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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Today's presentations on blogs.

Chris Brannick--Berry Trammel's blog


Charmaine Sur American Cowboy Chronicles

your assignment--visit the blog, and comment on one thing you learned or enjoyed about today's presentaitons.


  1. I loved that Brannick talked about Trammel's twitter feed and followers. Twitter is such a large social network and growing everyday that it is important to take these sites into consideration when starting a blog.

    Charmaine's presentation was amazing. I loved that the blogger blogged about her. I loved that her blogger had determination. Even though he experiences a negative feedback from his readers he still continues to post.

  2. Truthfully, I am not a sports person at all. However, I think it's pretty cool how often Trammel posts. That's the main thing I kept thinking over following Chris' presentation--posting three times a day, no matter what, is a lot of dedication. I would be worried to run out of topics, but I suppose that's when you really have to work to post it...

    For Charmaine's presentation, I liked that she didn't choose a well-known blog (because a lot of people would have already known about it). I think there's a lot to learn about other blogs that don't have millions of followers, since its clear they're not in it for the "fans." ACC was simply blogging about his passions, and that's what we're doing in this class. It really shows you that you shouldn't get discouraged if you're not gaining a ton of followers or making money (yet?)--it shouldn't really be about that anyway!

  3. Chris's presentation: his blogger emphasized to blog, blog, and blog some more. This reminded me to be consistent.

    Charmaine's presentation: her blogger welcomes controversy instead of avoiding it like most everyone. This is a great example to be true to yourself when writing your posts. And the coolest thing is her blogger made a post about her; neat!

  4. Chris-I learned that blogging is more than a hobby for Berry Tramel. It's part of his job. And the man is doing quite wonderfully. I think the most important piece of knowledge I took from your presentation is the idea of consistently blogging. Building an audience doesn't happen overnight, as I think most of us have seen. I like that he presents his audience with exactly what they expect. Great job!

    Charmaine-What a cool guy you picked! I liked that he was so willing to discuss his blog with you, and he even posted about your assignment! I'm also interested in the fact that he likes to stir debate. Sometimes I think we post so passively, as not to offend anyone. But this man does an impeccable job at making readers think. And I like anyone who rallies a great, knowledgable conversation. Wonderful presentation, girl!

  5. Charmaine, your presentation entertained me. I like how much information you were able to get out of the blogger. That is a good thing.

  6. The blog presentation on Berry Trammel's blog was informative. I enjoyed learning about such a local and well-known blogger. His twitter following is astronomical. I thought Chris did a great job presenting background information.

    The American Cowboy Chronicles presentation was also informative. I thought was so neat that the blogger actually blogged about Charmaine, that was really cool. I like the extent of research Charmaine did to present his blog. I also learned that even though you may not have a large following on your blog, you still may receive a lot of hits. Great job.

  7. Chris' presentation was great! I like Berry Trammel also. It is very interesting that Chris included some amazing facts like his twitter followers and how long does it take Trammel to create a post.

  8. It was really inspiring to know that Berry Tramel writes so much in just one day. His posts are not fluff either, they are informative to the point pieces. He must be an example of "if you do what you love, you won't work a day in your life." I like that Chris pointed out how he didn't really "use" his Twitter. I have always found that to be a pet peeve, because it hurts the blogger when they could take advantage of extended social media platform.

    The American Cowboy Chronicles seems like a bizarre blog that I've never really encountered before, but I liked that about the presentation because it gave light and a humanistic effect to such blogs I generally avoid. I enjoyed Charmaine's take on the blogger and her critiques of the blog made sense.

  9. Berry Tramel - I enjoy the idea of an experienced writer being told to blog when they have no idea what it is, adjusting to the situation, and doing it well.

    American Cowboy Chronicles - The idea of a politically biased blogger trying to write neutrally is intriguing.

  10. In Chris's presentation there was a quote from Tramel that really stood out to me. He said, 'blogs never require thought," that is something that I never would imagine someone to say. It really made me think ironically. I enjoyed his presentation very much. I love sports makes me feel at home when I read or hear about them.

    Charmaine's presentation honestly made me jealous. lol her blogger actually blogged about her and called her. I have not been so lucky. Although I am happy for her. At the same time I feel as though she got pretty lucky. Sounds like Tom is a really down to earth cool guy. Reminded me that their are still awesome and helpful human beings out there.

  11. Chris's presentation gave a lot good insights on managing blogs. I have never though about using Twitter as a way to get people to read. Also, it is impressive to know that Trammel can pull out a post in 4 minutes because sometimes it'll me hours to write about something that is worth writing.

    Charmaine did a great job presenting the blog. We've been reading a lot about controversy that goes in play when writing a blog. To be informed by a blogger that gets negative feedback and still keeps blogging shows that Tom Correa is carefree and really takes advantage of free speech in America.

  12. I like that Berry uses links to all his social media sites so you can pick the format you want to follow him on. And for the Cowboy chronicle's I think the donation link is helpful if you are a serious start up blogger it could help generate some funding.

    I liked the fact that Charmaine got to have a phone conversation with her blogger that is something I have found difficult. I really enjoyed the personal experiences that both Chris and Charmaine shared with us about their blogs they followed it was both interesting and informal.

  13. Chris - This was a great presentation, and I'm glad you did Berry Tramel. I've only met him once, but he has a very interesting personality. I liked that you shared the consistency that he has. There's a lot of discipline that he puts in his blog to post three everyday.

    Charmaine - I'm not very fond of political blogs, but after hearing more "behind the scenes" of someone who blogs about politics I have a certain respect for that. He shows a lot of determination and passion to keep blogging even if he doesn't get very positive feedback. However, I would agree with your statement in your presentation. When you said his posts are pretty lengthy I had know idea that it would be THAT lengthy. It would be really hard for me to keep reading. But great presentation!

  14. Unfortunately, I was not in class to hear the wonderful presentations. I wish I could have heard about them.

    I did, however, meet Barry Trammel on Sunday when he attended the Women's NCAA regional that I was working for my internship.

  15. Chris and Charmaine, I missed your presentations, but I've looked at both of the websites.
    Barry Tramel is an interesting read, even if you don't like sports that much. I like how clean his blog is and it's very user friendly. The American Cowboy Chronicles isn't something I would normally gravitate to, but I did find the blog somewhat interesting. The posts are insanely long though!

  16. Chris spoke very well during his presentation and showed me somebody in my career field doing well in life.

    Charmaine also spoke well and showed a more racy blog surviving the net. It was very interesting.