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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Find 10 in 20

Take 20 minutes. Go to and to

1. Find ten blogs of interest to you. Copy links to your blog.

2. Choose one of the blogs you discovered today, or another one you prefer.
Write a two paragraph evaluation of the blog, addressing the following ideas:
  1. What are its strengths?
  2. What ideas about blogging and your blog do you get from it?
  3. What are its weaknesses and how could be improved?
Be sure to include the link to the blog, and include at least one visual image, plus labels at the end of your post.

List by end of class. Comment by 5 p.m. Wed. Sept. Jan. 21


  1. The blog I found that I already love is called "The Blonde Abroad"
    1. It's strengths are plentiful. She is an award winning blogger and her website is not dominated by sponsors and ads. You can view her own videos or read the blog, and her tips and other aspects of her site are perfect for a somewhat inexperienced traveller like myself.

    2. I like the layout of her site as well, I am going to look into blogspot and see if they have options of different parts of the blog, different tabs if that is the proper wording.

    3. She has a picture of herself with a rescue ring thing and she's in a bikini which initially made me think she might be a bimbo, but after further reading it was evident she was not. I would change that picture if I were her!

  2. 1. I liked that this blog was made for women. Not only did it just focus on make-up, trends, fashion, it touched on a lot of areas. Grace (owner of blog) talks about health. Also, she has tab on her blog page about charities and causes that she is involved it. I found this to be very unique.

    2. I like that she expanded her ideas. I am sure this comes later on in the road whenever you blog routinely, but I like that her focus was females, but touched on every aspect instead of just make-up and shoes. She talks about how women can become healthier as well as help in the community.

    3. I think he blog would be MUCH better if she had a tab for men. She has expanded very well on women that it would be a universal blog if she would have someone come and blog about mens fashion, health, etc. However, I think her blog is perfect, but if she really wanted to get the opposite sex involved, what a great way to do so.

    Link to blog:

  3. 1) The blog I found really interesting to me was because I really enjoy being crafty while using basic materials that you find around the house. One of the major strengths of this blog is the content. I feel like the content is one of the most important things of a blog because that’s what grabs the viewer’s attention. This blog gives really good ideas of crafty art made out of paper that is more than nice of to place in a home for décor. The blog has some how-to videos and many other ideas on crafts that you can do.
    2) Some of the ideas I got from this blog is how they organize their content into tabs.
    3)Though the content is good I do think they could make their blog look more appealing as far as color schemes and fonts. There is nothing really eye catching about the blog besides its content. I feel the content is what saves the blog. With it being an artsy kind of blog I think the layout should be less boring and more artsy.

  4. The blog I found is titled, "Atlantic Pacific." It is a fashion and style blog.
    1. Atlantic Pacific has many strengths. The blog is clean and easy to navigate. The author of the blog has a professional photographer take pictures of her in the outfits that she blogs about. This gives the blog a polished and professional look. She also links her blog to all of her other social media accounts. She even has sub headings for different styles individuals might be looking for (nautical, romper, etc).
    2. I really want to do a blog post about spring break looks for the beach. Atlantic Pacific had a post about nautical looks and I think that would be fun to add to a post. She made a lot of posts just based on individual clothing pieces and I think it would be fun to incorporate that into my own blog.
    3. Her main weakness is that there isn't a lot of writing. I think she could give some more explanation on how to put the look together or even where to find the looks she is creating in the blog. I think this would be really helpful for her followers.

  5. 1.One of the strengths that is one of the first things you see on the page is its large pictures with blog subject titles. It lists about five pictures right as you visit the webpage. It is a good idea to draw people into your subject, because it makes it more interesting than just words. The words on the picture expand a little once the mouse is over it.
    2. It gives me the idea that I need to make the subject titles of my blog post as interesting as possible. I want to use a lot of pictures to entertain my readers.
    3.A weakness is that on the blog site there is a little to much movement. When you drag your mouse over most of the links something enlarges or drops down and it can be a pain when you accidentally move your mouse over an area when you are reading something.