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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Using quotes--making "eye contact"

Using quotations--have you made "eye contact" with your reader?

Quotes are eye contact. No eye contact, no story
  •  A story without quotes isn’t much of a story, no matter the subject, for it lacks a human angle.
  • Nothing involves a reader more with a person than hearing them talk, reading their words.
  • Readers’ eyes automatically go to quotation marks.
  • Above all you use good quotes, quotes that are not long, but get to the point, that are original, that show passion and character and insight.
  •  Accuracy is the prime rule. Everyone is afraid of being misquoted. You must assure your subject of your accuracy.
  • Find your best quote—use it high in the story.
  • Paraphrase long quotes, ordinary quotes. “Clark said that quotes are important.”
  • Save you second best quote for a possible conclusion, or near the end of the story.
  • Quotes start paragraphs.

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