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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Who's who and what's what, bloggers

Assignment for Thursday. Post below, by 5 pm Wednesday.
1. Two blog names, and the urls of two bloggers you want to interview and report on
2. Two possible blog essay topics, about blogging in today's world


  1. Jessica Miller-Merrell
    Sasha H. Muradali

    1. Blogging contribution to the internet
    2. Bloggers and their way to fame

  2. What Courtney Wore (
    Kendi Everyday (

    1. The affect blogging has on the magazine industry
    2. Blogging as a career rather than just a hobby

  3. Karen Kitto
    The Yoga Blog

    1. Blogging expanding consciousness
    2. Using blogging as a form of expression

  4. Tom Emerick

    Peggy Noonan

    1. Can blogging survive alongside other social media giants?
    2. Is blogging viable career option?

  5. The GQ eye

    Style Girlfriend

    1. Is blogging a comparable source for "news like" topics or is it more of today's electronic diary?

    2. What are the advantages or disadvantages of blogging versus scial media outlets?

    3. Will blogging be able to withstand the test of time, where so many social media/ fads have fallen?

  6. Joey Mcwilliams (

    Mel Bracht

    1. Impact of Blogging on Journalism.
    2. Blogging and Credibility.

  7. Daily Thunder- Royce Young
    Thunder Rumblings Blog- Anthony Slater

    1.How blogging is different than other social media's
    2.How much money can you make from blogging professionally.

  8. 1. Bloggers to Interview:
    The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond)

    A Spicy Perspective (Sommer Collier)

    2. Possible Essay Topics
    a. How Companies Connect with Consumers/Incorporate Public
    Relations Through Blogs.

    b. The Rise of Homemaking/Home Chefs Through the World of Blogging

  9. Barryap


    1. How blog influnce people's life?
    2. How can get more people to read the blog and trust the blogger?

  10. Caitlin Boswell-

    My Film Views (Nostra, Netherlands)-

    1. How blogging is a new branch of journalism.

    2. How to make those connections in the virtual world, expanding nationally and worldwide (Music, Movies, etc.) and beyond the internet.

  11. 1. Two Blogs
    a. World War II Today-
    b. Tynan-
    2. Essay Ideas
    a. Pros and Cons of journalistic blogging
    b. The importance of blogging in the present world?

  12. Two blogger I want to interview.
    Adventurous Kate
    Michael Hodson

    Two essay topics.
    What is the most attractive topic to blog write?
    How the blogs effect the world?

  13. Two Bloggers I want to interview:
    Aaron Tuttle:

    Two Essay topics:
    Oklahoma's unusually cold winter
    Oklahoma's yearly precipitation

  14. 1. - Whitson Gordon of LifeHacker
    2. Levi Maestro

    1. Money in the blogging industry. Like controversial blogs/video blogs that have turn guys into millionaires in less than a couple years
    2. What does blogging mean for journalists?

  15. Axl Rosenberg or Vince Neilstein of

    Fandoms and how they are an interactive outlet for mediums that are not interactive, mostly via blogs.

  16. 1.)
    Nintendo3DS blog:
    My Nintendo News:

    a. Blogging and the video game industry: How has blogging affected how we get information about the industry?

    b. How has blogging affected how people view news today? Do they still watch TV news, do they just look at blogs, or both?

  17. 1:


    a) How blogging can be an advantage on oneself
    b) Blogging in today's society

  18. 1.

    a) Blog history, present day, and the future of blogging
    b) How advertising works through blogging

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  20. 1.
    a) Advertising as a advantage
    b) Expressing a idea through a blog.

  21. 1)
    1) blogging and fittness
    2) blogging and health foods