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Monday, January 11, 2016

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  • Syllabus quiz Thursday--
  • Title area of blogging
  • Picking name of blog
  • Set ups Thursday
  • Viewing other student blogs
  • What we expect?
  • Assignments: state of the blogosphere--
1. Read: 

2. What are two things you learned you didn't know about blogging, posted below by 5 pm Wed. Jan. 13

3. What have you decided for a title for your blog?

4. Do you have a separate gmail account yet?

5. Once that is set up and you have a blog, have your blog become a follower of this blog, and Coffee with Clark.

Syllabus Requirements 
1.     Faithful attendance. Grade will drop one level for each two absences after the first two. You may not make up missed in class writing and take a 0. If you miss more than 6 class sessions, you will flunk. NO LATE WORK. Any late work will earn a “0.”
2.     Be on time to class. Three times late equals an absence.  If you’re more than 15 minutes late, it counts as an absence.
3.     Design and creation of a blog.
4.     The ability to write complete, grammatically correct, sentences.
5.     Weekly postings on the blog, including class notes, and speaker stories.
6.     Note: you must post every week, starting with week three, deadline end of class Thursdays. If you miss a week, you lose points for that week.—in other words, you can’t make those points up (at least 15) (Hint—in the past, students with the most posts get higher grades than those with minimal or insufficient ones).
7.     At least 15 blog posts of original content.
8.     Follow BlogblogUCO, class blog. There will be weekly assignments on this blog, with deadlines. Missed deadlines mean a 0 for the assignment.
9.     Following a professional blog in your area, with blog report, presentation.
10.  500-word essay on blogs in today’s world.
11.  Note: Your blog must contain original writing. If it is a photography blog, you must have words with every photo, and the blog must have more than captions.

Required web sites:
Recommended web sites:
Recommended Texts:
  • Google Blogger for Dummies. Susan Gunelius. Wiley, 2009

GRADING SCALE: 100-91--A; 90-81--B; 80-70--C; 60-69--D.
  • Creation, design, improvement and maintenance of blog—300 points—30 percent
  • Weekly posts—300 points—30 percent (15 posts minimum to be eligible for a “C”; 20 to be eligible for a “B”) More than 20 to be eligible for an “A”). Failure to meet these standards overrides other points.) Each post is graded on quality and quantity.
  • Blog Essay—100 points—10 percent
  • Blog presentation, paper—100 points—10 percent
  • Blogblog comments—100 points—10 percent
  • Final test, multiple choice—100 points—10 percent
  • Total: 1,000 points
  • Note: The final test will be over blogging terms from the text and class, and comments from the speakers.
DEADLINES: Must be met. Absolutely. Period. End of discussion. Journalism is a deadline business. Accordingly, late work will not be accepted. Don’t bother to hand it in—you get a “0” grade. Absence is no excuse.



  1. Two things I didn't know about blogging from reading the above articles, is that there are over 6.7 million people blogging and some readers are over the age of 65. I never expected that, because when I think of blogs I think of the younger generation.

  2. I learned that the numbers of bloggers are growing exponentially. According to NM Incite there were 181 million blogs around the world. This number is astounding since there were only 36 million in in 2006. Another thing I learned was that a majority of bloggers are women and 1 in 3 bloggers are moms.

  3. Two things that I didn't already know about blogging from reading those articles was that many blogging readers are over the age of 65! I never even thought of this demographic because blogging seemed like such a millennial thing to do. I think that is something very important to keep in mind when writing a blog and deciding who your target audience is going to be! Another thing I didn't know was that 1 in 3 bloggers are moms! "Mommy blogging" is something I had always heard of, but I didn't know it was THAT popular!

    Also, the title for my blog is Total Janelle Move. It can be found at

  4. I learned that Buzzfeed is a top 5 blog, (I love buzzfeed); and I learned that more men read blogs than women. I am actually quite surprised by that. I didn't expect men to read more articles than women.

  5. I was super surprised to see that there are so many blogs out there. I would assume that a large number of those blogs are not active. I would be interested to see how many active blogs there are. I was also surprised to see that men read more often than women, I assumed that with fashion, home decor, etc. being common blog topics that women would read much more than man.

    my blog is titled "theOKCity" and can be found at

  6. There are 31 million bloggers in the united states, and though I know there is a population of over 300 million in the United States, it seems like a high number for the amount of blogs that I have never seen or even heard of. I also thought it was incredibly low the number of blogs that earn any sort of money that is substantial enough to support a family, it isn't exactly encouraging but then again, I guess the greats of the world weren't exactly encouraged when they started something that seemed impossible either.

  7. Something I learned is that one in three bloggers are moms which makes sense because I've seen so many blogs like that in the past few years. The other thing I learned is that Blogger is the largest site for bloggers. I would have assumed that Tumblr was the largest so that was interesting to learn!

  8. Two things that I learned were 1) women make up the majority of bloggers and 2) eighty-one percent of bloggers will never see even $100 from blogging.

  9. I knew that blogging was popular, but I didn't know that Tumblr and Wordpress alone have upwards of 157 million different blogs. I also found it interesting that the average reader of top blogs is around 41 years old, and gender distribution of blog readers is 55 percent male and 45 percent female.

  10. I knew that blogging was popular, but I didn't know that Tumblr and Wordpress alone have upwards of 157 million different blogs. I also found it interesting that the average reader of top blogs is around 41 years old, and gender distribution of blog readers is 55 percent male and 45 percent female.

  11. Two things I didn't know about blogging were that more men than woman read blogs, and how big the community of bloggers actually are. I have found a lot of stories of people who have helped others with situations in their own lives. It's truly inspirational.

  12. I didn't know that there was that much of an audience for people over 60, nor did I know that 60% of bloggers say that they are treated less professionally by brand representatives than traditional media.

  13. I didn't realize that bloggers are more likely to comment on social media platforms, however it makes sense since they write on a regular basis. I also found it interesting that 7 out of 10 people who blog have a college education.

  14. Two things I didn't realize about blogs is how really popular they are in the older age group and how many blogs are read by more men than women. I was thinking blogging was mainly popular in women in the younger age groups.