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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Today's presentations

Post one thing you learned and one potential final test question from each presentation.Those not completed today, will be scheduled Tuesday, Nov. 26.

  1. Michael Moore
  2. Kate Graham
  3. Mandilyn Legaard
  4. Kenji Gritton,


  1. Michael: is considered more liberal and targets all audiences. Test question: When did the blog get started? (2004)
    Katie: Main bloggers of the site include college freshman through seniors. Test: Purpose of the blog is? (to inform people about past, present, and future weather)
    Mandilyn: Blog is interesting because covers all aspects including fashion, do it yourself, and food. Test question: how many followers on Instagram? (150K)
    Kenji: The geographic location of blog is NYC. Test question: Strengths of the blog include? (clean, simple, and easy layout)

  2. Michael Moore
    I learned that it's ok to blog about something that might not be relevant to the majority of the people in your surrounding area.
    1. Will he ever get ads on his blog?

    Katie Graham
    Blogs need to to be an insight and informative instead of a couple of sentences.
    1. Who runs OWL blog?

    Madilyn Legaard
    It's okay to be diverse. blog about multiple things that strike you fancy. the more diverse you are the more diverse of crowd will be interested in reading.
    1. what tv show has been featured in?

    Kenji Gritton
    You have to be motivated to blog. You have to not only be passionate but have motivation to keep going.
    1. What was his job before he was a blogger

  3. Michael Moore- I learned Kurt Hochenauer started Okie Funk in 2004. Question- How many registered users are there?

    Kate Graham- I learned the blog started out on a website using pictures. Question- When was the first post?

    Mandilyn Leggard- I learned Emily Schuman started her career at Teen Vogue. Question- What makes her blog unique?

    Kenji Gritton- I learned Stanton started the blog after moving to New York City. Question- Stanton is a former __?__ originally from Atlanta.

  4. Michael- OkieFunk provides a liberal news source for Oklahomans.
    Test Questions- Is the blog profitable? No.

    Kate- The Owl blog is easily shared via social media.
    Test question- What topics does the blog cover? Weather in Oklahoma.

    Mandi-The blogger started of as a fashion assistant at teen vogue magazine but she covers a lot of food, crafts and such.
    Test Question- What did Emily, the blogger, say about photographs on her blog? High quality.

    Kenji- Humans of New York focuses on humanity and mankind. He would just take street pics and then upload them and it got a lot of traffic.
    Does the blog have any monetary efforts on it? Yes, Philanthropic events are posted time to time.

  5. Michael Moore- you don't have to have ads on your blog to obtain success.

    When did Okie Funk start?

    Katie Graham- Even with no followers, your blog can still be found.

    Does Andy Chilian make money on his weather blog?

    Mandilyn Legaard- I loved how the summaries of each post is on the home page.

    how many followers does Emily have?

    Kenji Gritton- Something as simple as picking up a camera and traveling could become an enjoyment and possibly lead to success.

    How does Brandon make his money?

  6. 1. Myself
    a. What I have learned from this blog is good writing generates followers and hits.
    b. Potential Test Question – Where is the geographical location of the blog?
    2. Kate Graham
    a. What I have learned from this blog is that blogging has a broad range of what they cover, including weather.
    b. Potential Test Question – How long has the blog been running?
    3. Mandilyn Legaard
    a. What I have learned from this blog is that covering several topics is effective in generating hits.
    b. Potential Test Question – How often does Emily post on cupcakesandcashmere?
    4. Kenji Gritton
    a. What I have learned from this blog is that pictures can describe emotions tremendously. I believe that is effective in generating hits and followers.
    b. Potential Test Question – How does Brandon Stanton make profit?

  7. 1. Michael Moore -
    - It's really fascinating to see the popularity of this local political blog. We can see fact AND opinion in his writings.
    - Dr. Kurt Hochenauer of OkieFunk is a teacher where?
    2. Kate Graham - Owl Blog
    -Students took a VERY hot topic in this state and became a blog to target this information, and to notify readers on important knowledge. The use of animation is great with the simple build of the page.
    -The Owl Blog is about Oklahoma's what? Weather.
    3. Mandilyn Legaard - Cupcakes and Cashmere
    - Her blog is very personal since the majority of the pictures of fashion, hair, etc. are pictures of her, not random photos of others.
    - True or False: Cupcakes and Cashmere is just about fashion. False
    4. Kenji Gritton - Humans of New York
    - I originally thought this blog would be making fun of New Yorkers, but it's great how it shows the diversity and character of the people who live there.
    - Humans of New York is a collection of people in _________.

  8. Michael-I learned that you can change your comments to one of your social networks.

    1. When did Dr. Hochenauer start Okiefunk?

    Kate Graham
    I learned that a blog can be successful with a number of individuals running it.

    When was the first post posted on OWL Blog?

    Mandilyn- I learned there can be a number of different topics on a blog.

    Where did Emily Schuman began her career working in media?

    Kenji Gritton- People can post pictures and tell a story in a post and it can be successful.

    How many followers does he have off of twitter?

  9. 1. Michael Moore
    A. Try not to target just one demographic but have something for all your readers
    B. Why is correct grammar a must when blogging?

    2. Katie Graham
    A. Blogging over local topics will help grow a tight knit group in your community.
    B. How can adding younger bloggers add spice to your blog?

    3. Mandilyn Legaard
    A. Pictures with short commentary guarantees are a positive.
    B. Why is covering too much a weakness?

    4. Kenji Gritton
    A. Let your blog evolve into what it will as your followers grow.
    B. Can taking on investors/ advertisements take away from your blogs credibility?

  10. Moore: blog is good for Oklahoma because conservative state. How long has he been writing?
    Graham: cool because it will talk about past, present, and upcoming weather events. When was the blog started?
    Legaard: the blog is extremely clean, can't even tell there are ads. What makes finding the posts easier? the recap summaries
    Gritton: awesome look. the photos are really hip and easy to want to look at. What is the bloggers main focus?

  11. 1. Michael Moore--
    Good writing and content will bring readers to your blog.
    *what is the weakness of this blog?
    2. Kate Graham--
    I like that they post about things that are going on currently with the weather in OK.
    *why is it important to like what you are blogging about?
    3. Mandilyn Legaard--
    I like that she had a clean format and a varied topic.
    *What is the most important piece of advice that Emily gave?
    4. Kenji Gritton--
    Don't wait for Perfect.
    *Why is it important to think outside the box when it comes to blogging?

  12. 1. Michael Moore
    -"Good writing will always generate followers and hits."
    -What kind of adversity or criticism does Dr. Hochenauer face with writing a more liberal perspective in Oklahoma?
    2. Kate Graham
    -The site you are using for your blog is important for getting followers. Their traffic changed dramatically after moving to blogger.
    -Weather is not that interesting of a topic unless their is major news-how do they keep the blog from being a bust?
    3. Mandilyn Legaard
    -Making your blog personal helps your followers get to know you better and want to keep reading.
    -What was her inspiration for the variety of topics she posts about on her blog?
    4. Kenji Gritton
    -He said that you shouldn't want until you think your work is perfect to publish, go ahead and start and work on it as you go.
    -How does he decide what to ask someone that he photographs?

  13. Michael Moore: Writing well will generate followers is a constant in the blogosphere.
    Test question: Does Okie Funk make money?

    Katie Graham: That all new blogs struggle and not to get frustrated
    Test Question: Where is the OWL located geographically?

    Mandilyn Legaard: That even things that seem random can go together
    Test question: When does Cupcakes and Cashmere get started?

    Kenji Gritton: Don't wait for perfect, work it out as you go.
    Test question: what is the main content on this blog?

  14. Michael: It's interesting to see a liberal blog thriving in a state as red as Oklahoma. Why doesn't OkieFunk have advertising? To keep the blog independent.

    Katie: Oklahoman like their weather. It's kind of shocking that a knowledgable blog doesn't have any followers. Where is the location of the blog? The National Weather Center in Norman.

    Mandy: It's very impressive that one person could put together something as clean and professional as this. Where did Emily start her career? Teen Vogue.

    Kenji: This is the coolest. It just shows you that interesting people are all around you. Especially if you live in New York, apparently. What did Brandon start out doing? Investment banking.

  15. 1. Michael - I like that he feels obligated to bring what is often the opposite viewpoint to a generally conservative state like Oklahoma.
    Question: How would advertising affect a political blog?

    2. Kate - It's fascinating that somewhere such as the OWL would allow students to post on it.
    Question: Do you need to be a professional in your field to run a blog like this? Of course not!

    3. Mandi - It's great that she won't promote products that she won't buy for herself, and I think that builds a lot of rapport with her readership. They know that she won't "sell" them out. Also love that she's the model for her own pictures.
    Question: Why did we not get those awesome looking cookies?

    4. Kenji - I've loved HONY for awhile. I love that he cares so much about getting to know the people more than the photographs.
    Question: Should you record any interviews that you have that you may do for your blog?

  16. Michael: I learned about the constitutionally based views of the upcoming generation.

    Test question: Why did Dr. Hochenauer change the comments to Facebook?

    Katherine: I learned that the Oklahoma Weather Lab blog/lab itself is student-run

    Test question: Where is this weather center located?

    Mandilyn: I learned that Emily Schuman started her career at Teen Vogue and Domino magazine

    Test question: Who is the model for Emily’s blog?

    Kenji: I learned that Brandon Stanton goes around N.Y. taking photos of random people.

    Test question: How does Brandon make money?

  17. Michael: He emphasized on the importance of good writing. It will always generate followers and hits. Why did Dr. Hochenauer start his blog? (Felt the need for a liberal blog in Oklahoma)

    Kate: It's awesome to have a weather blog in Oklahoma, especially with our crazy weather. Why did they start blog? (the website didn't have viewer traffic and it wasn't easy to create or edit posts.

    Kenji: Humans of New York was turned into a book. What are the strengths of this blog? (The layout is clean and easy to read)

  18. Michael Moore - Being good will always generate more followers in the blogging realm.
    When did Okiefunk start?

    Kate Graham - Blogs should be more insightful, and can be run by multile people.
    What does OWL stand for?

    Mandilyn Legaard- I learned you don't need allot of people to run a blog efficiently. She models and has her husband take the photos , eliminating the need to pay a model and photographer.
    What are some subjects Schuman's blog covers?

    Kenji Gritton - Focus on storytelling through the perspective of average people. I really like that idea.
    How does Brandon Stanton make money?

  19. Michael Moore
    What I gain from this presentation Okiefunk the author Dr. Kurt Hochenauer targets younger to elder person.
    A good test question would be from the handout when did okiefunk blog start?

    Mandilyn Legaard
    What I gain from this presentation is write a lot, keep site clean and easy to read.
    A good test question would be from the handout cupcakesandcashmere blog what make this blog unique.

    Kenji Gritton,
    What I gain from this presentation is on the humansofnewyork blog the layout of the three different pictures and stories with caption below.
    A good test question would be from the handout is who is the blogger of humansofnewyork?

  20. Michael-I learned that you can write your own opinion even if it is not the most popular thing.
    Does it hurt his followers and number of hits when he switches platforms?

    Kate-I learned that blogs can be run by multiple people.
    Is there a disadvantage of having multiple writers?

    Mandilyn-I learned to be personable in your writing.
    Is it better to have a wide variety of subjects, or to have a specific topic to write about?

    Kenji-I learned to just start writing and not wait for things to be perfect.
    Do people focus more on the pictures or what is written?