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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

To blog or not to blog

UCO student and now the editor of The Vista, Kateleigh Mills, interviewed me about a year ago, about blogging--why or why not. Here was my advice:

  • Six reasons to blog--
  1. You need a quality digital “footprint” to get a start on a career in the highly competitive communication field. A blog can be part of that—I have former students whose blogs helped get them jobs.
  2. You have a passion and something original you want to say that can be sustained over time.
  3. You can write grammatically correct sentences,  enjoy writing and can organize your thinking.
  4. You are willing to work at it because quality blogging takes a lot of preparation and time.
  5. You enjoy learning and change because blogging is always changing.
  6. You have an eye for effective design and readability.
  • Six reasons not to blog--
  1. You can’t write a grammatically correct sentence punctuated correctly.
  2. You only want to rant, gripe or whine about a specific subject.
  3. You have no passion or nothing to say.
  4. You are just blogging because you think you should.
  5. You’re lazy and don’t want to put in the time.
  6. You don’t really want a career in communication.
Assignment: Comment below--what would you add to this list?


  1. To blog:
    For a creative outlet.

    Not to blog:
    Because you think you have to.

  2. reason to blog - If I don't I will not pass

  3. I would say a reason to blog is because if you have a unique perspective on something, people will find it interesting.

  4. Reason to Blog: If you think your blog and writing could benefit someone somehow, someway.

    Reason Not to Blog: Blogging only for praise.

  5. To blog: You are inspired by other other blogs or creative outlets.
    Not to blog: You want to imitate other blogs without creating your own style.

  6. Reason to blog: Demonstrate a different perspective on something causing people to think and discuss.
    Reason not to blog: To force your believes on people for the soul purpose of telling them their opinions are wrong and invalid.

  7. To blog: to have an outlet to speak about things that are taboo or hard to talk out-loud about.

    Not to blog: to say things that are irrelevant or not needed.

  8. To blog: You have something special to tell people

    Not to blog: Just because you could make money

  9. To Blog: You're creative and can write in a way the audience understands.

    Not to Blog: Can't take criticism.

  10. To blog: Make your own "online diary" to get your thoughts or advice out to others to inspire.

    Not to blog: no patience

  11. To Blog: It's a good way to get experience talking about a topic you're passionate about. Get your viewpoint out there and a company may like it and want you.

  12. Reason to blog: Memories. You can go back through your posts and remember your thoughts and feelings from that particular post.

  13. To blog: To further develop your writing.

    Not to: Because it seems like everyone including their dog, is.

  14. Reason to blog: Another way to communicate personal thoughts, and have a creative outlet.

    Not to: If you're doing it for the wrong reasons. Meaning for affirmation and praise, as well as potential compensation.

  15. Reason to blog: It could become your business or a source of income

    Not to: You see it as a chore and don't enjoy it.

  16. Reason to blog: It's a way to experience and learn through digital writing.

    Reason not to blog: Depending on how much time you dedicate, it could become an obsession.

  17. Reason to blog: Blogging to help other people by sharing your experiences.

    Reason not to blog: You are only blogging to get a compensation.

  18. Reason to blog: maybe someone will have the same interest as you and you can talk about it with them.

    Reason not to blog: people could make a mistake and make blogging their life when they need to support a family and don't blog enough.

  19. Reason to blog: learn how to write better and be more imaginative through words.

    reason not to: could take your life.

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