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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Today's presentations

Post below one thing you learned about blogging, and one potential final test question, from each of today's presentations, by end of class today. 10 points credit not available after deadline:

1. Brooks Nickell--http:/;
2. Amaya
3. Jaycob


  1. 1. Brook's presentation- Rushing has made a lot of blog contributions and remains unbiased in his writing. Test question- What is the purpose of Al Jazeera?
    2. Amaya's presentation- Cassidy Blackwell has a very large following and still makes sure to get back to people in a timely fashion who contact her. Test question- What is a Klout score?
    3. Jaycob's presentation- You have to make your blog an easy two way communication channel between what your blogging about and your audience. Test question- What is a sartorialist?

  2. 1) Brooks Nickell: Josh Rushing
    -Use a blog to go further into a story, or reach a different aspect of the story that broadcasts.
    -Josh Rushing has his own blog and contributes to the blog of what organization? Al Jeezera America.
    2) Amaya Williams: Cassidy Blackwell
    -Successful blogs have come from personal blogs where the writer hadn't planned to become big.
    -Natural Selection began being about Cassidy Blackwell's _____ journey. Hair.
    3)Jaycob Jaynes
    -Keep ALL your social media updated to pull in more interest.
    -What is sartorialism? interest in matters of tailoring clothing.

  3. Brooks Nickell- I learned what Al Jazeera America is. Test question- What is Al Jazeera America?

    Amaya Williams- I learned that blogging can potentially help land a career. Test question- What does 100 percent natural mean?

    Jaycob Jaynes- I learned what a sartorialist is. Test question- What is sartorialism?

  4. Joseph Brooks Nickell
    I learned today that having an unique and diverse blog is a key to having a successful blog. Josh Rush also said that if you're looking to have a successful blog then you need to post as much as you can.

    1. Explain the advice Josh Rush stated to have a successful blog?

    Amaya Williams
    I learned from Amaya presentation that blogs need to be creative and unique to be able to be successful. Cassidy Blackwell told Amaya the key to a blog's success is to keep blogging.

    2. What was the purpose of Cassidy Blackwell's Natural Selection?

    Jaycob Jaynes
    I learned from Jaycob's presentation to have your own niche, and be creative. Be yourself with your blog, and express yourself.

    3. What is the definition of sartorialism?

  5. Brooks:
    1) Blogs can be used as a supplement to stories one might do in a traditional medium.
    2) What news network does Josh Rushing contribute to? Al Jazeera America.

    1) It's interesting to hear about someone writing something as niche as a "hair journey". It shows that you really can be successful blogging about pretty much anything.
    2) What publication does Blackwell work for?

    1) This was a really compelling fashion blog. It walks the line of sophistication and accessibility perfectly.
    2) What is a sartorialist? Someone who practices matters of or relating to the tailoring of clothing.

  6. Brooks Nickell-- I learned that there are so many different ways to get your blog noticed. The piece of advice that Rushing gave Brooks is something I never really thought about, and I think that would be so cool!

    *What is the major news outlet that Rushing had a hand in creating?

    Amaya Williams-- It is important for you to be accessible to your readers, without that your readers aren't going to stay tuned in. Staying confident in your writing and keeping it going and something could and will come along.

    *Why is it important to maintain confidence in your blogging?

    Jaycob Jaynes-- Pay attention to what's going on around you, you can find beauty in anything, to blog about.

    *What is sartorialism?

  7. Brooks:
    1. Accuracy in your information is important for follower loyalty, because if you aren't providing them with facts then they are likely to stop listening to you.
    2. When it comes to your blog posts, is quality more important than quantity?
    1. It is important for your viewers be able to contact you easily so that they feel a closer connection to you.
    2. How important is consistency when blogging?
    1. What you're blogging about does not always have to be the most important thing going on in the world, it just have to be something that people are interested in.
    2. Are negative posts more popular than positive posts?

  8. 1. Brooks Nickell- The more you post the better your blog traffic will be. What is so compelling about geographic location on blogs?
    2. Amaya Williams- Natural Selection is a great blog to be used as an example for someone who is wanting to track their progress of a journey. Also... just keep blogging!! How can a blog help a future career?
    3. Jaycob Janes- A fashion specialist blog that does not only blog about clothes but better yet blogs about the movement behind the fashion. I think this is very cool bc it tells us as bloggers to not be so bland but to branch out and find a positive light in things. How can a simple design can help the public?

  9. 1. One thing I have took into consideration from Brooks presentation over Josh Rushing is that I should post more if I want to have my blog noticed.

    Potential test question – Who was Brooks presentation over and what did the blog entail.

    2. Something I have learned from Amaya’s presentation is that you should not limit yourself. Believe in yourself. If you keep blogging then it could resource to a job.

    Potential test question – How many followers a month does Cassidy Blackwell have?

    3. I have learned from Jaycob’s presentation is that you need to be confident in yourself and analyze the beautiful things around you.

    Potential test question – What is the definition of sartorialist?

  10. 1A. I learned to do what I love, and to figure out what it is I love first. My knowledge of this information is when Brooks said he left the military because he was unsatisfied with the media coverage in Iraq.

    1B. What news event or event in general going on in the country was his favorite to write about?

    2A. I learned to keep practicing, like writing for the blog specifically, and the more practice one does, the better the blog will be.

    2B. Is there another group or company that Blackwell hasn't worked for/with that she would like to still?

    3A. I learned that the face you put up is important for keeping reader's attention.

    3B. I know this isn't his job, but has he ever thought of maybe going to Sacs, or Penney's for example, and trying to get in touch with someone in sales about his photos being an inspiration for the sales market?

  11. 1. I learned through Brooks' presentation that Josh Rushing encourages travel in order to open your mind in terms of blogging.

    Test Q: How is his blog different from the Al Jazeera blog?

    2. Amaya's blogger wanted her to know that you can't limit yourself in terms of subjects for your blog.

    Test Q: What is Cassidy's number one advice to beginner bloggers?

    3. Jaycob's blog choice is a great example of how image influences media and it portrays the confidence of the everyday individual.

    Test Q: What is the name of "The Sartorialist?"

  12. Brooks: I learned that if your blog is more journalistic based that you have to continuously blog.

    1. why did Josh Rushing start blogging?

    Williams: I learned that you have to have confidence in your blogging and in your writing. You have to have faith that people want to read your blog.

    What is Cassidy's site she works for?

    Jaynes: I learned that blogs don't have to be over the top complicated, I learned that simplicity goes a long way. I also learned that you should blog about something your passionate about.

    What was the main focus of the blog?

  13. Brooks: Constantly post. The more you post the better. But make sure quality is over quantity. 1. What is Al Jazeera America?

    Williams: Be confident in you writing. People are reading so make sure your writing is strong. 2. Can blogging help you land other jobs?

    Jaynes: A blog with only photos will be easier to access. There is hardly any reading involved so posts are easier to publish daily because of next to zero writing. But people will visit daily for updates. 3. What is sartorialism?

  14. Amaya Williams: I learned how blogs can evolve with careers and the importance of being confident. What is 100% natural hair?

    Jaycob Jaynes: This blog presentation really helped me to illustrate the vast diversity of blogs on the web. Who is the founder of the Sartorialist?

  15. Brooks: I learned that if you want to get your blog noticed,the more you post, the better. Test question: What is the purpose of Rushing's blog?

    Amaya: I learned that if you keep on posting on your blog, people will begin to notice you and you can make money eventually. Test question: What are 3 companies Cassidy has worked with?

    Jaycob: I learned that it's important to find your own style of blogging. Test question: What is the definition of satorialism?

  16. Brooks
    Blogging becomes very important to you when you want to tell others stories.
    Blogging should be diverse and attract many audiences

    What is the purpose of Rushing Blogging?

    Blogging does not have to be all about writing. Sometimes you can capture the very thing you want to say.

    What does Sartorialism mean?

  17. Brooks Nickell - I learned that sometimes it pays off to take your time to research and develop your stories.

    Is it more important to take your time with a story or post as often as possible?

    Amaya Williams - I learned that people are reading your blog, and if you blog everyday it could lead to bigger and better things.

    How can blogging everyday create connections and help you in a future career?

    Jaycob Jaynes - I learned that it is okay to be simple, just have confidence in what you are doing.

    Is this blog a good example of how a picture can say a thousand words?

  18. 1. Nickell
    A. Shed light on the truth about what's going on around you.
    B.How much is Tumblr a part of day to day blogging

    2. Williams
    A. Open up, share your life with people and they will listen
    B. What made the blog, Natural Selection stand out from all the other hair blogs?

  19. 1. Brooks: I loved that Rushing tries to tell stories even if it's not related to the story he's working on for his news agency.
    Final Question: What is a way to get news agencies to pay attention to what you're writing about.

    2. Amaya: It was interesting to me that there was such a thing as people who blog about their hair, and that it can be such a huge deal. In a good way.
    Final Question: How can a niche blog evolve?

    3. Jaykob: I found it fascinating the amount of things that you can see that's out there if only you pay attention. And looking at it with a unique perspective can help people view the world in different ways.
    Final Question: How can blogging about someone give them a unique voice?

  20. Brooks Nickell- With his presentation about Josh Rushing, I learned that sometimes it's not about what is in your blog, but where is it? Find a good location to cover and do it!
    Test Question: What is Josh Rushing's history with Journalism?
    Amaya Williams- With her presentation over a natural hair blogger I learned that sometimes when you think a blog topic that will only interest you will have a huge hold on the masses too.
    Test Question:Where does this blogger also work?
    Jaycob Janes- With his presentation over the blogger for The Sartorialist I learned that simple can be good. A picture, a few words... and the whole world is hooked!
    Test question: What was the blog about?

  21. Joseph
    1a. Josh Rushing blog was easy to read.
    1b. What was the purpose of Josh Rushing blog?

    2a. The layout of Cassidy blog.
    2b. How long has Cassidy Blackwell been bloging?

    3a. Just like josh rushing blog The Sartorialist blog was easy to read.
    3b. From the handout The Sartorialist what are the four ways to follow?

  22. Jacob Moore

    I learned from this presentation that it’s okay to be professional as long as you make your blog entertaining.

    Question 1- What does the title of Jacob Moore’s blog stand for? Pigeons and Planes?

    Lacey Rhodes

    I learned from this blog that have a direct audience can be a weakness and a strength.

    Question- What were here different tips that Danica had on running?