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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Advice of bloggers

What are at least three  commonalities do you see in the advice the various bloggers have given you?
Post below, by 5 pm today.


  1. Blog about something your passionate about.
    always continue to blog, keep a regular blog post schedule,
    Simplicity is help when designing your blog page.

  2. 1. Continue writing as a practice in general for getting better.

    2. Be yourself when writing, so don't be phony or hatin'

    3. Before starting the blog, blog about something you're passionate about.

  3. 1. Having a unique style of writing will generate followers.
    2. Blogging several times a week is very effective compared to only blogging every once in a while.
    3. Readability is key to the success of your blog.

  4. Write, write, write.
    Be honest and passionate about your blog's topic.
    Have a smart layout that is easy to navigate.

  5. 1. Write a lot.
    2. Do not disregard the fact that blogging is still writing, and the better writer you are the better success you'll have.
    3. Keep it simple. This includes your writing and layout.

  6. 1. Most of the bloggers emphasize the importance of good quality writing. They recommend writing a lot.
    2. They suggest keeping the blog clean and easy to read.
    3. They also say to be passionate about whatever you're writing. If you feel like writing is a chore, it will come off that way on your blog.

  7. 1. clear and correct grammar in your writing
    2. blog consistently
    3. love what you blog and be passionate about what you write

  8. 1.Write about something you love
    2. Keep your blog easy to read
    3. If you want to make money from blogging, keep writing and don't stop.

  9. Passion, blog what you like even if no pay is there, and keep blogging.

  10. 1. The biggest one would be to be passionate about your blog, it will make it so much easier!
    2. Having a clean format is important so people understand your purpose.
    3. Be a good writer, if you aren't writing correctly then no one will want to continue to read.

  11. Clarity in your writing, passion for your subject matter and simplicity in your layout.

  12. Work on your writing, have a clear voice, and simplify your blog design.

  13. 1. Write about what you love.
    2. Be consistent, even if you don't think anyone is reading it.
    3. Fill a niche. People want to read about what is relevant to them.

  14. 1. Blog about your passion
    2. Simplicity is key
    3. Be as unique as possible

  15. I think that almost every blogger focused on the writing in one way or another. The common advice was to write as often as possible and to develop good writing skills. Also that you should be passionate and love what you are writing about.

  16. 1. Be unique
    2. Find something you are passionate about
    3. Work hard at what you do and things will come, slowly but surely.

  17. 1. Be consistent (Keep posting, keep posting, keep posting)!
    2. Simplicity is the key
    3. Don't write too much at once. Make it easy to read.

  18. 1. Keep writing until you find something that clicks.
    2. When you do find your niche, be consistent with it so as not to alienate people.
    3. Keep a clean layout so you won't have a confusing looking blog.

  19. 1.Write what you love.
    2,Have a voice to your writing
    3. Clean cut designs are the best.

  20. Be Original.
    Be Yourself.
    Find something you care about.