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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Today's presentations

Post below one thing you learned about blogging, and one potential final test question, from each of today's presentations, by end of class today. 10 points credit not available after deadline:

1. Tonica Figueroa,
2. Ryan Maren


  1. 1. Ryan Maren
    - Images in EVERY post. Helps break up the script and give visuals for what they are talking about.
    - A Mustang was put on top of what New York City building? Empire State Building.
    2. Tonico Figueroa

  2. Ryan: I learned that has 158,000 members. Test question- How many posts a week on average?
    Tonica: Sam Turner blog is simple and tries to post 8 times a week. Test Question- On average how many page views a month?

  3. Ryan Maren: What is named after? Mustangs... Keep writing, this site has so many hits because it shows people only mustangs in an original way.

    Tonica Figueroa: running a blog is important. it helps with marketing. Where is Film Intel based? North England... only blog if you really enjoy it. blogging is an outlet for writing...

  4. 1. Ryan Maren
    Show a personal side to yourself, and not just to others.
    What is the main focus point of StangNet?
    2. Tonico Figueroa
    Unfortunately, most people have to blog for a very long time before getting any level of recognition or readership.
    Did Sam Turner get his marketing executive position indirectly through his blog?

  5. Ryan Maren: Never stop looking for ways to see things the way others see things. When was started?

    Tonica Figueroa: Make sure your blog is well rounded but remains unique. Who is the editor of

  6. Make sure passion is there when your blogging, without passion there is no need to blog.
    1. how many posts a week does try to do

  7. 1. Ryan Maren

    What I have learned from this presentation is that is the last independent forum regarding cars.

    Potential Test Question – What building had a mustang placed on top of it?

    2. Tonica Figueroa

    What I have learned from this blog was that you need to blog daily, and having help always helps with the number of posts.

    Potential Test Question – Where is the geographical location of the blogger of

  8. Tonico-
    1. It keeps readers really interested when you have an overall theme but branch out into different ways to present it. This blog is really well rounded because they post trailers, reviews, and more.
    2. How does he choose what movies to review and what trailers to post?

    1. You must always update your blog with the times and as your viewers' media needs change.
    2. How does Begg take his outgoing personality, as Ryan described it, and portray that in his writing?

  9. Ryan
    Depending on your blogging niche, there can be times of the year when you need to be blogging to keep your readers up to date.

    What famous building had a Mustang on top of it?

    To have a successful blog it's important to keep writing. It can take a year or so to get recognized.

    What did Sam receive his degree in?

  10. Ryan:

    1) I didn't realize that this is the last privately-owned big Mustang forum. I totally would have sold out and took the money.

    2) How did Ford put a Mustang on the Empire State Building? They cut it into pieces and bolted it together on top.


    1) It's always interesting to hear about someone turning a hobby into a successful blog.

    2) Does review new movies, old movies, or a mixture of both?


  11. Ryan:
    That blogging about a specific car in all its glory is highly appealing.
    Was there a Mustang on the roof of the Empire State Building.

    The more you love the blog and what you are writing then the readers will come to read it though it may take time.
    Do they review new movies, old movies, or both

  12. Ryan: If you can make lots of money from your blog, life is good. Test Question: What is a unique trait about (One of last, privately-owned Mustang enthusiast communities in existence)?

    Tonico: Blogging can help you out with your job. Test question: Where is Sam Turner's blog based out of and why can he get away with writing such long posts (North England; they read more over there)?

  13. Ryan:
    I learned about the largest car forum being the Ford Mustang.

    My question would be like, you said, is he worried about them not making the Mustang anymore, and does he have a backup in mind?

    I think it’s cool that he’s in New England, so that he can add to his audience.

    My question is has anyone ever gone up and given suggestions for the movies that they personally like or how does he pick the movies to write about?

  14. 1. Tonica Figueroa
    A. Blogging can help you with knowledge in many different aspects besides your main focus
    B.What are the benefits of following a bog that you know nothing about?
    2. Ryan Maren
    A. Never stop writing
    B. Why is passion important when blogging?

  15. Tonica- I learned that without passion, the blog wouldn't be as interesting as it is. He blogs so much because he enjoys doing it.

    Test Question- Where are the writers of Film Intel based out of?

    Ryan- I learned a lot of about mustangs i never knew before. I did not know there was such a big audience for cars. I also learned that in blogging you should stick with it, has been at it since 1995.

    Test Question- How often does Tim Beggs post a week on

  16. Ryan Maren- I learned to show a personal side of yourself when writing.
    Does it help to have one main narrow focus with your blog?

    Tonica Figueroa- I learned that it is okay to talk about things from the past as well as things in the present.
    How can your blog help you in your career?

  17. Ryan-- Keep the information consistent. If your blog is about something specific keep it that way. Downside if that thing ever goes away you are SOL.
    *What national landmark was a mustang put on?

    When you love your topic it isn't going to be an issue. Make sure you have a passion for your topic and things will work out.
    *Why is it important to keep your paragraphs short in your posts?

  18. Ryan

    What I gain from this presentation was that Ford Motor Company put a Mustang on top of the tallest building The Empire State Building and there is a photo of this on

    A good test question would be from the handout who started and when?


    What I gain from this presentation only blog if you really want to blog and enjoy blogging.

    A good test question would be from the handout what are two facts of Film Intel blog?

  19. 1. Tonica - It was really cool to see that he reviewed some older movies as well. I'm a huge black and white fan, so it was good to see those represented.
    Question: What is an outside the box way that you can tag posts?
    2. Ryan - I learned that you can make a TON of money if you have a loyal following, and a rabid fanbase.
    Question: What is the difference in writing FOR others as opposed to writing TO others?

  20. Ryan Mareb- Tim Begg’s site has a very specific topic all about mustangs he is the mustang expert on the web. I think once this is established there is lots of room for making a lot of money.
    Test question: What is a weakness to strictly one topic.
    Tonico Figueroa- Sam Turner’s blog has not forgotten the art of writing with a writing degree he really loves to write and I think that really strengthens the blog.
    Test question: Why do British bloggers write more?

  21. Ryan: I think that Tim Beggs idea for blogging about mustangs could eventually get him making big money. He may get a deal or offer to partner with the company.
    When did Tim Beggs start this blog?

    Tonico: I like how Turner tried to get better at his writing skills even after earning his degree. I also like how he wanted to learn how to be a better writing and choosing something that interest him most to write about.
    Why did Turner start his blog?