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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Find 10 in 20

For Tuesday, Sept. 2

 Find 10 in 20 and evaluate one

Take 20 minutes. Go to and to

1. Find ten blogs of interest to you. Copy links to your blog.

2. Choose one of the blogs you discovered today, or another one you prefer.
Write a two paragraph evaluation of the blog, addressing the following ideas:
  1. What are its strengths?
  2. What ideas about blogging and your blog do you get from it?
  3. What are its weaknesses and how could be improved?
Be sure to include the link to the blog, and include at least one visual image, plus labels at the end of your post.

List by end of class. Comment by 5 p.m. Wed. Sept. 3.



    Samanthalily on has a blog that talks about a lot of lifestyle things including movies, news, and health. She's very good at diving into the details of things she wishes to express her opinion on, and then proceeds to do so. It looks like she's a fairly new blog so there are fewer than 30 posts, but they are all interesting reads.
    It helped me sort of understand that I can express my views on certain topics, but that I should thoroughly investigate the topics first. other than that, her blog is very different from mine so didn't provide much to base my blog off of.
    I will say that her blog seems to be in a format for many people looking for news stories and reviews and such to find and read, but some of the language she uses isn't as professional as I would expect from a news or review site.

    The 36th Avenue Blog is a pintrest blog that is divide up, and with the authors opinion on the topics and objects. Overall, I love this blog, I am very glad I found it to follow. The colors and the way it is organized is it major strengths. I think that everyone would be drawn to it overall. I enjoyed the articles written too.
    The ideas that I got from this blog is that I should use more color. I think I could easily divide the blog up to be more specific on topics, and go more in-depth the further I get into blogging. Overall, the blog seems to flow together well, and blends on the topic, I think I need to do the same. I think it can be overwhelming with all the topics, maybe not so many subjects.


    Jared Hogan’s blog is a space designed clearly for him to display his work. I am really impressed by its simplicity and clarity. He also keeps it updated with his different short films, different people and work he is inspired by. I really like his photo collage posts. He puts pieces of his film together in a clean, flowing order that really draws your eye. I also really like the excerpt from an article, which was very informative and thought provoking. He could probably use more copy to fill his blog instead of mainly stills and videos.

  4. Danniel Parker
    Blogging for Journalists – Clark
    10 Blogs to Follow assignment.

    1. The Best Page In The Universe.

    2. The Spoony Experiment.

    Spoony is an Internet critic who focuses on comedic reviews of bad movies, bad video games, as well as a tabletop role-playing-game show called Counter Monkey. I like the guy. He reminds me of one of my nerdy friends that I game with every other Saturday. If he took time to pace out his rambling non-comedic critique videos, they would be far more effective. The man has a tendency to rant into a camera, for hours. Twenty to thirty minutes top would suffice. Guy needs an editor. Until he gets an editor, or yearns to become more accessible, his success will not rise to the level that it deserves.

    3. Red Letter Media.

    4. Anthony Fantano.

    5. The Lost Ogle.

    6. is a site ran by a friend of mine. They pay 40 bucks per article. I used to send them stories I could not find a home for as a freelancer. Every now and again Colin Newman or Helen Grant will post something interesting, but they’ve not succeeded in becoming a bulwark of alternative Okie media like Red Dirt Report or The Lost Ogle. They could focus more on in depth coverage, or offer embedded journalist coverage of local events rather than focusing on their whims and fancies, like podcasts and penguin cartoons.

    7. Red Dirt Report.

    8. Bruce Sterling’s blog for Wired, Beyond the Beyond.

    9. The Economist.



    Blog evealuation:

    The Londoner’s blog main strength is it’s clarity. It’s easy to navigate the site, everything is easily to be found, and layout is nice to look at. Susie, the blog owner, travels a lot so each post is full of vivid pictures of where she has been or what she has done. That gives a reader an impression of being a part of her life, seeing the places she has visited, food she has eaten or moments she pictured. I like the idea of close connection between a blogger and a reader, and probably that’s what blogging is all about.
    An idea that I especially liked from her blog is creating “Categories”, it makes it easier for readers to find posts about topics that interest them. It’s also a great way to keep your blog organized. What I also liked is the variety of topics she writes about, from cooking to traveling, I will definitely try to do this on my blog as well!

    The only thing I’d change there is the way pictures in each post are displayed. Sometimes it takes forever to scroll post down. Also she sometimes writes single sentences between pictures so you cannot just scroll everything to the bottom in order to read the post. Maybe different way of arranging each post will help.

  6. Susan Phillips

    Anthropoloie Blog
    This blog has many strengths, not including the fact that it is the blog of a very well know business. The organization of this blog is a major strength. There are drop down tabs where you can choose what you would like to view. You can choose from topics like DIY and Décor, but this blog becomes even more organized than that. There is a drop down tab called Archive when you can choose posts by months of the year. This is a major strength for this blog because they blog about style and décor, and that changes with every season, with every month.

    This blog helps me realize that you can blog about anything. There are a large variety of topics in their post, and I enjoy that. They way their posts are displayed is a style that I would like to imitate on my blog. I do not see any weaknesses in this blog.


    I was having a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to follow other blogs but I did recently find a blog that a girl I went to school with made just for fun and I read her posts pretty often. The strengths of her blog is that none her posts are too boring or long. They are brief and intersting and personal, which I find good for a blog. Her posts help me see that just because I may think my life is boring or my posts are boring to me, that they may be interesting to someone else. Her blog is very personal with her day to day life and she uses her own pictures.



    The Dainty Squid /

    Her website is very organized, and includes a sidebar and header for easy navigation. The date is always at the beginning of her posts, and she writes a short paragraph (or less) explaining the post, which makes it easy to keep up with her blog. At the end of each post, there is a section entitled “You might also like”, with links to similar posts, which helps her posts gain more readers. Her font is readable and she uses bold words to separate important points and break up long text. The only element I can see that might be a weakness is there is no “Back to top” button or something similar, so the reader has to scroll through many posts to reach the navigation bar.
    Her blog is inspiring to me because she posts about what I would like to eventually post about. She is a full-time blogger and blogs about what she wants to blog about, which makes me realize even blogs considered incohesive can earn money if it’s something you’re passionate about. She posts almost everyday, which I admire since it takes me a while to even put together a blog post. My website could eventually be as successful as hers, if I put the time and effort into it that she does.