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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Today's presentations

Post below one thing you learned about blogging, and one potential final test question, from each of today's presentations, by end of class today. 10 points credit not available after deadline:

  1. Lacey Rhodes--
  2. Daniel


  1. Daniel-
    1. The advice that the blogger gave him was really awesome. He said that when you start out blogging that you should ask yourself, “what can I offer that isn’t already out there?” If you can’t answer that then you’re not ready to blog.
    2. Is it okay to be slightly unprofessional in language or humor if it matches the content of your blog?

    1. People are able to connect more with your blog the more personal that you make it.
    2. Is a busier/more elaborate blog design better than a simple, clean one?

  2. Jacob Moore

    I learned from this presentation that it’s okay to be professional as long as you make your blog entertaining.

    Question 1- What does the title of Jacob Moore’s blog stand for? Pigeons and Planes?

    Lacey Rhodes

    I learned from this blog that have a direct audience can be a weakness and a strength.

    Question- What were here different tips that Danica had on running?

  3. 1)Daniel Spurr – Pigeons and Planes
    - Some popular blogs have more than one writer (the founder) and sometimes include writers from other areas.
    - Why did the founder of Pigeons and Planes pick this title?
    2)Lacey Rhodes – Chic Runner
    - Not all bloggers want to add ads. Adding might make them money, but often distracts from the simplicity and purpose of the blog.
    - Why didn’t ad ads to her blog?

  4. Spurr: I was pretty impressed with the blog name, "Pigeons & Planes." What is one strength of Pigeons and Planes... up on new music early and "different."

    Rhodes: How is different and unique from other blogs? I thought this blog was interesting because it is a place where other people training can see someone else training. The use of photos and text is simple and easily accessible.

  5. Daniel Spurr
    The interesting title of Pigeons and Planes symbolizes music artist of all kinds whether they’re just getting of the ground or flying around the world.
    1. What was Pigeons and Planes weakness?

    Lacey Rhodes
    I learned that it’s important that you make your blog the way you want it. Don’t give in to other ideas that aren’t what you want.
    1. Where is Danica from?

  6. Daniel Spurr

    1) I think it was interesting that they could combine music reviews with humor and make it work.

    2) What publication does Pigeons and Planes partner with? Complex

    Lacey Rhodes

    1) If you can write well, even a personal diary-type blog can be compelling.

    2) Why did ChicRunner decide against advertisements? It would distract the reader from the simplicity of the blog.

  7. Daniel Spurr-
    Something interesting I found was that he likes to get drunk and post funny things. I also appreciate that they don't just specialize with one type of music, but they work with all genres.

    *What is the weakness of this blog?

    Lacey Rhodes-
    The advice that Danica gave us is great! She blogs for herself and that is what is important. You will loose readers if you try to blog for people instead of yourself.

    *Are there any threats in having all your information on the internet?

  8. 1. What I learned from Daniels blog project was that you have to be different then anyone else out there. Being unique stands out.

    Potential Test Question – What does Pigeons and Planes represent?

    2. What I learned from Lacey’s presentation was that simple layouts are better than complex layouts.

    Potential Test Question – Where is Danica’s geographical location?

  9. Daniel: I think that it's cool that Jacob Moore is able to have his blog as his full time job. Test Question: What does Jacob ask himself when he posts? ("What can I offer that isn't already out there")

    Lacey: She said to be safe when posting personal information which is really important. Test Question: Two pieces of advice Danica gave for people wanting to have a successful blog.

  10. 1. Daniel Spurr- You can have a neat aesthetic while still not alienating readers.
    What magazine did they have a partnership with?
    2. Lacey Rhodes- If you want, you don't need to have a blog that makes money.
    Why did Danica stop including more personal information on her blog?

  11. Daniel- I learned that Pigeons and Planes reviews all types of music and thats why they are popular. Test question- how many followers on twitter?
    Lacey- I learned that chic runner is simple but easy to follow. Test question- how long has she been blogging

  12. 1. Lacey Rhodes
    A. Stay true to why you started your blog.
    B. How can a simple blog design be a weakness instead of a strength?
    2. Daniel Spurr
    A. Blogging can help bring unknown people/ groups to the forefront.
    B. Is the professional/ unprofessional aspect contributed to those that follow the blog or the ones that don't?

  13. Lacey- I learned to be safe with my personal information to refrain from not getting a stalker
    Question: Do ads take away from a blog?

  14. 1A. I liked the comparison of the starving artist with the pigeon and the plane with Kanye West. That’s pretty clever.

    1B. This probably won’t ever happen, but is Jacob worried about running out of music to post about?

    2A. I like that she makes it to where other runners don’t have to feel bad about their times, as in, she doesn’t judge.

    2B. Has she always been involved in running?

  15. 1. Lacey Rhodes: I really liked that it was something informal and about herself. That focusing on followers shows through.
    Test question: How does being honest affect your traffic?

    2. Daniel Spurr: I learned that most of the time it is good to start small. And that it can grow from there.
    Test question: What is unusual about how pigeons and planes make money?

  16. Daniel
    1. What I gained from his presentation about Pigeons and Planes was how the layout at the top is organized.
    2. A good test question would be from the handout what are the two weaknesses?

    1. What I gained from her presentation about Chic Runner is starting out blogging blog for yourself.
    2. A good test question would be from the handout what are the three points about the history of the blog?

  17. Daniel Spurr – His blog Pigeons and Planes was very interesting. I learned that being different is a good thing. Sometimes being unprofessional is also a good thing.
    Lacey Phodes- I learned that when you have a genuine interest in a topic it’s bound to attract others who are also interested. Post about what interests you, because it will be presented in a more detail caring way.

  18. Daniel Spurr- With certain audiences your language doesn't always have to be the most professional
    What was unique about the title of Daniel's blog?
    Lacey Rhodes- You should filter the personal information you put on your blog
    Why did Danica start the blog?

  19. Daniel: I like how Jacob's blog was more about music than writing. Thats very interesting. Where is Jacob Moore located?

    Lacey: I like this blog because its simple. I love simplicity. It keeps the audience wanting more and doesn't overwhelm readers in my opinion.
    How old is Danica's blog?

  20. Daniel, the advice about staying out of niches and creating your own is something we can all take into our blogs. Your fans will always stay more true when you earn them. How do you ensure the music your reviewing is tailored to your follower base?

    Lacey, I liked the blogging for yourself and not for hits or money. I think that's important in keeping a true base of followers. The followers you get will stick around longer and hopefully bring other like minded people to your blog. Is there a healthy way to balance blogging for yourself and generating revenue with your blog?

  21. Daniel Spurr: I like how Pigeons and Planes covers more than one type of music and how they find new music constantly. Plus, music is a hot topic right now.

    Test Question: Where do Jacob Moores writers come from?