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Monday, January 26, 2015

Are you my type?

Doesn't matter what you post if people can't read it, or if it's hard to read. Your job is to make it easy.

 Read today, for Thursday class:

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2. How does the type measure up on your blog? One good thing, one weakness? Comment below by 5 pm Wednesday.

Read  this:

Clark’s Guide to

Readable Typography for Blogs

(Or anything, for that matter)

1.         Serif—Easiest to read
2.         Sans Serif—harder to read the smaller it is or the more of it there is
3.           Most body type should be about 12 point in size

4.           Script is hard to read--invitations only

5.           Italic is hard to read

6.         Only center type
          On Invitations,
            Or Titles, not
            On most  material


8.                  REVERSE TYPE 
should be at a
And bold
And small san serif 
is hard to read
As is colored type
on reverse  
10.             Screens can make type hard to read

Especially over sans serif

Or heavy and colored screens

11.               Weak colors disappear

12.               Colored type isn’t as effective
As black type, or dark type on a light background

13.      Don’t  Mix Lots of Type Faces

14.            Stick with a few
                  that are compatible


  1. Having a large pool of fonts can be an advantage if you use it well.

    (Weakness) Undisciplined bloggers could lose readers interest by frustrating them with with too many fonts.

    (Strengths) said in their 10 Web Typography Trends To Watch in 2012, "The fonts you choose have a dramatic impact on the tone and emotion of the message you are presenting." The example of the Kitchen Sink Studios was busy, but the value of the blog seem to be high.

  2. Weakness: I think I could create a little more contrast with typefaces on my blog. I plan to continue to look and find type faces that will create more diversity of typefaces.
    Strength: The fonts I have chosen for my blog so far have been clear and easy to read.

  3. I think my blog will continue to transform throughout the semester with fonts. I want more options, but got to work with what I got!

    Weakness: The font could potentially perceived as too skinny. Also, need to be using paragraph breaks.

    Strength: I think I do well with bolding, or Italicizing tittles to put emphasizes on certain things for readers to be able to understand. I also like my format.

  4. I think my blog has a variety of typefaces but they're all readable. I think its good to have variety and contrast so it helps with keeping the attention of the follower.

    weakeness: I feel like my blog could have more neutral colors that could appeal to both male and females since thats audience. At the moment it looks more feminine.
    strength: so far I think my strength is that even though is has a feminine look, it's still well put together overall.