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Monday, August 18, 2014

Welcome bloggers--get to work today

Assignments one:
1. Welcome bloggers. Check and read these links by Thursday.

2. What are two things you learned you didn't know about blogging, posted below by 5 pm Wed. Aug. 19.

3. What have you decided for a title for your blog?

4. Do you have a separate gmail account yet?

5. Once that is set up and you have a blog, have your blog become a follower of this blog, and Coffee with Clark.

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Did you know

6. Assignment: view this blog, before 5 p.m. Aug. 19 Blog tutorial


  1. One of the more surprising things I learned about blogging, or its influence, was the data from TechnocratiMedia’s 2013 report that stated blogs had a greater impact on consumers in influencing purchases than groups or forums. While both are traditionally sought out by people already aligned to the information disseminated, I would think that forums being more of intimate outlet would have a higher impact rather than the sole or unified voice of a blog.

    Another striking detail wasn’t the fact that English was the majority language used in blogging, according to e-Strategy Trends, but that Chinese/Mandarin was not among even the 10 listed languages. With 618 million Chinese internet users at the end of 2013, according to a TechInAsia article, I found it hard to believe when compared to the tenth spot, Sweden. Sweden’s total population in 2012 was roughly 9.5 million, yet it made the top ten while China was nowhere to be seen.

  2. One factoid that surprised me about blogging was that the majority of bloggers surveyed were male on e-strategy. From what I have seen on Tumblr, and other such blogging sites, the number of female bloggers far surpasses the males in the circles of blogs I'm aware of. (Upon further reading on Newswire, I found the survey to be incorrect on the demograph of male-to-female ratio.)

    Another blogging fact I was unaware of was that 1 in 3 bloggers were mothers according to Newswire.

    My blog title is Between Zoo and Me

  3. 1. I learned you have to sell you blog.
    That it is kind of intense in nature.
    2. Expresso My Opinion
    3. Yes