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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Today's presentations

Comments and test question below:
1. Charlie Gile--Welcome to Loud City
2. Katie


  1. Charlie: Goals is that they provide best Thunder basketball coverage. Test question: How many page views a day roughly? (10,000)
    Katie: One of the weaknesses of this blog is the lack of color and serifs. Test: Number of twitter followers? (18,000)

  2. Charlie Gile- I learned that a blog can be ran by several writers instead of just one.

    What does Benbrook wish readers would do more?

    Katie Kastl- Blogs can be beneficial to the specific field your looking to go into and can provide tips to succeeding in that field.

    What state do Adrianna and Meg live in?

  3. Charlie Gile
    If you like a particular blog find out why and apply those attributes to your blog.
    1. who owns

    Katie Kastl
    If you are knowledgeable in a particular subject then blog about it, people will read your blog to gain insight to what you know.
    1.why do Adrianna and Meg not want to publish their last name?

  4. Katie: This blog is oddly specific in a few ways. It is aimed at women who work in PR in New York City. Despite the limited scope, it works well for them. How long has this blog been active? About 3 years.

  5. Charlie Gile-
    1. Write about something you're passionate about, because your readers can tell if you view blogging as a "chore."
    2. When did Benbrook start blogging and how long did it take for him to become successful?

    Katie Kastl-
    1.Look for a void to fill when making your blog. The uniqueness you bring will help you gain followers.
    2. Where do Adrianna and Meg get their information from?

  6. 1. Charlie Gile
    Zebulun says that because their blog covers the Thunder from so many different angles, it allows them to provide the most extensive coverage on the internet.
    What University did Zebulun attend before dropping out to work on WTLC?

    2. Katie Kastl
    Have a clean layout and stick to a variety of posts.
    What professional field are the owners of in?

  7. 1. Charlie Gill – Welcome to Loud City

    a. What I have learned from this blog is that you should write about something that you are interested in.
    b. Potential Test Question – Where did Zebulun get his inspiration?

    2. Katie Kastl – NYC PR Girls

    a. What I have learned from this blog is that you should have a variety of posts to keep the material interesting.
    b. Potential Test Question – What social media account is most popular for this blog?

  8. Charlie Gile: Tiles are a cool layout. The blog is very Thunder looking so viewers will immediately know it's Thunder. Does have ads but it isn't too distracting. What are some strengths of the blog? layout, multiple writers…

    Katie Kastl: the blog is very clean looking. The sponsor idea is smart. It isn't distracting. It is a smart idea so people can get questions answered about PR. Which blog will give you advice and tips in the field of PR?

  9. Charlie- The WTLC blog is ran by one man but owned by Sports Blog Nation and has many writers!
    Test Question- How to avoid distractions with advertising? Avoid putting them as the focus of the page.

    Katie- The NYCPR Girls blog is ran by two young girls who thought it was something that needed in the area.
    Test Question- How do they express blogging? Blogging is a way to exercise your passion for a topic!

  10. 1. Charlie - I like that they have the fanposts section where fans can contribute to the blog in a way besides comments. It looks like there are a lot of fans who contribute to it.
    Question: Do you have to have a lot of experience to have a successful blog?

    2. Katie - The front page is really long. So many posts. It's great if you're really getting into the content and want fewer steps between each post, but can be a detriment if you just start scrolling and don't know where it ends.
    Question: When can (semi) anonymity be a good thing in your blog?

  11. Charlie--
    News worthy information makes your hits go up.
    **Why is it important to do fun things with your blog?

  12. Charlie: It's very interesting that Zebulun was able to start writing for this blog at such a young age. Test Question: Who owns Welcome to Loud City?

    Katie: I think this blog is very beneficial to people in the public relations industry. It looks like they include very informational material. Test Question: What is the purpose of this blog?

  13. Charlie: I liked his advice of reading other blogs to dissect various layouts/ideas

    Test question: Who was Benbrook's influence?

    Katie: I like how this blog gives tips for PR majors. It sounds like it could come in handy

    Test question: What was their purpose for the blog?

  14. 1.Charlie Gile
    A. Your readers/ followers are what makes the blog
    B. How can advertising take away from your blogs legitimacy?
    ----- Extra content can distract readers from the soul purpose of the the blog.

    2. Katie Kastl
    A. Have a clear direction when blogging.
    B. How does incorporating twitter and other social networking sites onto your blog help?
    --------- It strengthens your fan base and shows your blogs ambition/ reach

  15. Charlie- The blog has writers from all over who contribute. Where did Benbrook go to college?

    Katie- The blog is specific to only PR which is something I really like. What are the strengths?

  16. Charlie: even the drop out can make a decent blog
    test how old was benbrook when he started blogging?

    Katie: a professional blog can touch on the personal
    test: who are the nyc pr girls?

  17. Charlie Gile
    I learned that it is important to look at other blogs and dissect them to find out how to improve your own blog.
    Do advertisements take away from the content?

    Katie Kastl
    I learned that there should be a clear direction of your message in your writing.
    Do they loose readers by only focusing on PR in NYC?

  18. Charlie Gile
    What I gain from this presentation by Charlie’s adopt a blog is Zebulun Benbrook was young when he started blogging and has created He blogs about the Thunder game in different ways.

    A good test question would be from the handout Zebulun is not a part of SB Nation? true or false

    Katie Kastl
    What I gain from this presentation by Katie’s adopt a blog NYCPRgirl is that Adrianna and Meg who run this blog are PR pros providing tips to those in the New York City area.

    A good test question would be from the handout light colors and lack of serifs are weakness on NYCPRgirls blog? true or false

  19. Charlie Gile- making a living off of a blog does not require a specific age. I learned that it is very important to explore other blogs first to see how you really want your blog.

    How old is Zebulun Benbrook?

    Katie Kastl- I learned that there are many blogs out there and bloggers that could possibly have answers for your area of study. Blogging is a huge form of networking!

    Who told Katie about this blog?