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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Class evaluation

Comment below, by 5 pm today.
1. What was strongest part of class? Be specific.
2. What was weakest part of class? Be specific?
3. How would you improve the class?
4. What is your advice to future students of the class?

Final--9 a.m., Tuesday, Dec. 10.


  1. Clarky, there was no weakest part. I loved every single part of the class and wouldn't change a single aspect about it. My advice to future to future students who haven't had you yet would be that they're missing out. This was my favorite class this semester.

    1. That they're missing smooth out from cool cat Clarky

  2. Class evaluation

    1. The strongest part of this class would be assignment and information posting on the main blog used for this class by the professor

    2. I can not think of a weakest part at the moment.

    3. I wouldn't improve anything at the moment.

    4. My advice for future student would be don't think this class is easy. There are essay, and presentations just like any other class. It is a good class to know more about blogging.

  3. 1. being able to express myself through blogging and being shown how. I really enjoyed how I was able to pick my topic.
    2. The variety was slim. it seemed to get repetitive.
    3. make it more diverse.
    4. always write, never stop and to make sure you have a topic that is easy to write about.

  4. The strongest part was getting to write about what we wanted to and grow in our areas of interest. There really wasn't a weak part to this class but we could have seen more speakers. There is nothing to improve and I would tell future students to just keep up with posting and pick a topic for your blog that you can post about consistently. Great class!

  5. The strongest part of this class was the existing knowledge the instructor had about blogging as well as the journey into discovering new information about blogging with his students.

    The weakest part of the class came with setting up blogs early in the semester. I felt like setting up a blog without much information on blogging was a bit overwhelming.

    I would improve the class by spending the first few weeks discussing what makes a good blog and then setting up student blogs halfway through the semester.

    Make sure your pick a tangible and attainable topic for your blog. Don’t get overzealous. For example, don’t pick a travel blog if you don’t have time during the semester to travel.

  6. 1. The strongest part of the class was the real world application. We were able to listen to speakers talk about their success from blog writing and see how some have "made it big" starting out like we are.
    2. The weakest part was the lack of accountability on posting. Maybe if I had a deadline it would've helped me remember to write more!
    3. I think students would benefit from getting one-on-one time with you so that they can make themselves a better writer and get your opinion.
    4. Set reminders for yourself or write in your planner a time each week to blog, otherwise it's so easy to forget.

  7. 1. The strongest part of the class was hearing the different advice of real, active bloggers. It was very valuable to hear everyone's presentations because it seems that the bloggers have really good tips for people wanting to start blogs.
    2. The weakest part of the class was probably strictly doing presentations some days. It may be beneficial to add a few more lessons during class.
    3. I would suggest maybe having one or two more guest speakers. I find that I learn a lot hearing from actual professionals speak about their experience.
    4. My advice to other students would to be constant and keep up with their blogs so they don't get behind on blog posts.

  8. I thought the strongest part of class was when we went over how to write a blog (the do's and don'ts). I really liked the presentations of the different blogs. It was interesting to see what people chose. I don't think there was a weak part or anything you can do to improve it. Maybe have more bloggers come in to speak? My advice to future students would be don't forget to keep up with your personal blog every week.

  9. Strongest part of the class was the structure and teaching us how to blog efficiently.
    Weakest part honestly there wasn't any weak parts of the course.
    Improvements I would like to see is maybe more professional bloggers coming in for guest speaking.
    Advice for future students is not to wait till the last minute to find your blog adoption because you want to make sure you can learn and be passionate about your presentation to the class.

  10. Comment below, by 5 pm today.
    1. What was strongest part of class? Be specific. The strongest part of this class was being able to write what I wanted. This influenced me to write more often and more passionately.
    2. What was weakest part of class? Be specific? I honestly did not think there were many mistakes with the class, but the only thing that I could think of is that we could have done much more writing in class.
    3. How would you improve the class? I liked it very much, but we could have done more writing in class.
    4. What is your advice to future students of the class? Take it with an open mind! This class has taught me many things about writing. It was interesting and worth my time. I recommend to take it.

  11. I liked the presentations. It introduced me to a lot of blogs I would never find on my own. (NYCPRgirls)

    I wished we would have had someone come in an teach us how to improve our blog layout.

    Some independent feedback on our blog posts would have been helpful.

    I would tell future students to take this class. New media is very real and it's best to get ahead of the curve.

  12. 1. The strongest part of the class was that we were required to talk to people who were blogging, and most were making money. We got a first hand perspective on it.
    2. The weakest part of the class was that we sometimes only had one or two presentations during class, and we left afterwards. I felt like we could have made more of class time sometimes.
    3. I would have improved the class by having more writing time, maybe some group discussion critiques in class. More than just listening to presentations and commenting.
    4. My advice would be to put in a good effort for your writing and your research. The class will give back based on what you put into it.

  13. The strongest part of this course for me personally was the ability it gave the students to be creative in their writing. So often we have to write about things we aren't interested in for school.
    I honestly can't recall any weaknesses from the class.
    As for improvement of the course, I really think the students could blog more than once a week, regularly practicing blogging is a very important part of learning how to be a better writer!
    My advice for future students that take this course would be for them to pay full attention in class and during the presentations. There is nothing like hearing good advice from professional bloggers and of course Clarky. I suggest all students who need an elective take this course!

  14. 1. What was strongest part of class?
    The strongest part of this class, honestly, is having a seasoned journalist as a professor. Learning about how blogging affects different professions.
    2. What was weakest part of class?
    The lack of accountability on posting there were never weekly deadlines and sometimes I forgot to post.
    3. How would you improve the class?
    I would instill a more deadline based program for posting on our blogs.
    4. What is your advice to future students of the class?
    Stay on top of your blog, watch blogblog, and always come to class.

  15. 1. I think the strong parts of the class were the blog adoption assignment and blog essay assignment. I learned a lot doing my interview with a blog. I enjoyed and was able to learn about all kinds of blogs while watching everyone’s presentation. Everyone did a good job and offered a unique perspective into all kinds of blogs. I think hearing the advice from all of bloggers was a very strong part of the class and I was able to use the advice with my own blog. I also thought the blog essay was a strong point because we were able to research on how blogging impacts our fields of interest.

    2./3. I liked at the beginning of the semester when we went through and looked at everyone in the class’s blog, on the board. This not only was entertaining but we were able to learn areas where we can improve our own blogs. I think that if we went through everyone’s blog maybe once a month we would be able to better evolve our blogs, through others critiques and suggestions.

    4. My advice to future students would be to set specific times during a week when they have to write a blog. Also to create an identity with their blog and express themselves in whatever they choose to write about.

  16. 1. The strongest part of this class are the assignments given with deadlines. I enjoyed adopting a blog and interviewing someone who was familair with blogging. I also enjoyed going to the international festival and learning about different cultures and their experiences with blogging.

    2. The weakest part of this class to me was blogging weekly. I often forgot about blogging weekly because there were no deadlines to blog and no definite guidelines. I think if it were required to blog more, I would have not forgot to blog as much!

    3. I would have more deadlines and require more blogging than once a week to improve this course, but overall this course was a lot of fun and interesting!

    4. I would advise future students to stay on top of their own blogs especially if their only required to blog once a week and in addition, when starting a blog, look at other professional blogs first to get a better idea of what a blog is really like.

  17. 1. What was strongest part of class?
    The strongest part of the class was having a hands-on approach to the world of blogging as it just one facet of utilizing social media to further your career in the field of communications.
    2. What was weakest part of class?
    The weakest part was possibly the lack of accountability in making weekly posts. While I do like to write, I found that I couldn't necessarily find the time to create thoughtful posts through my busy weekly schedule.
    3. How would you improve the class?
    To improve the class, the only thing I would maybe suggest would be to have more one-on-one/group interactions in making blog posts during the class period.
    4. What is your advice to future students of the class?
    Have fun and realize that not only are you learning about blogging, but on how to improve your writing style!

  18. 1. Class participation. The fact that every student has the opportunity to speak on the subject at hand.
    2. The crazy girl that was next to me the whole semester! jk
    3. More guest speakers.
    4. Have a blast and don't be overly serious.

  19. 1. Strongest part of the class is that you get real information from an actual blogger that is having decent success aka Dr. Clark.
    2. The weakest part of the class is that it is an actual attended class. This just seems like something that could be done online.
    3. I would move the class to an online class. Considering we never use the time we have in class I think that this would be a better use of the student and professors time.
    4. Advice: do the work and you will be fine. Make your posts, find your adopt a blog early, and pay attention to all of the information being given my other students and professors, you’ll never know when you might use it.

  20. 1. Strongest - Hands on work, finding your own information, finding yourself in blogging and not having to blog about certain subjects.
    2. Weakest - I would have liked to have more feedback on my blog through the semester like we did at the beginning.
    3. Group interactions could be helpful. A lot of the blogs we "adopted" wrote for blogs with others. A project as a partner or in a group could help with brainstorming.
    4. Don't wait to do assignments. Keep up with the work and you'll be fine!