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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


  • 5 p.m. today--on blogblog, two questions for Dr. Hochenauer
  • Due Tuesday, Oct. 7, at start of class--Outline for your blog essay, with thesis statement.
  • Oct. 8-9--Attend Ethics conference session of your choice, write news-style story
  • Blogblog comments--Due Oct. 9, by 5 p.m. What you learned from Dr. Hochenauer
  • Due Tuesday, Oct. 14--
  1.  Blog essay, 500 words, at start of class 
  2.  Ethics conference paper, 500 words, at start of class.

Reminder on essay:
  • Organization:
  1. Intro, thesis statement
  2. What your views are, citing weblinks.
  3. Conclusion

  • To be typed in 12 point, Times New Roman font. double-spaced. One side of the paper.
  • This essay is worth 100 points.
  • Warning--A misspelled word costs you 50 points. If I find one, I quit grading, give you a 50 and an F.
  • Grammar, punctuation, other errors cost five points each.
  • No fancy covers. First page, your name, Title of paper, and start writing. Staple pages together. List links and other sources separately at end of essay.
  • You will also submit the paper as an attachment to, so that I can submit it to for plagiarism check, if I think necessary.


  1. Questions:
    1. What advice would you give someone who is struggling to come up with a blog post?
    2. What are the best ways to get your blog out to the public?

  2. From Dr. Hochenauer I've learnt that blogging world can be as cruel as the real one. Especially if your blog is opinion one,there will always be people attacking you, wishing you the first and trying to get your blog down. Second thing is doing backup. Internet servers sometimes get broken and you can easily loose all of your work,so having your posts saved on a flash drive or external flash drive would be a great idea.

  3. After hearing Dr. Hochenauer speak in class, I learned how important it is to set aside time for your blog. He said that he had certain days that he would sit down and blog and make sure that he had no distractions. this allowed his full attention to be on the blog and to meet the wants of his readers. He also stressed the importance of blogging about something that interests you so you don't get burned out, but if you do, take some time to regroup and continue writing.