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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Today's presentations

Same assignment-
Post below one thing you learned about blogging, and one potential final test question, from each of today's presentations, by end of class today. 10 points credit not available after deadline:
  1. Rachel
  2. Maryam


  1. Rachel Brocklehurst - I learned that blogging about what you love can bring success. How did Jolen's blog start?

    Maryam Ghavidel - Stay on the fence to generate more followers. Don't pick one side or the other. Why doesn't Heather blog as much as she should?

  2. Rachel- Adding a visual image of what your blogging is beneficial to your readers.

    Question 1- What was Rachel's advice about blogging?


    Being neutral in your blog can have you receive a larger audience.

    Question 2- Why did Heather start her blog?

  3. Rachel Brocklehurst
    Focus is key, it's important that readers that go on your blog can find information about the topic they're looking for.
    1. How many years of cooking experience does Joelen have?

    Maryam Ghavidel
    organization helps out a lot. It ca make a deference on a blog when people can easily find stories and information on products your promoting.
    1. why did she start the blog.

  4. Rachel-
    1. You've got to change your blog according to times. As the world becomes more involved with social media and more digital you need to change with it and start your own social media accounts- in this case start more digital photography.
    2. Does having multiple ads on your blog take away from the content?

    1. Look for ways to reach out to a variety of audiences.
    2. What are a few things that you can do reach out to more and more people?

  5. 1) Rachel Brocklehurst
    -Recipe blogs can involve personal feelings, ideas as well, without being too personal.
    - The writer of What's Cookin, Chicago? is a... Chef.
    2) Maryam Ghavidel
    - Successful bloggers don't have to have tons of followers. Some have a loyal following, and that is sometimes the goal.
    - Stuck in Oklahoma's blogger said she hadn't been updating because... She got married.

  6. 1. Rachel Brocklehurst
    A. Blogging can be a great way to document recipes, gain feedback, and share experiences.
    B. Why is blogging for traffic a bad idea?
    2. Maryam Ghavidel
    A. Blogging consistently helps bring in traffic.
    B. Why is correct grammar important when it comes to blogging?

  7. Brocklehurst: what will hurt your blog? forcing content or traffic. I thought the blog was easy to read and the color scheme was nice. I'm impressed by all the page views monthly.

    Ghavidel: Why did she start this blog? because she felt Oklahoma was overlooked in the world of fashion. I like the twitter feed on the side. The blog is simple and clean.

  8. 1. What I’ve learned from this presentation was is that she uses multiple sites to promote her cooking, but she started this by blogging daily and occasionally on weekends.

    Potential Test Question: Does What’s Cookin, Chicago make a profit?

    2. What I learned from this blog was being able to write grammatically correct is something that is really noticeable compared to bad writing.

    Potential Test Question: What is Heather Thomas’s focus for her blog?

  9. Rachel: Sometimes having a lot of ads can be distracting, but it's necessary in order to make money. Test Question: What has she spent the most time on in order to improve her blog? (digital food photography)

    Maryam: Good writing is important to a blog. Test Question: What can cause audience to not follow you? (Being one-sided and bias)

  10. Rachel Brocklehurst--
    The advice she gave was great, telling bloggers to blog for what they want. A blog isn't for anyone but yourself, if you stay true to that, the followers will come.
    *Why is it important to have short paragraphs and differentiating fonts in your posts?

    Maryam Ghavidel--
    It's important to stay neutral and to not polarize your blog one way or another.
    *Why is it important to be an unbiased blogger?

  11. Rachel- I learned advertisements can be a weakness since it takes attention away from the writing. Question- How long has Rachel been blogging?

    Maryam- I learned to be unbiased in my blogs. Question- What was a weakness in Heather's blog?

  12. Rachel-
    1. If your blog is your number one focus, then everything else will follow with time.
    Where does Joelen host culinary tours?
    2. You should be neutral with your blog writing and not be threatening to readers.
    Where does Heather Thomas live?

  13. 1. Rachel - I learned that you don't have to have astronomical numbers on any particular social networking site to get a high number of hits or make money.
    Final Question: Do you need to be wordy to get readers and followers?

    2. Maryam - I found it interesting that she seemed to advocate taking a middle ground instead of being too one sided.
    Final Question: What are some pros and cons to showing your opinion on your blog?

  14. Rachel Brocklehurst- Joelen’s blog, “What’s cooking, Chicago?’’ has interesting concepts I had never considered. She has incorporated interactive features where you can attend an online party and cook with her. I think it’s a great way to get involved and get more audience.
    Maryam Ghavidel- Heather Thomas’ blog “Get Stuck in Oklahoma” is a classic case of write what you know. She does just that, and it’s interesting and “close to home”

  15. Rachel Brocklehurst- I learned to enjoy blogging and not force anything.
    How is the advantage or disadvantage of having 2 different sites?

    Maryam Ghavidel
    I learned to be honest and not have any bias.
    Is it important to blog everyday?

  16. Rachel- I learned that their is multiple sites of where you can find new cooking tips and tricks Test question: What is Jolenes profession>

  17. Rachel- I like how she said she utilizes charts and graphs to show how far she has come since 2007 as a blogger and in her career. 2007.

    Test Question- What is Joelen's advice for blogging?

    Maryam- I learned to keep my blog true and central to my life, not to try and impress anyone.

    Test Question- How many hits a day does Heather get a day when consistently blogging?

  18. Rachel: I learned that you don;t have to necessarily write a lot to be successful with a blog. Why did Joelen start her blog?

    Maryam: I learned that you can blog about almost anything. If you love your blog enough making money off of it or not will not matter. What does Heather blog about?

  19. Maryam:
    1. I like how she has the blog set up with her twitter down the side of the page. I also like how she matched up the makeup number by number from the picture below the words to make it clear what she’s talking about.

    2. What’s her favorite part about blogging?

  20. Rachel

    1. What I gain from this presentation “What’s Cooking, Chicago” is not to force anything before its time it will hurt you.
    2. A good test question would be from the handout what are the weaknesses of the blog?


    1. What I gain from this presentation "Stuck in Oklahoma" would be that the blog is organize.
    2. A good test question would be from the handout why is this blog unique