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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Assignment for Aug. 28

Check the posts for Aug. 4 and 18. (Media Equation, Hoot Suite, and Links on blogosphere. Read them.
1. Comment below, one sentence each reading assignment and link, on what you learned about blogging. Due by 5 pm Wednesday Aug. 27.


    I didn't really learn anything about blogging by reading anything from Media Equation. I thought it was very long and drawn out.

  2. I don't think I am doing this right and I'm not finding the right articles/blogs I dont think, so if someone could help let me know and also Mr. Clark if you are reading this please email me back thanks!

    I learned that the majority of bloggers are women.

  4. I leaned that they're are so many social media/ blogging jobs and positions out there.

  5. Hoot Suite; there's an incredible amount of planning and business that goes into some blogs.
    Media Equation; blogging and saving puppies is my dream job too.
    Blogosphere: most of the information didn't really surprise me. There are a huge number of blogs made, but in one of the other links it said that many blogs are retired or are very rarely active.

  6. Blogosphere: blogging is mainly a hobby but it is slowly becoming higher up in allowing people to earn money and even become a full time job. I also didn't realize most blogging is done in English
    Newswire: blogging really is popular and on the rise, but with each new blog created, it is just that many more to sift through to find different blogs
    Influence marketing book: branding and promotion are a big part of blogging today
    Hoot suite: it's a great opportunity to work online on a blog and there are always positions available it seems like

  7. Blogosphere: There is an enormous amount of blogs created, but rarely active.
    Hoot suite: There are a lot of open positions that people don't know about
    Media equation: This article made me realize that I would love to be a blogger for a living.

  8. Media Equation: Blogging can be considered as a hobby but can then be turned into a career/job.
    Hoot Suite: Hoot Suite offers many jobs and people can be paid for their blog posts.
    Blogosphere: Many people create blogs, but very rarely are they active on a regular basis.

  9. Media Equation: You can take something that you are passionate about or have an interest in and share it with others while also finding out new things through blogging
    Hoot Suite: They make it a point to reach out to the community with their HootUp events and their translation Project to make their platform accessible to people around the world.
    Blogosphere: Women make up the majority of bloggers and half of the bloggers are 18-34. Many blogs are connected to social media, which makes them more likely to post

  10. Media Equation: Blogging can be done in any way that you please. Some things work, and some things don't.
    Hootsuite: There are a lot of jobs in the blogging world.
    Blogosphere: The majority of bloggers are caucasian and use wordpress.

  11. Hootsuite: I really did not get anything out of this blog.
    Media Equation:
    Blogohphere: I learned the different varieties of bogs out there.
    Overall good reads!

  12. Media Equation: I learned that if you do what your passionate about you can make a living.
    Hoot-suite: it seems like a community a group of bloggers trying to communicate to the world
    Blogosphere: it is a variety of bloggers in the world. a whole bunch of stories and content

  13. SlideShare: I was surprised at the percentage of bloggers this article suggested were in different continents. It said there were 51% in Africa and 25% in East Asian and 1% in the U.S.
    E-Strategy Trends: Only 8% make enough money to support a family.
    Nielsen: 7 out of 10 bloggers have a college education
    Influence Marketing Book: The more personal a blog (the smaller the community) the more effective its message.
    Hootsuite: It's important to stay relevant with the way the world communicates.

  14. Hootsuite- A type of community that reaches out to people with update/events through their blog
    Media Equation- Blog about what you want, how you want, and when you want.
    Blogosphere- There is a large variety of blogs about everything all around the world.

    Susan Phillips

  15. Media Equation – Blogging can be about any number of things, and can be either a hobby or a career, if enough effort is put into maintaining your blog.
    Hoot Suite – There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into spreading ideas across social media.
    Blogosphere – The statistics presented about blogging weren’t too surprising; however, I didn’t know that 52% of bloggers were parents.