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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Are you my type?

Are you my type?

Doesn't matter what you post if people can't read it, or if it's hard to read. Your job is to make it easy.

1. Read:

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2. How does the type measure up on your blog? One good thing, one weakness? Post in comments below, by Monday, Sept. 8.


Clark’s Guide to

Readable Typography for Blogs

(Or anything, for that matter)

1.         Serif—Easiest to read
2.         Sans Serif—harder to read the smaller it is or the more of it there is
3.           Most body type should be about 12 point in size

4.           Script is hard to read--invitations only

5.           Italic is hard to read

6.         Only center type
          On Invitations,
            Or Titles, not
            On most  material


8.                  REVERSE TYPE 
should be at a
And bold
And small san serif 
is hard to read
As is colored type
on reverse  
10.             Screens can make type hard to read

Especially over sans serif

Or heavy and colored screens

11.               Weak colors disappear

12.               Colored type isn’t as effective
As black type, or dark type on a light background

13.      Don’t  Mix Lots of Type Faces

14.            Stick with a few
                  that are compatible


  1. I had my font bolded and italicized so that it would look cute, but I changed it back to normal, and I agree that the font is much easier to read now

    1. weakness; was harder to read because of the added features. Good thing; it's much easier to read now that I've changed it.

  2. My font isn't Serif type, so that may be a weakness. It is a little larger than Sans Serif and I think that the spacing of my font makes it easier to read.

  3. I don't mix my fonts, I've chosen Raleway as my sole typeface. So that keeps the site cohesive. My font is large, but isn't bold making it somewhat difficult to read.

  4. I think my fonts are pretty well used. Every font I have used is clear, big enough to read, and clean cut. The only thing I've used italics on is the author note at the bottom of the page. I think my weakness is the spacing of my columns.

  5. The font that I'm using is Georgia. I think the font is easily readable. The only thing that might be a weakness is that some of font's color is orange and that may be a problem to some readers.

  6. The font I am using is Times in the normal size. It is at a size that is easy to read but not too big. Some of the titles are other fonts and colors but they are very readable and do not include any cursive. I could start to focus on making things stand out whether it be bold text, underlined, or another color that is easy to read.

  7. I am using Georgia in white on a black background. I feel that it is really readable. I feel that is really a nice contrast, and very readable for those who are color blind. The title I used a fancy font, and I feel it catches the theme of my blog.

  8. I use Georgia to write my blog posts because it is one of the easiest fonts to read. I changed it from dark gray to black font on a white background and I really think it works well. The title of the blog is in Oswald so it will stand out and it is in a dark cobalt color. I think my fonts work well but a weakness is that the links in posts are also a different font, so I will probably change that.

  9. I believe I'm using Georgia and Arial for my fonts of choice. They are simple and I feel like they are very easy to read. Also I have been using bold font
    in my posts to highlight what my main points and topics are that I am talking about! Bold really makes what I'm talking about stand out. My weakness I feel like I should experience more with different fonts.

  10. The font I'm using is droid serif. I find that it's easy to read and not distracting. It doesn't make your eyes hurt when you read it. One weakness is I want to develop more variety with my fonts to convey different tone. Not so much in the body of posts but other aspects of the blog.

  11. I'm using Latin Modern Mono and Courier New as my main fonts. Each font is 12 points or larger, so I think that makes them readable. A weakness might be the color; I'm using dark gray, which might be a little less effective than black, but I believe it ties the blog together more cohesively.

  12. I'm using Century 14 point font, and I think it's pretty readable. I experimented with few different types and colors and that's the one that works the best in my opiinion. The only weakness I can think of right now is that I wish this font could be a little bit bolder than it is now.

  13. I am currently using the font Veranda for my blog. I think this font is a little more spread out than some of the others. However, I think that as my blog goes on I am going to look into incorporating a handwriting font. Since my posts are personal stories I think this will add more feeling to my blog.

  14. My type is san-serif, however, it is big enough that it is not difficult to read. The contrasting font and background colors also contribute to it being easy to read.

    -Lauren Capraro

  15. On my blog, I do not think I am allowed to change the font or at least I have not figured out how to yet. I believe I am using Helvetica Neue, size 14. I think this font is easy to read and a good size. I also bold and add bullets when needed.

    Susan Phillips

  16. Currently, I'm using Aril as my font type, I liked it because I thought it matched my blogs personality , the only downfall is that Its kinda boring font type in my opinion. Its hard to find the perfect font type I feel for my blog..