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Thursday, February 2, 2017

When blogging becomes a "slog"

Read this in the New York Times.

Comment below by 5 p.m. Monday, Feb. 6

1. What did you learn about blogging from this article?
2. What is the importance of passion and love in blogging?
3. Your suggestions on how could the problem be avoided?  


  1. 1. I learned in this article that people sometimes can't keep up with readers demands. How people we actually get upset when they realize you have an outside life from blogging.

    2.The importance is that if you want to make it a full time commitment, you need to separate other things from blogging. Like get just a place or any area where you can just to do that and spend some good time focusing on it.

    3.My suggestions is just to learn how to separate life and blogging. To be able to explain to people through writing that you do have outside responsibilities from blogging.

  2. 1. I learned how demanding paid blogging can be. Normally, you get a sense that paid posts are fun, easy and well worth the money.

    2. Passion and love for a blog makes it worth talking and writing about. If there's no passion, there's no future.

    3. My suggestion would be to ease yourself into the blogosphere especially the paid realm. It seems as if the couple in the article was overwhelmed in their every day life as well as keeping up with the blog posts demanded.

  3. 1) I learned that full time blogging can be a lot of work and when readers don't get as much content as they'd like, they can get testy.

    2) Bloggers get tired of blogging after a while and lose interest in posting frequently after a while so a love for blogging is required.

    3) I think pacing yourself is a key way to not lose interest. Only post things when inspired and don't rely on it for all of your income.

  4. It was really interesting to read about blogger burnout. You would think that being payed to write a blog would be a lot of fun. It was very eye opening to see how it too can be slightly stressful at times.

    Passion and love are incredibly important to blogging. If you aren't passionate about what you're blogging about, then your readers will be bored.

    This sounds corny but my suggestion would be to find the joy in it again. Obviously what once was a simple hobby turned into a task of high demand. If you're in this situation, perhaps you should take a break from your blog for awhile, and find what makes you passionate again.

  5. 1)I learned that people really like D.I.Y blogs which I did not know was a thing. I also learned that after a while blogging, like almost anything, can become a burden if you only do it for money and because you have to. I

    2) Without love and passion blogging is what makes a blog a blog. Again like with anything if you don't have a passion and you don't love it then what's the point?

    3) I feel like you have to stick to your roots with blogging. Always think about why you wanted to start one in the first place and if it does take off and start to gain a bigger audience don't get got up in the moment.

  6. 1. I learned that when blogging you are always going to need new and fresh content for your readers so they keep coming back. Since there are so many options in the blogging world.

    2. It is important to show passion and love in blogging because readers love seeing when you care about something. If you don't care about it, then your writing will show you don't have the passion for it.

    3. My suggestion would be to find something you are passionate about and start writing. If you aren't passionate about something your wasting your time. Again, your writing will show that.

  7. 1. I learned how easy it is to lose support for your blog. People can have extremely low tolerance.

    2. I think the more passionate you are about your blog the better your blog will be. If you don't love what you are blogging about than there's no point.

    3. Blogging can be very stressful so I think the key is remember why you started and just have fun.

  8. 1. I learned that there are bloggers that often burn out from blogging because they lose their passion that they had at the beginning.
    2. It is important to have passion and love for what you blog, so that your readers can feel the same way that you do about whatever it is that you are blogging.
    3. I would say that one way in order to avoid the problem is to only post when you really want to. Post things because of your passion and not just because of how much money you want to make off of it.

  9. 1. What did you learn about blogging from this article? I learned that readers will lose trust in you if the think your blog is too heavy on product placement.
    2. What is the importance of passion and love in blogging? You have to love it because readers want new content everyday and your blog has trust and authenticity.
    3. Your suggestions on how could the problem be avoided? One way the problem could be avoided is writing multiple posts a day if you can or whenever you can, that way if you want to take a day off from blogging you still have content to post.

  10. 1. “If readers begin to suspect that your content is heavy on product placement, if they see excessive amounts of sponsored posts, you risk losing what’s most important, which is trust and authenticity,” An interesting thought that was made in this article. What brand are you trying to promote? Are you focused on Money, more than content? A lot of questions to answer about the professional blogger.

    2. You have to have passion, or you can't expect people to accept your credibility and passion for what drives you to write your blog.

    3. Do your best to make yourself credible. Blogging is all about content that others will care about, but also reminding yourself not to get overwhelmed.

  11. 1. I learned that when doing something you love needs the approval of others, you lose love for what you do.

    2. Passion is important in blogging because it displays authenticity, which attracts and engages others.

    3.This problem can be avoided by not depending on the approval of others. When you want something in return, your passion can easily become a chore rather than a hobby.

  12. 1. I learned that a lot of blogs tend to lose steam after they are made because the blogger loses interest.

    2. Passion is important because it's interesting. If you don't have passion, you come off as boring, and boring isn't fun to read.

    3. Just pick a topic you're passionate about! You have the freedom to choose ANYTHING!

  13. 1. What did you learn about blogging from this article? You develop an emotional connection with your blog and blog followers and develop a sense of connection with them.

    2. What is the importance of passion and love in blogging? If you don't love what you're blogging, no one else will.

    3. Your suggestions on how could the problem be avoided? Don't be repetitive, write about something important to you.