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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blog speaker Thursday

Dr. Kurt Hochenauer of the UCO English Department will speak to the class Thursday.
His Blog, Okie Funk--Notes From The Outback, has been recognized nationally. Scan his blog and read his last post.

Your assignment.
Today--after scanning his blog, post two questions you'd like him to consider, below.
  1. Take notes on what he says about blogging, and post at least two paragraphs, on your blog, your thoughts about how it applies to you and your blog, or anything else about his speech. 
  2. I will grade your notes Tuesday.


  1. 1. How did you come up with the name Okie Funk for your blog?
    2. How long has Okie Funk been open?

  2. 1. What made you get involved in politics?
    2. How long have you been blogging for

  3. Why do you have your page set up to where you must register to post comments? What are the advantages and disadvantages to it?

    How many hours a week do you devote to keeping up your blog? What is the most interesting adventure you have had with the blog?

  4. 1. why do you like to blog more about politics?
    2. where did you get your main source of info from?

  5. What made him want to switch to an English professor?

    What advice would he give to students wanting to make blogging a career?

  6. 1. How much time does he spend doing research and reading for his blog? Is it a full-time commitment?

    2. Can you remember a specific experience you have had while blogging? Why was it memorable?

  7. What made you pick politics as your genre of blogging?

    Any advice on creating an award winning blog?

  8. 1) How do you draw your line between opinion and fact for readers?
    2) What is your process of building a post? How long does it take for one post?

  9. What surprised you the most while running your blog?
    Do you have advice for creating content?

  10. 1. What led to your blog's success?

    2. How long have you had this blog?

  11. How do you intentionally generate readership?
    Is it tough to be a liberal blog in a state as red as Oklahoma?

  12. Why did you choose such a plain blog setting? Was it because of your viewers or a personal choice?

    Do you blog about politics as a choice or do you do it to get the information out to the reader?

  13. 1. How much time do you spend on your blog?
    2. How do you pick topics in Oklahoma that you feel need to be addressed?

  14. How do you choose which topics you talk about on your blog?

    Why did you decide to start your blog?

  15. 1. Would you feel a pressure to change your content if you were to allow comments ON your site instead of purely on Facebook?

    2. Do you think reader's interaction with your blog would change if you allowed comments on your blog instead of just on Facebook?

  16. 1. Do you feel as if it is more of the conservative mindset in Oklahoma that is holding Oklahoma back from legalizing it or the older generation that was raised throughout the war on drugs and only has knowledge about what the government said about marijauna?

    2. Is your blog your number one choice when it comes to social media?

  17. 1. What do you think has to happen, besides electing Democrats, for people to be able to have more retirement money?

    2. Why is there not more of a crackdown on who gets food stamps/ what the people who have food stamps buy with them?

  18. 1. With politics being such a controversial topic, how do you decide what to issues to blog about?
    2. Do you feel like it is better to be very opinionated in your blog or just stick to the facts?