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Monday, January 12, 2015

Assignment One

Assignment one:
1. Welcome bloggers. Check and read these links by Thursday.

2. What are two things you learned you didn't know about blogging, posted below by 5 pm Wed. Jan 14.

3. What have you decided for a title for your blog?

4. Do you have a separate gmail account yet?

5. Once that is set up and you have a blog, have your blog become a follower of this blog, and Coffee with Clark.

In class view:Blogging founder
Did you know

6. Assignment: view this blog, before 5 p.m. Jan. 14 Blog tutorial


  1. The two things I found interesting are;
    1) 7 out of 10 bloggers have gone to college and were graduates.
    2) 59% of bloggers are males (Caucasian).

    The title of my blog will be Thesydrus.

    My new Gmail acct for this class is,

  2. 2. I learned that there are estimated 31 million bloggers in the US. Also, I learned that 1 in 3 bloggers are moms.
    3. Hopelessly Hepburn
    4. Yes,

  3. 1) There are a lot more blogs actively used than I thought
    2) You can make money from a blog (if you're lucky)

    Title: All in Good Faith


  4. I used to believe that most bloggers were women, but apparently I was wrong. In the article, "The State Of The Blogosphere 2012," it states estimates that 60% of bloggers are male. I found alarming that only 9% of bloggers are able to make enough money to sustain their lifestyle, even though most bloggers are well educated and went to college.

    I still have a couple ideas for the title of my blog, but I believe I will go with: Little Brazilian, big thoughts. (Do you think it's a good title? Please let me know if I should think about something else. Good opinion is always welcomed.)
    My email account is

  5. Taylor Favell
    I learned *women make up the majority of bloggers, 61% of bloggers blog for fun outside of corporate or professional blogging, and blogging is that future.
    *the title of my blog is "This Child of Mine"
    * I do have a gmail account

  6. Assignment One – Blogging

    1. I didn’t realize blogging had become so popular. One of the articles said that there are an estimated 31 million bloggers in the United States, which is pretty incredible if you ask me. Another thing I didn’t already know about blogging is that “about 1 in 3 bloggers are Moms, and 52 percent of bloggers are parents with kids under 18 years-old in their household.” I thought that was pretty interesting too.
    2. I decided on “The Optimistic Traveler” as the title for my blog.
    3. Yes, I created a separate gmail account from UCO.

    Lindsay Todd

  7. 1. I didn't know that 1 and 3 bloggers are moms. That reminds me of pioneer woman and all the blogs I see on pinterest.
    2. Most bloggers are well educated (thank goodness). That is a really cool fact, and good because a lot of bloggers are giving some sort of advice or something.
    3. I already had a separate gmail account!
    4. I'm still undecided on my name...I will have it nailed down by class tomorrow.

  8. 1. I was surprised that there were more male than female bloggers. I thought it would be the other way around. I also thought it was interesting that so many bloggers were parents, since 1 in 3 are mothers.
    2. I'm still undecided on a name but I have a few ideas.
    3. Yes, my gmail account is

  9. 2. What are two things you learned you didn't know about blogging, posted below by 5 pm Wed. Jan 14.

    I learned that 20% of men blog than women. I also learned that retail blogs are the most influential.

    3. What have you decided for a title for your blog?

    I am still brainstorming.

    4. Do you have a separate gmail account yet?


  10. Jackson Reber
    1. 1/3 bloggers are females, mostly Caucasian
    2. I am thinking about doing "Okay, See" my blog will be about OKC
    3. yes my gmail account is

  11. Danny Flores
    1) On e-strategy trends says that latin americans are the lowest represented ethnicity blogging in the U.S. Also only 19% of 31 millions bloggers in America earn an income.

    2) Beneath The Muscle, have you ever anyone say, "Oh he's a guy, it's okay." Or "I don't understand you I'm a man." My blog will be about how men can become leaders, opposed to falling into the "man" habits.