they all look very similar. His branding is intact.
    - BrandonBurtonPhotography is a business blog, but he also says to post personal things how often? 75%
    2) Stormi Yost - Monster Hunter Nation
    - Most of the bloggers we have seen have started around the same time and have been blogging since then. Most were between 2005 and 2010.
    - An series author is the blogger for _______ Hunter Nation. Monster.

  12. 1. Paij Beck
    - Find different ways to present a common theme. Take photography and post pictures, outfit advice, and more!
    -Why doesn't Burton post more to his blog when he could easily post a picture everyday?
    2. Stormi Yost
    -Your readers should not have to hunt through your blog to find the things that they are interested in. Find a connection between all posts so they can stay involved.
    -How does he relate science fiction to politics in his blog? How does he keep it relevant?

  13. 2. Stormi - I like that he earns money without really caring about what people think about what he posts. That he can just write whatever is on his mind.
    Question: Do you have to write about the same thing all the time in order to make money?

    1. Paij - I like that he thinks outside the box about what a photography blog entails, with the links to free mini sessions and what to wear areas.
    Question: Is it a good idea for your blog to be linked to your web page and vice versa? What situations might you want or not want it?

  14. 1. Paij Beck
    a. What I have learned from this blog is that you should have fun because you will like what you are writing and the reader will like what they are reading. It is also vital for the demographic that is attempting to be reached to be interested.
    b. Potential test question – How many books are in the Monster Hunter series?
    2. Stormi West
    a. What I have learned from this blog is that you should have something that is unique. Having your own signature style or catch phrase would increase the interest in your blog.
    b. Potential test question – How long has Brandon Burton been blogging?

  15. Stormi: It's interesting that he chooses to write about sic-fi and fantasy. Test Question: What is the most hits he has gotten in one day? (87,000)

    Paij: It's interesting that he also posts advice for his clients as well as his photography. Test Question: Where is Brandon Burton located? (Edmond)

  16. Stromi Pack--
    Political post are likely to get more hits and feedback because they are the most charged and searched topics.
    *Why is it important to have fun when blogging?

    Paij Beck--
    I learned that Brandon needs to post more.
    Why is it important to keep people engaged?

  17. Sormi Yost-Larry Correia’s blog Monster Hunter Nation - I learned you may get attention by way of another hobby such as selling books and that can bring traffic to a blog. I think it’s important to take advantage of all the ways to draw positive attention to your site.
    Test Question- What is a weakness to the blog?
    Paij Beck- Brandon Burton’s blog is a good idea to get more personal with his clients. Everything is there for the makings of a good blog.
    Waekness- he rarely posts.

  18. Paij Beck
    I learned its ok to mix it up and not just post one thing on your blog.

    Test question: Where is Burton located?

  19. Stormi Yost-I learned that if I enjoy my blog, then my readers will enjoy it to.
    Is it okay, to post a wide variety of topics or find a narrow niche?

    Paij Beck-I learned that you can write about a lot of different topics just to relate it back to your blog.
    Should you have to different sites or just combine them into one?

  20. Stormi- I learned that if I connect with the followers/fan I do have, I could be more successful in the end.

    Where is Monster Hunter Nation located?

    Paij- Brandon's blog was very clean and neat. I liked it a lot. Simplicity can take you a long way.

    What college did Brandon attend?

  21. Stormi- If you keep in touch with your fans it will help your blog grow!
    Test Question- What is a weakness of the Monster Hunter Nation Blog? It's all over the place.

    Paij- The blog hasn't been updated for awhile but his website and his Facebook page are both very informational! He should have a link to his blog.
    Test Question- What is the purpose of the sneak peaks? A photo from all his sessions will be uploaded here as a sneak peak to his sessions.

  22. Paij- I learned that that blogging can be a good tool to promote other skills you have or to promote another website.
    What is Brandon's all time high regarding website hits?

    Stormi- I learned that because people are generally polarized regarding politics, political posts garnish allot of views.
    When did Larry start blogging?