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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Today's presentations

Click on the blogs, review the presentations, and comment on each below about something you learned or could use on your blog.

Peter Lam, Pairdime Music

Ashley Kline,  Color is My Weapon


  1. Peter, the blog you presented signifies the importance of interaction between the blogger and its audience. I also think it’s really cool that Pairadime partnered with KD! I agree with you that the blog is dark and a little hard to read though.

    Ashley, I think the usage of multiple social media sites is the best way to market your product. Noe Mae obviously agrees in that she uses Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I also agree that advertisements can be annoying and distracting.

  2. I really like how they partner with Kevin Durant and let local artists get involved. In the up and coming music industry, it's vital that you have a hand directly connected to the scene you're covering. These three guys seem to be doing a good job.

    I love the idea of using videos in posts. Personally, I hate the sound of my voice and the way I film, but I think it's great for beauty bloggers like this one. It's a good way to spread across multiple platforms, connecting to Youtube and Blogspot.

  3. Peter lam I like your blog that you follow. I think Ill follow it too. I like that their growing their blog into a brand. This is a amazing idea! I would wear their clothes.

  4. Peter, your blog is local and cool. Students just like us are making a name for themselves on the social network and music scene. I appreciate their dedication to fans and interaction. As potential music managers and producers, this will be valuable in the future.

    Ashley, I love makeup! I think it's important to note the personality you got from her social media. I also like how she uses so many social media sites to connect with fans and clients.

  5. Peter, the blog you presented does a really good job catering to its audience. It's wonderful that they combined all the info of each genre both 'mainstream' (popular) and the up and coming. It sounds like the perfect blog for me and I think I'm going to start following it.

    Ashley, there is a lot of power in a well edited video and I liked what I saw. Integrating videos and blogs is an art, but with her work she proves to be an artist. I like that all ehr social media is highly integrated.

  6. Peter, You said the bloggers are still students and they are already venturing out to be a brand. That is just awesome. It is very helpful to know that in every blog, people just need to find their niche market, their passion, and encourage interaction.

    Ashley, i already followed the blog. I liked it. And yes indeed, she knows what she is doing. She is very passionate with what she does, and that's the key to have a successful blog.

  7. What I took away from Peter's blog presentation is to be interactive. With a career in writing, I should always be interactive with my readers. Without readers, writers wouldn't have a job.

    What I realized from Ashley's blog presentation is that your readers should be able to trust you. Her blog has a lot of makeup reviews that could either make or break a sale; therefore many people trust her in that way.

  8. Pairadime - I really like the header of the blog. Very eye-catching. Also, the number of other media outlets that have their tentacles in is interesting.

    Color - I agree with Ashely's view on the ads, they are placed oddly. Outside of that it is a very professional blog.


  9. Color is my weapon! I will kill yooouuuuu!!

    Just kidding. Ashley's presentation showed what bloggers have to go through with advertisers. It makes Mae money, but it makes her page look bad.

    Peter's was cool too.

  10. Ashley's blog is very inspring because the blog is for the people and the people that wants to self improve themselves. What I took from the blog is that the layout of your blog should be readable. if the blog is cluttered that makes it hard for the readers to come back.


    This blog shows great personality. It has tons of videos on it. This is something that I have yet to put up on my blog that I definitely need to start working on.

    This blog has a lot of advertisements on it. I don't know how to go about getting advertisements on my blog. But it is definitely something worth checking out.

  12. Peter's blog that he chose to adopt was unique to OKC. I found the blog itself to be modern and current. The most influential statement the blogger had stated was, to let the readers guide you. If you center your blog around your readers' wants and needs they will continue to read.

    Ashley's adopted definitely kept my attention. The colors, and images that were used were interactive which made me want to know more about the blogger. One great blogging tactic that she used was to partner with your own YouTube account and use them hand in hand in order to gain more views and or followers

  13. Peter enjoyed the blog pairadime it had a lot of catchy lyrics in the music. And I like the use of video. The black background was a little odd for me I thought I was on MySpace for a minute.
    Ashley I also liked the use of video in color is my weapon. The site was easy on the eyes and both pairadime and your blog choice had good visual use.