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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Who's who, and what's what?

Who's who and what's what, bloggers

Assignment for Tuesday. Post below, by 5 pm Monday Sept. 15.
1. Two blog names, and the urls of two bloggers you want to interview and report on.
2. Two possible blog essay topics, about blogging in today's world.

Blog essay grading--500 word essay

Blog essay due Tuesday, Oct. 14
  1. Introduction--10
  2. Thesis statement--10
  3. Support-20
  4. Conclusion-10
  5. Original thoughts--10
  6. Paragraphing--10
  7. Links/sources--10
  8. Spelling--50 percent off if misspelled
  9. Grammar--10
  10. Followed submission guidelines--10


  1. 1.
    a) Humans of New York,, Brandon Stanton
    b)Bakarella,,Angie Dudley

    a) How blogging is changing fashion market.
    b) You can be anyone, writer, fashion designer, photographer - blogging as a career.

  2. 1.
    Forever Twenty Something
    Pure Coffee

    1. How can blogging bring together a community
    2. Is blogging overlooked as the new media source

  3. Forgot the authors Samantha Matt
    Pure Coffee author is just Bill

  4. The blogs I follow are major blogs. I doubt I could get ahold of anyone to interview them, but if I could the two I would chose are:

    1. Professional Bloggers? How you can make this a career.
    2. Blogging, is it just a dying trend?

    Open to any suggestions of more local blogs that I could contact if we do have to interview them!

    Susan Phillips

  5. I'd love to interview 2 of my favorites even though they are big-time bloggers.
    1. Chiara Ferragni
    2. Olivia Palermo

    Essay topics:
    1. How does blogging in the US and making a career out of it compare to other countries around the world?
    2. Is the fashion industry becoming more online focused with the rise of fashion bloggers and how do they affect the fashion industry as a whole?

  6. 1a. The Dainty Squid /
    1b. Chalk White Arrow /

    2a. Blogging as a full-time job.
    2b. The amount of time and/or research that goes into one blog post.

  7. 1. Meredith Crawford.
    2. Amanda Keith

    1. Can blogging improve your writing skills? Also, does it make you a better reporter?
    2. Can blogging sustain a live-able income?

  8. 1) Matt Drudge
    2) Pat McGuigan

    Topics -
    1. Historical analysis of how the breaking of different news stories, starting with the Lewinsky scandal turned bloggers into news reporters.
    2. A remembrance of the text file scene of the late 80's early 90s. An edgy precursor to blogging. These are mainly zines created by hacker organizations like Cult of the Dead Cow, 2600, or punk kids like I Bleed For This?.


    Why some bloggers make good money and others don't.

    How to become a professional blogger

  10. 1) The Funny Kid Quote Blog
    2) 20 Tips to Make the Most of Your 20s- Ashley Crouch

    1) How has blogging changed journalism?
    2) Does blogging bring people together in person as well as over the internet?


    What are some ways to monetize a blog?

    How can I get more followers?

  12. Northshots:
    Craig Jones Wildlife Photography:

    Blogging as a Portfolio
    Awareness through blogging

  13. My second choice will be Colin Newman who runs

  14. Why has blogging become such a trend and so popular?

  15. What makes a successful food blog?

  16. Jared Hogan
    Jordan Skaggs

    How to engage your readers through a career based blog
    How to gain knowledge from other bloggers without copying

  17. AmyNicolaox
    Ana Kasparian
    They are bothyoutube bloggers
    1. Does staying within one blog topic help retain subscribers, or do they like a multitude of topics?
    2. How to be comfortable blogging about topics that interest you.

  18. 1. How can I get my foot in the door and earn money through blogging?
    2. How can I get more reach through my blogs?


    1. How has blogging has changed from the past
    2. How you can make a carrier out of something you love

  20. (since that is where I got the inspiration for my blog)

    1) How far is too far?
    2) Why blogging?

  21. How you can make a carrier out of blogging
    - How these days you can make a carrier out of blogging