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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Three assignments for today

1. Blogosphere update...If you're in media...and you need to know about Nielson. While this report is older, it shows you where blogging is going. Also note the social media news in the sidebar.
Here's the link.
2. How does the design of your blog measure up? Check this guide of 10 ways to make your blog shine. Ignore the ads. In comment section below this post, give me one thing you learned that may help your blog. By 5 pm today. Here's the link.
3. If you're a blogger...and you have to speak the language. Do you know these terms?
  1. Archive
  2. Attribution
  3. Blog
  4. Blog carnival
  5. Blog hostBlog post
  6. Blog statistics
  7. Blogger
  8. Blogging software
  9. Blogosphere
  10. Browser
  11. Blogroll
  12. Comment moderation
  13. Comment policy
  14. Dashboard
  15. Domain Name
  16. Feed
  17. Feed reader
  18. Footer
  19. Forum
  20. FTP


  1. 1. I never thought about blogs being so popular among mothers until I read this report. Totally makes sense now, though!

    2. I have done research on how to make my blog 'middleground' (not the background picture but the black background behind the main post text) transparent. I still haven't figured it out. I would like to see some of the background through the middleground.

    Also, I believe a custom header (photo or graphic design) would benefit my blog, and make it stand out from the template look it has now. I want to work on something hand drawn. In my experience, something hand drawn looks more personal than just picking a font and color.

    3. The only term I wasn't familiar with was Blogroll. But now I know that it is a list of blogs that a blogger may list on a sidebar or in a post.

  2. I didn't even know about half of the terms. Maybe i knew more, but i also wasn't sure if any of the terms had a different meaning when talking about blogging.
    IN regard to the 10 Ways to Make Your Blog Shine, i didn't even consider three or four of the points, Like a Favicon. I didn't havbe a clue what that was juntil reading the article.

  3. One thing that may help my blog is the blog post dividers. Right now, my posts aren't divided as well as it could be. The only things dividing them are the dates of the blog posts. If I can space the posts out, my post may be more separate as opposed to very cluttered.

  4. I learned about the dividers and the favicon. The icon is something you can only do if you buy you own URL, probably, but an image divider seems quite tempting.

  5. I learned about how you can add a blog post signature which I thought was pretty cool. It gives uniqueness to your blog with your own personal signature. I also learned about the blog favicon, that also would give your blog something extra about it.

  6. I knew the most bloggers are women and of those women most are mothers.
    I think my blog would be a lot better with a custom header. Also, I wish I had better knowledge in HTML and CSS.
    About half of those terms I can define and the other half I don't really know.

  7. I think the post dividers are a great idea to make the blog look better. The signature is also an intriguing idea as well.

  8. From the first article I learned the most bloggers have gone to collage which means most bloggers have higher education. I was surprised that 1 in 3 bloggers are Moms.
    From the second article I know that the blog header should be well-designed. I never know the blog favicon before, but I learned it can help to brand my blog and make it seem more credible than blogs.

  9. I am not surprised that 1 in 3 bloggers are moms. Originally I thought moms were the only ones using blogger. What I will take away from the second article to help my blog, are Blog Post Dividers. I think they are a good way to make my blog more sharp.

  10. I think there is a lot I can do to improve my blog. Dividers are a great idea. I also need to finish linking my blog to all of my other forms of social media.

  11. I think that I could add custom blog dividers and I should definitely connect each of my social media pages on my blog, in addition to tweeting out and posting about my blog posts. I think that focusing more on learning a few tricks for my blog could really make it stand out and look more professional.

  12. I see most of bloggers are mothers, it is show that a lot of moms like to spend their time to set up the blog. After viewing the second article, I learn that how to set up the blog front and the color. I think it will make me create a new blog and attact people to read it.

  13. I didn't realize the average age range of bloggers is so broad. For some reason I've always been under the impression that it ended around the upper twenties.

    I never even thought about customizing my favicon; I'll definitely look into that. And I need to figure out how to customize the break between each of my posts.

    I know what most of the terms listed mean, but I have a hard time dealing with around half of them. I know the theory behind them, but I can't put them into action.

  14. I figured most bloggers were mothers. I am a nanny for three families and they all have blogs.
    My blog at this point needs some work. I have some ideas in the works but at this point mine is just ok but hopefully will be great.
    I'm not totally fimiliar with these terms. I have heard of some just never applied them.

  15. I am not surprised that women are the majority in blogging. I have a blog app on my iPad and most of the blogs relate women. I'm not sure why but I am surprised that 7 out of 10 bloggers have a college education. I guess I am because you anyone can easily create a blog.

    I would like to have a blog signature and after reading the web page I have decided I may need a more understandable blog title.

    I did not know most of those terms and I will probably have to check the list a few times throughout this semester!

  16. I did not know about the blog dividers. I really think this will make the blog look cleaner and easier for the reader to read. Also, I did not know about owning your own URL.. However you do have to pay for it. I made changes to my blog today to try and make my reader's eye enjoy my blog better!

  17. I really didn't know much about HTML designs. Like I heard about it but wasn't completely sure and now I would like to implement some of those designs to make my blog better.